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Fertile Portal of Opportunity

by Elaine Jessica ~

Mercury and Neptune conjunct in Pisces, promoting the theme of dreamlike states and thought processes of creativity as the benefits of Sunday’s Full Moon are still lingering.  Hopefully, we are all taking in the magical sky, while Aries season (fire element) is “levelling up” our sense of motivation and manifestation. There’s a lot going on this month!

On Monday, MARCH 29, and Tuesday, MARCH 30, Mercury leans into the planet of dreams, illusions and all that is spiritual.  This is where we can experience our psychic abilities with accuracy if we’re willing to trust our connection to the Divine. 

Ultimately, this energy can be positive or negative depending on the narrative of what’s going on in life and how we choose to perceive it.  My suggestion is to turn up the “self nurturing” dial to massage out any lower or negative feelings, so you can bring up the frequency of your personal vibration into receiving helpful downloads, visions, ideas or messages over these couple of days.  In other words, do anything that lifts the spirit, bringing laughter and joy.

In Aries style, “Just do it!” It is in this state of higher joy (frequency) where we are more attuned to the subtle energies and to gifts from the heavens. The portal through the first sign of the Zodiac is the glory of the future and the wisdom of the past.

This is a fertile time where we wait for the buds on the trees to appear,
suggesting that their blossoming translates into
a time for us to manifest ideas and dreams. 

On Tuesday, MARCH 30, and Wednesday, MARCH 31, Venus transiting Saturn provides an energy that’s good for business as well as personal relationships.  Selling or buying property could be on the radar.  Or devising a budget or making an investment plan.  Anything requiring detail and (re)organization applies here. 

Speaking the Truth - © Barbara Lovrich with copyright
Speaking The Truth © Barbara Lovrich, lovrichartwork.com

On Wednesday, MARCH 31, the Sun aspects Saturn to help us with the extra drive we need to “get it done.”  There’s a serious “task master” energy in the air to help us buckle down and complete tasks that have been lagging.  

Also, an internal (feeling) realization of yearning to “feel” valued brings a renewed focus into a long term companionship.  If you haven’t wanted to be tied down, it may feel like a good idea now for a more committed relationship.  Alternatively, current relationships may be “wanting” more reassurance of commitment.  Either way, love and appreciation are in the air.  The third level in Abraham Maslow’s pyramid (Theory of Human Motivation) are about social needs:  appreciation, affection, acceptance and attention.  These needs are definitely highlighted during this couple of days.

Thursday, APRIL 1, is April Fool’s Day! Based on personal Astrology, some people are natural pranksters, but we all tend to enjoy a funny joke. The chart of this day seems to have some fun.  Venus is holding hands with the Sun (ego identity) in a fire sign, possibly leaning into some good humor.  And Pluto is conspiring with Mercury and Neptune so this may culminate into a recipe for April Fool’s Day pranks. Being a good sport brings a good laugh.  I know I’ll be planning something for the unsuspecting… LOL.

Saturday, APRIL 3, Mercury enters Aries where it’s more comfortable than it’s time spent in Pisces. However, the fiery Aries energy gives the propensity to “over share” so be cautious with words while Mercury is in this sign.  Adding fuel to the fire is the stellium in Aries (three or more planets in one sign), firing up the energies of this season.  There’s a lot of “get up and go” this month.  Also worthy of noting is Mars in Gemini, aspecting both the Sun and Venus in Aries lending even more communicative idea driven prompts. 

On Sunday, APRIL 4, we have a (fire and air) kite between Saturn, the Sun and Mars.  The Sun is sitting together with Venus making Sunday a time to enjoy putting the “fire in the fireplace” so to speak.  Where Mars in Gemini speaks to robust communication, the Sun and Venus in Aries gives drive and spontaneity.  And here to balance it out is Saturn in Aquarius, acting as a bridge between your Higher Self and the propensity toward reactivity or unplanned spontaneity.  This is where the test of acting responsibly and good judgement takes place.  Let’s use this energy wisely!

Ask Yourself This Week: 

invest in yourself

“Is my level of focus in support of my current goals and daily tasks or do I succumb to distractions and anxieties that life brings on a regular basis?”

With all this fire energy in the Cosmos we can feel reactive, irritated and distracted and it’s easy to feel scattered with the busyness of “doing.”  Sorting out the source of distractions is the first step in taking action to eliminate or reduce them. 

Some of us are slaves to technology (for example, our phone pops up with a “news” highlight taking us away from what we had planned to work on, and before we know it we’ve lost our train of thought and are scrolling through Twitter).  Or, the lack of a sacred place to sit and work on projects (or to relax) can create anxiety of not having “time” to complete projects.

We may think we are great multi-taskers, but we really aren’t.  Science tells us we can actually only focus on one thing at a time.  We certainly have an auto pilot on board, but true focus is another matter. 

Set yourself up for success by practicing mindful meditation even if it’s for a few minutes at a time.  It is here we have opportunity to gently ease our mind-body-spirit into a field of less distraction and more creative flow.

Set some boundaries after considering what your needs are.  And, consider adopting: ME30.  Morning and Evening for 30 minutes = ME TIME.

I look forward to sharing more about the Cosmos with you next week…


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