Manifest Your Dreams This Week

by Elaine Jessica ~

New Moons are synonymous with new beginnings and we have a New Moon in Taurus on Tuesday, MAY 11.  

A few key words for Taurus are steady, reliable, gentle, beauty and musical.  The nature of Taurus is earthy and steady, ready to plant seeds.  Setting goals (including finances and relationships) during this New Moon, while looking toward nature to embrace the simple joys of spring, is a crucial part of helping us to stay grounded and practical.   

Slow moving Pluto and Neptune favorably aspect the New Moon on Tuesday, MAY 11, unleashing the opportunity for a deeper, transformative inner dialogue. Taurus’ slow and steady ideals are supported by Jupiter and Saturn, both aspecting the New Moon. Taurus aligns with the philosophy of slow, steady planning so as we shift toward manifestation there is an extra element of support in the Cosmos.  So where it may feel like there are roadblocks, know instead (as we allow for things to play out) that our “chess move” will become apparent and all is well.

Mars in Cancer aligns in an opportunistic way to Uranus in Taurus providing a spark of initiative and motivation for taking care of projects and decisions that may have been on the back burner.  Over all, this is a week aligned with manifestation and dreams.

Magic castle and princess with prince

Additionally, Tuesday, MAY 11, may be a “two day” – relationship anyone?  One possibility is a realization that someone known to you (who wasn’t previously on your radar) may suddenly become the “apple of your eye.”   Conversely, you may feel the incentive or a strong pull to move out of a work environment or relationship that has had you feeling stifled.

On Wednesday, MAY 12, any resulting practical outcomes (that come about on this day) carry a lot of weight.  Today feelings are focused on the mind decisively targeting goals that we are working toward.  Doing background work or homework, including negotiating and meetings to follow through with contracts or agreements, is being highlighted here. Please pay attention to details and, as in Taurus fashion, take all the time necessary to assure the intended outcome.  Today’s a good day for commitment and foundations.

On Thursday, MAY 13, you may feel like you have a “good read” on the people you interact with.  Sensitivities are heightened today with Neptune (intuition) and the Sun (identity) working together.  As with all energies, we can experience sensitivities on both sides of the scale.  Where we aren’t in awareness, we can feel overly sensitive creating some negative or confusing emotions.  When we are in awareness, we can express ourselves more easily from the heart space adding a great deal of satisfaction in our personal lives.  Anyone with empathic tendencies will feel a lot today.  So this is a great day to be practicing meditation to align with restful awareness and to gain connection to our soul consciousness, supporting peace and meaning in our lives.

On Friday, MAY 14, Jupiter enters Pisces and stays there until late July, at which time it goes back into Aquarius until the end of 2021. As the largest planet in our solar system and having rulership over the super subconscious self, Jupiter represents the principle of Expansion.  During its time in Pisces (Jupiter ruled Pisces before Neptune was discovered) it feels at home and is able to fully express itself shifting us into a heightened place of generosity.  We may feel engaged with our personal aspirations as we’re lifted out of our human mindset and up into our imagination.  This feels exciting and a time to look forward to!

Ask Yourself This Week: 

“Am I paying attention to the Cosmos and all it is offering me during this New Moon?”

Monday’s New Moon, MAY 11, is an exceptionally auspicious beginning for us if we utilize this opportunity to bring our dreams and aspirations into fruition.  Neptune is working closely with this New Moon, offering valuable insight increasing our intuition and creativity.  Mars and Uranus are holding space to deliver inspired courage helping us fortify our plans.  Mercury and Saturn assist our mental capacity to take our dreams and turn them into long term plans.

be the energy you want to attract

Consider that the Law of Vibration states that everything in the known Universe vibrates; everything is in motion. Vibration is measurable by intensity or amplitude and frequency or speed. 

When we hear about raising our frequency it essentially means to raise our internal dialogue, thereby our personal energy, increasing our feelings about who we truly are.  Here, we get in touch with our potential (when we are in our “feel good” state) and we align with the Universe when our vibrational frequency is heightened.  To raise your vibration try singing, dancing, chanting, meditating, laughing or anything that brings you to a place of joy. 

Also, try visualization.  Raise your frequency, then visualize your goal or whatever your desires may be whether it is increased self love, financial abundance or something you’ve been wanting.  Hold what that looks like for a good 60+ seconds. 

Notice how you feel when you “imagine” your desires fulfilled.  What does it look like?  Practice this as part of your New Moon ritual.  May your dreams come true!

I look forward to sharing more about the Cosmos with you again next week…  


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