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New Moon Week in Cancer

by Elaine Jessica ~

Uranus entered Taurus in March of 2019 where it will play with the Taurus signature until July 2025 when it enters Gemini.

Uranus belongs to the higher realms of thought and intuition, and is very much action oriented, so it feels out of character in this sign and astrologically is considered in a “fall” position.  The lens through which Uranus is looking is colored with feeling and it has an affinity for practical down to earth values.  The tension of this combination historically has brought, and will bring incredibly valuable innovations.  Taurus, an earth sign, deals in the world of matter, accumulation, sensuality, sensitivity and practicality.  

Monday, JULY 5, the Sun in Cancer connects in a progressive manner with Uranus in Taurus… the fiery Sun and earthy Taurus are heating up with intuitive downloads that can take us to a new level of freedom seeking. It’s a restless kind of day where routine feels challenging.  Go with your own flow and let curiosity take you on a fun ride today. You may be pleasantly surprised with flashes of insight that come to light.

Tuesday, JULY 6 and Wednesday, JULY 7, misinterpretation can happen on everything from our own thinking to communication and negotiations, so be aware! Mercury (communication) and Neptune (ideals, dreams and illusions) are battling it out creating confusion and discord when it comes to trusting what you think and hear. Take care to avoid relational situations that result in upset because the imagination is ripe today with insecurities and conspiracy theories; don’t indulge!  Make Tuesday night pizza and movie night and on Wednesday morning, workout to help to refocus personal routines.  Keep your busy mind focused and your head down! 

Thursday, JULY 8, could feel like “a day” if you’re down and out in regards to love or finances.  Venus (ease, comfort, beauty) squares with Uranus (unconventional) and Saturn (boundaries).  The good news is (and there is always good news) it presents an opportunity to create a new level of understanding in our relationships and finances.  Settle into this idea, because the Moon (feelings) is in Gemini today (“I think”) and as we know the Sun is in Cancer (“I feel”).  Try directing the thinking mind into quiet place – get out of our heads as they say – which takes some effort with three planets in air.  Moving into the heart space is as simple as meditation, music, solitude with focus on something pleasant like a hobby.  Allowing the voice of the feminine (Venus) to lead this squaring transit will definitely help us release what is not supporting.  

Venus’ hand of hope is being extended in relationships and appreciation, bringing light to the voice of reason and influence.

segni zodiacali astratti - cancro

Water creates space for us to get quiet and be in reflection.  It’s purposeful in clarifying our intentions and decisions.  Have you ever stood on a water’s edge and just watched the movement, the flow, the reflection from the Sun?  

On Thursday, JULY 8, the Moon moves into Cancer, making for four planets in water, highlighting that it’s okay to be quiet, to slow down.  There’s also a 150 degree exact alignment between Pluto (opportunity for transformational advancement) and Mercury (assigns meaning to our experiences), creating an added resource for us, but of course we can go either way… The high-way is to use the quiet for emotional honesty/an inner search for meaning using self regulation; be curious.  The low-way is being a loose cannon, having darker thoughts taking on confusion and fear.  We also have opportunity to allow for light bulb moments, epiphanies of what lights our fire and taking initiative to create more of what we love in our lives with the tension between Venus and Uranus today.

Friday, JULY 9, is New Moon Day in the sign of Cancer and again Uranus is playing a key role. With Uranus’ aspect to the New Moon, it increases our insight and intuition and stimulates ideas and curiosity. Self awareness is key to this New Moon as other aspects are creating the landscape to persevere at working toward balance in relationships and finances.  There may be some continued  “being held back” energy in the air with the current aspects of Saturn, Venus and Mars causing tension.  But I like to look at this as opportunity to go deeper and to practice patience and flexibility.  

New chapters and beginnings are a part of the New Moon cycle.  Where we’re connected to the energies of the Universe, we have more influence on how to manifest and navigate these changes.  This is where we may see advertisements for a New Moon or Full Moon ceremony where people express their wishes as they move toward embodying them. The energies of the New Moon linger for days prior to and after the actual event so put your wishes into the conscious universe to help you along in your personal life!

Ask Yourself This Week: 

“Am I grounded enough to navigate the world around me right now?”

  • Do I feel confident in my ability to provide myself with the needs of life?
  • Do I feel secure in my environment?
  • Do I make decisions with ease?
  • Do I have healthy boundaries?
  • Do I exercise and eat a healthy diet?
  • Do I consider myself a trusting person?

These few questions let us know where we stand in the world around us.   When we feel grounded, we feel secure and confident.  Grounding helps us to stay connected to our bodies, mind, spirit, so that we can make decisions, have boundaries, carry on healthy relationships and procure a joyful life.

The Root Chakra’s role is to support us in our basic needs.  Its area of reference is at our root or “base.”  Visualize the area of the tailbone and radiate outward to your personal magnetic field. In the visualization, we look for bright red. If it is a variation of red, murky or distorted, it’s one indicator we would benefit from healing in the areas of the questions above and in trust in relationships/soul lineage.

Tips for Grounding: 

  • Walking outdoors to bring your awareness into nature and the ground below.
  • Being present in the moment by placing your focus on what you are doing.
  • Gardening, touching flowers and trees.
  • Sitting on the ground.
  • Cooking food is very healing.
  • Physical activity that brings your awareness to the body. 
  • Accepting ourselves, our bodies and appreciating the miracle of all it does and our connection to the planet around us is grounding. 
  • Tuning in to silence and taking our awareness to the root of all. 


I look forward to sharing more about the Cosmos with you again next week…


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