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Retrogrades Give Second Chances

by Elaine Jessica ~

Every sign in the zodiac has its own healing vibe… Our job is to recognize the flow and embrace it.  Lovely Leo is all about creativity, showing up and fun.  It represents the fifth house of the zodiac and radiates all that is romance, childlike inspiration, self expression and flair!  If you have a Leo in your life, you know they are the lioness (lion), who love pampering and they stand out!  It’s not all self motivated though; Leo people will champion you with their courageous “up for the challenge” dedication!

This week Jupiter continues its retrograde path toward Aquarius where themes from 2020 re-emerge, helping us with insight, with closure and with messages of opportunity. So, listen! On the radar this week as well are humanitarian efforts, discoveries designed to improve life and all things techy.  With the energies at play this week, we’ll be looking for ways to balance our “new normal” as we engage in human connection as we ride out the tail end of the pandemic.  Paying attention to Astrology helps us take advantage of opportunities and signposts signifying we’re getting ahead of ourselves.  May we collectively pay attention to what the Universe is telling us about how to navigate this time.

By Wednesday, JULY 28, Jupiter has made it’s way into Aquarius at 29th degrees. It’s never too early to do some self inquiry… what was happening between December 2020 and May 2021?  Retrogrades are like a second chance to look at life’s events through different colored lens. Was life offering challenges that may peek through the clouds again? Were there blessings that came about? Knowing our own chart is incredibly helpful in conjunction with the current cosmic atmosphere because it provides a map of life’s events. 

Consider where Jupiter and Venus are in your chart.   Jupiter expands whatever it’s pointing at and it blossoms whatever we’re focusing on.  So, what’s on your radar these days?  Re-visiting things of the past isn’t about whether we got it right or wrong; it’s about growth, understanding and settling into who we are and our own evolution.   After all, we’re given “free will” when our souls take on this human existence, and our lives become a series of choices and decisions.  Go with the flow.

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Midweek the Moon, Sun, Mercury and Mars are in fiery, fun, set me free Leo!  Make the most of these days!  Get your romance on, put your whole (holy) heart into finishing up that creative project, find some kids to “play” with (act like one), get dressed up, have a blast! This is inspiration at it’s best!

Thursday, JULY 29, be prepared for an uptake in courage and in your sense of blind faith.  There’s an opposing tension in the Cosmos looking for a balance point.  And as far as oppositions go, Mars opposite Jupiter is a good one as long as rationality and balance are applied… so you don’t lose your shirt. The balancing point in this tension is between assertive drive and the expansive energies of the intellect and futuristic ideas.  Both Leo and Aquarius are what’s known as fixed planets… a little stubborn, persistent and consistent.  Mars creates the willful spontaneity to take action where the downside of this energy is that acting spontaneously can negate blind spots and encourage ego based behaviour.  The antidote is taking a moment to consider how our actions affect others, and a moment to consider if we’ve overshot the speculated outcome.

Friday, JULY 30, Mars enters Virgo where the energy speaks to the daily grind of details and of being in service.  Mars in Virgo is the “Eveready bunny” worker who loves to serve, but gets caught in details which can create disharmony between those involved.  So let things operate and let go of any need to micro-manage today.  We may notice sensitivity around “comments” or feel some anxiety within our dealings today given Pluto’s alignment with the Sun (identity) and Moon (emotions) creating less stability in our emotions and heightened touchiness.

Saturday, JULY 31’s dynamic has us contemplative, working to understand how we feel about how we show up in the world.  Feels like change wants to be birthed and there’s a lot of inner dialogue around what this entails for us.  The question is are you full in support of your own journey and abilities, or are you talking yourself out of all the possibilities available to you?

Sunday, AUGUST 1, some people may want to be heard more than to listen, so there’s that.  Socially we want to connect more to people and have some interesting conversation.  It’s a great day to network and share ideas.  Feels like this weekend is geared toward making decisions around further education, taking on a project or even prepping for a local trip.  We are subjective beings so be aware of the balance between listening and talking.  Communication of all sorts (internal and verbal) is the theme today.

Ask Yourself This Week: 

“If I am not feeling Leo’s inspiration what prompts can I work with to get into that place of fun and self expression?”

Crystals hold resonance for us.  And when you are drawn to a specific crystal, it brings forward an inner connection to “what’s within us” accentuating positive flow, and energizing and balancing our personal fire.

  • Tiger’s Eye supports the Leo in all of us. Its natural inner resourcefulness and supporting fortitude synchronizes with the Solar Plexus Chakra drawing upon our “will” to take action.
  • Citrine supports positivity, confidence and charm and is used when stressful situations arise or to embrace joy where it doesn’t feel readily accessible.
  • Topaz revives our energy when feeling tired or uninspired.

Journal prompts are another tool we can use for self inquiry and inspiration.  Ask yourself some questions like:  What lifts my spirit?   Fill in the blanks

  • I feel ________ when I’ve spent an afternoon doing ________.  
  • I notice my motivation is increased after spending time _______. 

Get to know yourself from your Soul’s perspective.  Getting out of the ego and all the “I shoulds” and into our Soul highlights the shiny Leo in all of us.


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