Zen Yoga Mandala

Embrace Cancer’s Intuitive Gifts

by Elaine Jessica ~

Long summer days, warm sun rays and the full colors of nature are gracing us. Sounds like perfection. What are the sign posts of your perfect summer?  I often wonder if we are paying attention to the daily gifts we receive, or are we distracted by the world around us, missing the conscious experiences of life in this material world? 

The term “expanded awareness” lets us know there’s always more…  Astrology is but one tool that brings the awareness of the energies at play.  Those energies empower us to make choices to go “with” the flow of life.  Without awareness there is a lot of swimming upstream and fighting against the tides.  The quality of our thoughts are indicators of stress and lifestyle choices.  We have the capacity to move into flow where we create the intention to be in awareness.  So let’s embrace this week’s Astrology and utilize the energy to create these days ahead in flow with the bigger picture of our intended desires.

Monday, JULY 12, feels expansive. Mental acuity is top of game with “aha” moments as we process ideas, ideals and plans. There’s an expanded capacity for success today in our internal and outer dialogue. With this energy in flow, planning a trip or leaving on a trip will bring memorable experiences as we seek growth and connection.  We’re feeling inspired for exciting experiences and connections with others and philanthropy is high on our list.  Speaking of our thoughts (Mercury), they may take on an expansive (Jupiter) internal inquiry with our spiritual self, whether that means a desire to learn meditation, to study philosophy, religion or the laws of the universe; whatever it is… Go with the flow.  Let’s embrace this positive energy between the Mercury mind and the expansive, happy Jupiter.

Tuesday, JULY 13, the effects of Mars (passion, representing the animal soul) holding hands with Venus (love, representing the spiritual soul) will last for a couple of days.  Desire for love, affection and sexual expression are high and as the Moon passes across these two lovers, our emotional body has jumped in with both feet.   Mars stimulates our passions while Venus lifts us out of ourselves and stimulates the consciousness of love and all it offers.  This can be the epitome of embracing our joyful selves in social, passionate romance and friendships.

The uptake in the creative energy in the air has me wondering what great works of art and music will be birthed. Can’t wait to find out!!  This expansive energy can actually feel a little overwhelming for some and can surface aggressive energy that needs channeling.  If this speaks to you, get creative and express it in healthy ways.  Get physical and workout whatever is going on in your internal dialogue.

Zen Yoga Mandala

Thursday, JULY 15, an increase in our intuitive capacities and creativity is at its best where we allow downloads of inspiration to be embodied. This cooperative energy between the Sun (our ego) and Neptune is the doorway to psychic, intuitive information. It’s like a free, open ticket to write our own stories of what we desire. This is a day where faith and outlook can play into healthy decisions around our goals making for “manifestation” energy so let’s set intentions, pray and then take appropriate action.  The low road to this energy is hypersensitivity to a perceived less than ideal environment, finding all that is wrong and looking for unhealthy escapism.  The healthy side of empathy is to focus ways to be helpful to community and society.

The week’s inspiration continues into Friday, JULY 16, with a little tension to balance things out as they say.  The planets have formed a Yod which has been described as the finger of God pointing at us.  Think of an elongated triangle created by the placement of three planets, all having a conversation.  The short side is connected by Neptune (dreaminess) and Pluto (transformative, unconscious energies).  The long sides of the triangle point to Mars/Venus (passion/love), stirring up whatever has come up for us personally.  Feel like we’re being asked to jump in and embrace life?  Let’s get out there and create and share.  Stay open to transformation.

Pluto represents the qualities in our nature that are beneath the surface of our conscious selves. Saturday, JULY 17, the Sun is in opposition to Pluto so be prepared to have a look at insecurities that may surface, brought about by relational issues or an event playing out.  It could just be a habitual reaction to life’s recent interactions. 

Notice how we question ourselves when life is changing and how we block our own way.  Invite it in actually, and have a long conversation.  This is an opportunity to realize any destructive patterns and behaviors that have been created by our limiting beliefs.  Relinquish control of the need to feel in control and take away the power of the ego from holding you back.  Flow!     

Ask Yourself This Week: 

“Am I aware of my connection to my emotions?”


Cancer is a water sign and at its best it’s intuitively in flow.  The energy center in the body that represents flow is the second chakra located in the pelvis area above the pelvic bone and below the belly button.  This is the place of birthing ideas, creativity, sensuality and picking up information via our bodies. 

Clairsentience expressions are goosebumps and tingling for example.  This chakra is connected to our heart chakra (more on the heart chakra later).  This is the dwelling place of our emotional body and our ability to be intimate, creative and have good relationships. In other words the flow of life. When the energies of this area are blocked we suppress our emotions, deny joy and connection, restrict abundance and more. 

Asking these questions may inform you about flow in your life:

  • Are you clear on what represents passion in your life?
  • Do you engage in nurturing romance?
  • Do you ask for what you want?
  • Do you feel accepted for who you are?
  • Do you trust easily?

Ideas to balance the second chakra energies:   Playing and being silly, listening to and singing along to music, enjoying chocolate and good food, loving your body and having experiences with it and getting in touch with it (have a massage).

I look forward to sharing more about the Cosmos with you again next week…


Elaine Jessica Astrology

Elaine Jessica is a Spiritual Teacher, Master Medium, Astrologer and Chopra Certified Meditation Teacher. Her life’s vision is to collaborate with individuals and groups in support of connection, healing and love. She specializes in helping people explore and release limiting beliefs in support of creating one’s best life. Read more about Elaine and her areas of expertise.

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