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Eclipse Season Begins!

by Elaine Jessica ~

On Sunday, MAY 23, Saturn slowed down initiating our inner dialogue to reflect on the decisions we’ve made over the past six months or so.  Did we take our choices seriously?  

It’s time to ask if we’ve done our due diligence in creating the positive effects we were looking for.  This time of reflection is the Universe offering us an opportunity to revisit, re-plan, re-think (what doesn’t feel right) and redo, according to Saturn’s (Lord of Karma) standards of practicality, patience, effort and path to our best life.

Wednesday, MAY 26, we have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini. May begins the eclipse season!  This first lunar eclipse represents a peak or culmination of energy, triggering Gemini (intellect, self expression, temperament, travel, nervous system) and Sagittarius (freedom, intuition, philosophy, higher learning), effectively bringing endings of certain circumstances in our lives and opening doors for anew. We may experience a shift in our inner dialogue or a sudden event may create change that pushes us toward a rebirth of sorts… triggering a transformative process in some way.  We’re being asked to foster flexibility/adaptability to whatever arises.

This Full Moon may feel a little different than we are accustomed to.  The heightened energy will be imbued with Jupiter’s expansive optimism.  The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Wednesday, MAY 26, is squaring Jupiter, the planet of optimistic expansion.  This transit may result in an overabundance of optimism and “story telling” about what the near future holds.  The question is… are we getting ahead of ourselves? There will be some “missing the mark” in reality.  Let this eclipse foreshadow a celebration of what the future’s bringing, while keeping our awareness tuned into Saturn’s boundary setting that keeps us on track to do the required work.

Moon at Terrace Beach, BC
Full Moon at Terrace Beach, BC
© Connie Brisson

At the same time as this Lunar Eclipse, we have Mercury in a tense aspect to Neptune which makes things murky to say the least.  There’s going to be a lot of confusion around how messaging is delivered and how we receive it.  This can be construed as “misleading” information.  Sounds like we will be on a fact-finding mission these couple of days – in truth …. Listen to your inner wisdom, your heart.

 With all change comes wisdom
if we are willing to reflect and receive,
to truly receive what is coming our way.

Thursday, MAY 27, and Friday, MAY 28, feelings around relationships, self image and self discipline will be highlighted.  This triggering couple of days reflects Venus being in dialogue with Neptune in an emotionally charged manner.  Being conscious of our own sense of security or “insecurity” during this transit will support us to make good decisions.  In healthy relationships we may make the most of our connection with our loved ones.  But where we are on rocky ground, more difficulties may arise based on “distorted” ideas and confusion.  If not in a relationship, this may not be the couple of days to start one while the confusing influence of Neptune is aligned with what we “think” we love about someone. 

Saturday, MAY 29, Venus moves into tight alignment with Mercury.  It is the perfect time to express love… The mid week “confusion” is turning around, especially for those who paid attention to their personal, inner image and sorted themselves out. Take note and act on inspired creativity during this transit as it presents an opportunity for creative expression. We may feel lured into understanding the beauty of all that Mother Earth (Shakti – the seeds of growth and nurturing) provides within her creative forces.   Meditation can bring about epiphanies, creative projects, motivation and connection to the Shakti forces – receptive awareness unfolds our higher awareness. 

Also on Saturday, MAY 29, Mercury slows down and goes retrograde in the sign of Gemini until JUNE 22.  The Universe has a way of putting us on course to pay attention to the tasks at hand over our evolutionary processes.  Slowing down and sorting through the information and rhetoric that this pandemic has created is a prescription that will help to get us back on track.  Now with two (Saturn and Mercury) of 10 planets in retrograde, this period of re-thinking, re-analyzing, re-scripting and re-visiting our priorities (while it may feel frustrating for some) is intended to help take us where we need to go, thoughtfully.

A major marker of 2021 is the theme of Saturn (Lord of Karma) squaring Uranus (sudden change), with landmarks of social “planning” and creative solutions.  Cooperation and flexibility will help move us forward and out of the isolation we’ve all been experiencing through the past year and more.  Adaptability is the name of the game.  With all said, it feels like the messaging is about cooperating for the good of all.  Swimming upstream is exhausting so may we all do what it takes to move the world out of this.

Sunday, MAY 30, brings an urge to get involved with matters around humanitarianism and things that are close to the heart.  Moral and ethical convictions concerning human rights and animal rights are highlighted.  There is a pull toward a sense of community and connection.

Ask Yourself This Week: 

“How can I use this Full Moon in celebration?” 

We’ve been conditioned to only think about all the “craziness” that happens during a Full Moon and that it’s about culmination… endings.  Stop the scary story! 

Culmination is a part of a story that opens the dialogue for new beginnings!  It’s a time of acknowledgment and letting go of what does not serve our lives anymore.  It’s a time to move our bodies in song and dance, to celebrate all the blessings coming our way. 

Before we had electricity this was the common ritual – to dance, sing and pray under the light of the big, bright, omnipresent Full Moon. 

On this Full Moon, let’s “eclipse” ourselves into the change or “phase” we have been dreaming of!   

I look forward to sharing more about the Cosmos with you next week…


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