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Solar Eclipse: Sow New Seeds

by Gagan Mann ~

We are starting the month with New Moon energy in Taurus with a solar eclipse.

Taurus is a fixed earth sign, is Venus based and is the earth spirit. Taurus people are the gardeners, the store owners, the tactile person, the musician and the silent one. Taurus wants to acquire things of beauty and accumulate materials. This New Moon arrives in Taurus on April 30.

A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun, thereby totally or partially obscuring the image of the Sun for a viewer on Earth. The exposure of the eclipse can cause damage in the retina.

When I was growing up in India, solar eclipses were a big deal. We were instructed to stay indoors and scolded for asking to play outside.  I hated that I couldn’t be out to look at the sun and always wondered, “What was the big deal.”  My grandparents would instruct me to pay attention to self and practice mindfulness. A five-year-old doesn’t fully fathom mindfulness but I did get the just of it (that I had to bring my attention inwards).

I remember how the day of the eclipse would feel very weird, almost like everything was coming to an end. The animals at the farm would be eerily quiet and no leaf would make a sound. This feeling would linger on for days for me resulting in night terrors and sometimes falling sick. Little did I know that I was being connected to my Sun/Moon energy and in later life (during one of my sun salutations) I came to finally thank the Sun God and appreciate my light.

Just for a moment imagine having no light, even if it is for a second. To totally obscure the warmth, the light, the prana and vitality is to feel the death experience. Death at any level is what pushes us to the next level of our human experience, making the solar eclipse a prime time for ascension (shedding the old self and experiencing an inner rebirth) . This doesn’t mean we are ascending into something outside ourselves but instead the soul experience is reaching to evolve further while staying in human form.

The effect of the eclipse lasts good six months, making the beginning of May an excellent time to sow some new seeds. What is it you are trying to ascend to?

Venus is the ruling planet for Taurus and (all of May) Venus moves in the sign of Aries. Venus is all about love, beauty, relationships, money, value systems and all things tangible. Being in Aries, it must move fast, sometimes encouraging us to make hasty decisions or jump into relationships that don’t align. Venus rules attraction, so pay attention to what kind of people are showing up in your life during the month of May and what the attraction is about. Venus in Aries can also bring socialization and partying.

April 24 to May 16 – The Sun conjuncts Uranus and the North Node in Taurus. Uranian energy is getting solarized as the Sun spends time in Taurus.  It’s our opportunity to shine as our unique selves. There is only one of you in this world so don’t let it go to waste. Alien activity and artificial intelligence might be at the forefront as new findings make the news.

April 30 – Mercury changes from Taurus to Gemini, from earth to air. Mercury speeds up and loves being in Gemini as it can move quickly in an air sign. Gemini is a sign of knowing everything and making connections. Be mindful of overthinking and over-analyzing. Take time to metabolize things.

All of May – We still have the fixed T-square with the nodes and Saturn.  Collectively we are trying to move forward and shed old ways but its challenging. Our future and past are tied so tightly to how we construct our present with Saturn. Saturn shows us the infrastructure (government) and what is working and what is failing in our current world. We also have Pluto in the mix which is creating a trine to the North Node. We have opportunities to shed our old ways and transform.

May 1 – Pluto moves retrograde until next January.  This is a long retrograde period, the tail end of transformations in Capricorn. The death/re-birth of our societies, governments and our foundations are all moving towards aligning. There are so many different issues around environment, our food, our waters and our soil, that all need our attention. Manipulation can be exercised to gain control but as we become more aware, we realize that it’s not the way.

May 4 – Jupiter changes signs from Pisces to Aries (from water to fire). Things start to feel like they are on the move again. Projects that were stalled may start to move and shift. Jupiter brings motivation and inspiration when it’s in a fire sign.

May 4 to May 31 – Mars conjuncts Neptune in Pisces. The last week of May, Mars is in Aries but hangs close enough to affect Neptune. The first three weeks of the month might feel like you are unable to get anything done as your energy feels depleted and watered down by Neptune. Arts and music might be the way to expel energy.

Taurus - Mosaic Magazine

May 10 to June 2 – Mercury retrogrades at 4 degrees of Gemini back to 26 degrees of Taurus.

Mercury retrogrades also conjunct the North Node and Uranus giving us opportunities to begin new explorations, new thoughts, new perspectives and future planning. This opens up thinking that is outside the box and the expression of our inner genius. Take this time to re-think, re-plan, re-visit, re-vise your relationships and your generational downloads.  It’s an opportunity to break free of what tangible things mean to us and unleashing the individuality.

May 15 – Full Moon in Scorpio. The Taurus and Scorpio polarity axis might bring issues around control and intensity. Pay attention to reactions versus reactivity.

May 21 – Sun moves into Gemini.  A mutable air sign, this twin sign of the zodiac loves making connections and likes to know everything, but nothing at the same time. Gemini needs to have focus in order to make true connections.

Most of May is a good time to look at how to proceed ahead, seeing that Gemini is a mutable air sign. We must slow down enough to focus on one agenda at a time to have tangible results. Slow down your nervous system and pay attention to when your mind goes into monkey chatter. Anxiety and nervousness can be experienced during this time, so practicing mindfulness in daily tasks can help alleviate stressors.

Taurus loves all things beautiful so bringing in tangible things like beautiful smells, colors, music or an art piece may enhance or aid with mundane activities like dish washing, laundry, food prepping, etc.

The more grounded and connected we are, the easier it is to handle unexpected events. Erratic events cannot be controlled but rather just let them pass by as long you stay grounded.

At any given time, something in the cosmos is making an aspect to another entity and the flavors of the planets are prevalent in us. It is up to us to feel them and understand what is taking place within. The stars keep moving as they have been for millions of years, but your human experience is unique each time so make it the best one yet. Come seek me out if you need guidance.

If you want more clarity around what’s happening in the cosmos and how it’s affecting you personally, please seek me out. You’ll just need your time, date and place of birth.  If you are interested in gaining more insight into yourself and your life, just email me at gaganmann@me.com; I’d love to help you ♥.


Gagan Mann was born in Punjab, India where she spent her early childhood before moving to Canada at the age of 12.  She has a Counselling Diploma from Counselling Training Institute of BC and in the last 10 years she studied Astrology, Plant Medicine and Hypnotherapy and graduated from the Northern Star College of Mystical Studies four years ago. She loves her rich East Indian roots (the niche for astrology and all things mystical) but it was not until she studied Embodied Astrology that she fully embraced and fell in love with the mysteries of life. Her philosophy for life and with clients is to raise consciousness to break unhealthy patterns that walk with all of us. She loves delving deep into the unconsciousness through hypnotherapy and guiding people with astrology to create potentials and possibilities.

Contact: gaganmann@me.com