Gemini zodiac sign

All Lessons Are Valuable

by Elaine Jessica ~

The world has been navigating the third wave of COVID-19, balancing vaccinations, restrictions, the economy and all the trauma that’s playing out in front of us. It’s been a mixed bag of blessings with a good deal of grief. 

Taurus reminds us to pay attention to the simple pleasures in life and to take time to step away from the challenges that distract and overwhelm us.  Taurus’ planet is Venus; it’s associated with money and earthly objects, with pleasure and sensuality.  Gifted with a keen consciousness, we have the ability to direct our thoughts in manifestation of what we want in life. 

While challenged to find the light some days when the suffering of the world around us feels so visceral, Taurus reminds us to take our shoes off and dip our toes in the water, to meditate, to plant a garden or spend time in nature, taking a walk and appreciating the buds on the trees and the blossoms yet to arrive. 

It’s okay to feel sad; it’s healthy to acknowledge the angst of world around us.  I have had many sad moments throughout this pandemic.  My first instinct was that I was not supposed to succumb to being “down.” I am a light worker, but that’s not authenticity. The truth of this human existence is to feel, to understand and to grow in compassion.  In awareness of the world at large, I allow myself to feel it, to appreciate it and to remember all that is good in the world.    

Monday, MAY 17, the Sun is in a dance with Pluto, bringing intensity and great influence to whatever “interests” are front and center, creating powerful exchanges.  This transit highlights research and investigation so today is an opportunity to feel out and act on areas where we have influence. Don’t worry, you’ll feel the push!    It also prompts us to clear out any “messiness or lagging extras” in order to make room for positive transformative energies to really take hold. 

Where Pluto is in our natal chart, it tells us where transformation is available to us through experience… followed by wisdom that is gained by doing the work when we are willing to look it in the face and embrace it.  Our personal planets give us the blueprint and the transiting planets (transiting – dynamic planetary movement) provides the timing to make choices which supporting our natural talents, transformation and dreams.

Gemini zodiac sign

MID WEEK, Venus and Saturn come together to help us solidify commitment and long term goals and relationships.  Taurus is summing up its season with helping us to simplify plans.  This is a great time to commit to working through any relationship difficulties, to enjoy meaningful social engagements and to play in the creative realm of the simple pleasures in life.  

Thursday, MAY 20, as the Sun readies to leave Taurus, it is squaring the Moon.  There may be some conflicting feelings or tension around our commitments – a reaction to the emotions or concerns with issues and with perfectionism.  Give this a chance to settle as with change comes the inner dialogue of yesteryear that’s not necessarily helpful.  Remember that approximately 80% of our thoughts are on a subconscious loop that brings up old fears, wounds and insecurities.  And given that Pluto is now in retrograde, we may tend to reflect and think a little more.  It too shall pass.

Friday, MAY 21, the Sun enters the sign of Gemini.  This air sign is ruled by planet Mercury – all things communication. The key phrase for Gemini is “I think.”  Known as the sign of the twins, it represents dual forces.  In mythology Gemini is represented by two brothers Castor and Pollux, one being heavenly and the other earthly.  Gemini’s mission is to balance this opposition so they are in harmony with their humanity and divinity.  Gemini promotes adaptability and flexibility for it likes to move and groove, busy and flitting from one thing to the next (don’t tie me down!).  If you are a Gemini or know one, you resonate with their humor and sense of inquisitiveness.

Friday, MAY 21 and Saturday, MAY 22, we may need a bit of discipline in order to wield some practical action.  With the Sun dancing with Jupiter in Gemini season it brings big ideas and diverse thought, making it easy to scatter ourselves, forgetting to pay attention to detail.  This transit is best handled by being in awareness that indulgence of all sorts may be present over these couple of days, so take a moment to settle in and ask the right questions before taking action.

Neptune (the planet of dreams and illusions) is squaring off with Mercury this WEEKEND affecting our mental processes.  Staying busy and avoiding legal matters or business deals might be the way to go as things seems to get complicated and confusion is heightened with this transit.  The more basic we are in our dealings this weekend, the better I say.  Be aware of susceptibility to believing stories that are untrue but sound larger than life. 

Sunday, MAY 23, Saturn goes retrograde until October.  This represents a time of karmic balancing (or sorting out) where Saturn is the School Principal. He lets us know if we haven’t been doing our due diligence and teaches us a “lesson.”  Conversely, where we’ve been on top of our karmic work, there is a reward.  When Saturn is in retrograde, our karma is showing us where we’ve been responsible or irresponsible in the past.  If feeling tested, just know this is a time to really take stock and get life in order.  All lessons are valuable.

Ask Yourself This Week: 

“Do I feel grounded enough to be in acceptance of my reality and work toward making the changes that my heart desires?”

I am grounded

These are unique times we are living in making it ever important to find our place of grounded stability and to move beyond our hurried thoughts.  We are most creative when we are able to slow down our thoughts and inner conflicts.  We live in a time of information overload and we are increasingly in our flight-fight mode.  Understanding our personal makeup and living with acceptance and compassion helps us to embody that we have been created in perfection of our soul’s intention for this lifetime. 

Consider this journaling exercise. Write down the things you know you need every day to feel balanced and fed.  Don’t judge it, just write it.  For me, some of the things I need are:  my morning coffee, music, laughter, meditation, my home to be organized, to connect with my people and a minimum of 15 minutes to read something meaningful.  Whatever your needs are, honor them as there is no right or wrong.

I look forward to sharing more about the Cosmos with you next week…


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