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Show Up and Shine!

by Elaine Jessica ~

The element of Fire is fun and spontaneous.  It has that good, old, let’s get things moving and done, kind of energy!  This week begins with not one single planet in Fire.   Are you feeling more like planning, or ruminating, than “doing” today?  There’s definitely tension in the skies eliciting our deeper elements of inner dialogue.   

Sunday, JUNE 6, into Monday morning, JUNE 7, the Moon passes across Uranus and you may feel this transit as it stirs up emotional aspects playing out in your life.  These two planets, briefly passing in the night, are in square (causing tension) with Saturn, the planet of boundaries and restrictions.   The Moon adds a little emotion to the general frustration of these two energies.

To handle this transit we look to the balancing point between all that is inventive and chaotic and the principles of focus, due diligence and boundaries.   When the square between Uranus and Saturn reaches exact alignment next week, we will look more closely at what this major astrological event means.   With the Light behind everything we do, keep in mind that Uranus in Taurus has historically been a very productive time of big discoveries, technology and forward thinking in the world.

Let’s talk about the Gemini New Moon on Thursday, JUNE 10, as there’s a twist!  This event occurs while holding hands with Mercury (in retrograde), and simultaneously squaring (causing tension and possible deception) with Neptune!  A New Moon is about new beginnings, ideas and time to create change/new directions.  Generally speaking, this is an invigorating energetic shower when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth. 

Beautiful attractive girl on a night beach with sand and stars hugs the moon, Artistic Photography

This New Moon however (like the May 26 Lunar eclipse), has aspects of confusion sprinkled within it.  Don’t be concerned because the confusion is quelled when time is taken to allow for review and revisiting of the inspiring changes that are on the horizon.  The Universe has our backs and simply wants us to be thoughtful, diligent and timely with our aspirations…. Pay attention to what feels true. 

As we are about a third of the way through Mercury Retrograde let’s consider its reflective quality during the New Moon on Thursday, JUNE 10. As we are in the midst of experiencing the inner dialogue and communication blips that can occur, there are other aspects playing up. When Mercury is in retrograde misunderstandings, technology breakdowns and delays of all sorts occur where the whole idea of “spring forward” movement seems rocky.

Neptune, squaring the New Moon, can cause distorted, illusory thinking resulting in frustration.  So, “slow and steady” as you review everything is good advice.  And know, it’s okay to say “let me get back to you” when you need time to review anything.    

Of note, this square lessens the vitality that normally is felt with New Moons and where we hold certain ideals around events or people, we may be disappointed.  This is a time in our history to be practicing care and attention and integrity. 

REMINDER:  During Mercury Retrograde (until JUNE 22), double check texts and emails before hitting the send key!  Be mindful with conversations and your reactivity within personal relationships.  With the Solar Eclipse conjunct Mercury in retrograde, it’s even more important as the focus will be on all things communication and personal interactions.  We may be inclined to think about the past and who knows, someone from the past may show up in our lives somehow.

Friday, JUNE 11, fiery Mars moves into fiery Leo.  Hello vitality, hello opinions and fixed convictions.  There is a charm to this energy and an increase in sensual interactions and attractions.  This may be a good indicator to put your best foot forward, to show up and shine.  The high road of this is to use this energy as progressive inspiration that moves things along for the betterment of self and everyone. The spontaneity, ambition and passion this combination brings spells courage and physicality.  The low road of this is “digging heals in” in stubbornness and the need to be right.  Jealousy and hot headedness will bring much unhappiness.  The key here is balance in being and doing.

Sunday, JUNE 13, Venus (the planet of what we love and value) is in a positive aspect with Uranus (higher realms of intuition and thought). This combination brings our attention to sentimentality, love, life and creativity.  Ideas will want to be expressed and we may be eager to “take the risk” on an idea, manifesting it into reality.  I’ve mentioned before that when Uranus is in Taurus we’ve seen innovation take hold and progress made via discoveries.   Taurus energy has to do with the material world and Venus (ruled by Taurus) is connected to finances opening the doors to financial luck and windfalls. 

Ask Yourself This Week: 

“Do I have the tools to re-route my thinking when confusion or disillusionment seemingly take hold?” 

There are many tools available to us to assist our mental/emotional balance.  Meditative awareness is a major part of my toolbox and I can’t express enough how helpful it is.


You may be experiencing it without naming it.  Meditation isn’t difficult! 

When you are doing something you love (like a craft, a puzzle, listening to pleasing music) your gentle focus is a form of meditation.  Give yourself permission (knowing this is a meditative catalyst) to acknowledge the sense of freedom and relaxation the activity provides. 

Walking in nature and tuning into the trees, the smells, the wind, is also meditative. 

Guided meditations are calming and suggestive, opening up realms of higher consciousness and connection. 

Mantra meditation takes us beyond the mental body and into the vibration of the essence of primordial sounds, bringing us into awareness of the reality of what we call life. 

I look forward to sharing more about the Cosmos with you again next week…


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