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New Beginnings with Aries

by Elaine Jessica ~

Fear has played a big part in our lives this past year. We’ve all felt the stress of it, but now hopefully with time and understanding we are better prepared to be responsive instead.  

Uranus, the change maker (prominently) positioned in Taurus is being assisted by Jupiter, helping it to expand its ideas and ingenious creations. Together they are aspecting Saturn, who methodically plans out how to execute that which makes sense for the long haul. 

These times that we are experiencing are bigger than us individually; it’s an opportunity to witness true change.  By keeping a “finger on the pulse” of the energies that drive our cosmos to evolve, we have the privilege of gaining a deeper understanding of the magical consciousness we are all a part of in awareness to the interconnectedness of everything.  Now with the Sun in Aries, it brings about a unique “drive to thrive” energy for us universally.

We’ve come full circle as we enter Aries. This season brings us to a new beginning, as the first sign in the zodiac, leaping forward into a new cycle.  Enjoy the perspective of renewal and the essence of excitement in the air.

As the rays of hope shine upon us, the story shifts.  For there to be a progressive “becoming” of change there needs to be a shift in the fabric of our values, along with a sense of collective duty to this planet and each other for us to sustain life here.  

Our host (Earth) has asked the Universe to help us
become better patrons of this planet and in “response” to the asking,
the Cosmos conspires to help and nudges us along the way.

Holy Batman! (Sorry, can’t help myself with that reference.) The daylight savings time change last week during Pisces, and the equinox on MARCH 21, definitely played with me and my energy levels.  When we take a moment to acknowledge shifts in energy, our awareness of those energy shifts actually supports us in how we utilize our personal energy for our highest good.  These shifts are purposeful.  Can you reflect on how the past week unfolded with the energies at play?  The realization that “being” can be more productive than “doing” allows us to change our inner narrative. 

On Monday, MARCH 22, Neptune and the Moon may have us in dreamland where they are both in water signs making for a “feely” kind of day.  With the Sun dancing with Venus in the early stages of Aries there could be some internalizing of what’s to come with visions of how to make it happen.

On Tuesday MARCH 23, and Wednesday, MARCH 24, Mercury faces off with Mars.  Mercury isn’t all that comfortable in Pisces.  It feels kind of foggy there and, as such, decisions can be made using less “informed” knowledge and more “reactive” emotion.  The planet of communication (Mercury) facing off with the planet of action (Mars) can have an aggressive component to it in this circumstance. 

So, watch for feeling short tempered, argumentative or being a conclusion jumper!  Remember we have two ears and one mouth for a reason; let’s listen before reacting.  Our sense of impulsivity may also be heightened… I wouldn’t be negotiating or engaging in anything competitive during these couple of days.  Lay low and stay positive! 

We also have a “T square” on Wednesday, MARCH 24, in the heavens that asks us to turn inward in quiet reflection; be a detective of our own emotions seeing through the veil of what’s truly underneath any of your reactions.

Expect an easier day on Thursday, MARCH 26, where Venus is sitting in a loveseat with the Sun, bringing focus to love and harmony in the landscape of life.  Pleasure and entertainment are the name of the game and/or shopping for beautifying things for yourself or surroundings.  Take note, there could also be an air of indulgence and leisure.  This energy lasts a couple of days… It feels like a wonderful time to go with the flow and do what feels good within the heart’s desires.

On Sunday, MARCH 28, we have a Full Moon in Libra and an auspicious one it is!  The Moon in Libra is about collaboration and partnerships. And while the Sun is shining its light on the Moon, it’s also sharing its seat with Venus highlighting relationships, finances and values.  

It’s worth mentioning that Chiron (the asteroid symbolizing the wounded healer) is also sitting with the Sun and Venus during this Full Moon, adding a layer of spiritual support.  This aspect helps us take our wounds and turn them into courage and strength to inspire us to heal what has been sitting wounded in us for too long.  This is a beautiful placement fostering balance and harmony along with the drive and desire to move ahead. 

There’s more!   We also have a Grand Trine (three planets in triangulation) in Air signs which supports the time-tested details of solutions (long lasting effects) where Saturn is involved.  Saturn is also fortuitously aspecting the Sun, adding to the optimism for a breakthrough in technology/science.  Typically we can feel the energy of the Full Moon a few days before and a few days after the actual event.  So, take advantage of this time and energy!

Ask Yourself This Week: 

“Am I aware of the subtle energies that affect me on a daily moment to moment basis? And, do I realize how many times a day my ancestral brain response sends me into the fight-flight-freeze syndrome?”   

Still within our limbic brain is the instinct to preserve ourselves from perceived threats.  However, no longer are we running from predators or fighting them off, generally speaking. But our physiology still responds as if we are – when we are stuck in traffic feeling stressed, or when we are dealing with relationships, feeling fearful (pandemic for example), having insecurity around finances and other common stressors.  

Things To Let Go Of ©colormehappii
Things To Let Go Of

Typically, we recognize the increase in heart rate and blood pressure, the faster, shallow breathing and perspiration of the fight-flight response. But our body’s inner response may not be in our awareness.  There’s an increase in the release of stress hormones (cortisol and adrenaline), an increase in blood sugar, increased sticky platelets (in case we get cut and we need our blood to clot), a decrease in anti-aging hormones and a decrease in immunity.  Chronically, these stress responses can create dis-ease and cause illness. 

About 80% of illness is directly or indirectly related to stress.  So, becoming aware of our reactions to even the small stressors is important to our health.  It’s one reason I’m such a promoter of meditation and breathwork.  These are the keys to maintaining homeostasis, as well as your connection to the true essence of the perfection of who you are – pure consciousness.   

Try using a note pad to mark down every time you’re stressed during the day.  It’s useful information for setting an intention to be a “disciple” to healthy choices.  Let’s use this new beginning in Aries to ignite our personal Agni (inner fire) to respond to life.  Let’s lead a more stress-less life.

I look forward to sharing more about the Cosmos with you next week… 


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