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Capricorn Energy Moderates Reactivity

by Elaine Jessica ~

New beginnings are available in every moment, in every choice we make and in every thought we have.    

In 2021 we’re moving along the continuum of transformation that will garner change and reward as we shift toward collective concern for healthy innovation and inclusive community.     

Monday, JANUARY 11, the Moon holds hands with Venus for a little while inspiring optimism, ideas and focus on the lighter side of life.  Both of these planets are also in favorable dialogue with Uranus opening us up to plans, ideas and change. 

Mercury is having a sleepover with Jupiter for the first couple of days this week, bringing good news in all the unusual (Aquarius) places that speak to our versatile sense of initiative.  This is the perfect time to journal plans, ideas and outrageous initiatives that send messages to the Universe that you are ready to propel yourself into a great 2021!

Dynamic aspects of chaos or “numerous irons in the fire” create the conditions to inspire us, but we must consider the whole picture. And the landscape of January is portraying caution and planning.  

With that said, Uranus (change and chaos) is in negotiation with Mercury (personal communication) mid-week, bringing with it desire for change as well as nervous tension.  We can use this energy to focus on details rather than spontaneously taking action. This Uranus/Mercury transit brings a lack of concentration and mis-speaking.  It may be a good idea to postpone big decisions where focus is a challenge.  And if mind and mouth are running amuck… bold statements could result in… trouble.  

The New Moon in Capricorn occurring at 10:00 pm on Tuesday, JANUARY 12, offers an especially potent opportunity for transformation on an individual basis, as well as collectively.  The New Moon is sitting in circle with Pluto increasing our awareness to uncovering the parts of our lives and behavior that need changing.  This aspect favors our soul evolution on everything from relationships, obsessions, addictions, control and de-cluttering on an emotional/behavioral level.   Be aware (during this time) of power struggles and manipulative behavior in your dealings with others.

girl, moon and humpback whale

In knowing the Universe provides the dynamics for our growth, understand that astrology shows us the challenges we may face along the way so we can prepare to overcome these experience for our highest and best evolution. 

The Capricorn New Moon brings with it a number of other aspects that can create tension and frustration, so it’s well advised to do some pre-planning around these dynamics.  With that said, take time to think about those things you want to accomplish and the “what or who” that may have run their course in your life as you put your intentions out to the Universe.  Consider this time as “setting the stage” for what’s to come rather than jumping with both feet into action steps. 

Here’s why:  Mars (action and impulse) is squaring off with Saturn (restrictions and order) creating a holding pattern on moving full steam ahead, all week.  Let the limitations presented here simmer (don’t boil over; we need patience a little longer).  And… we may not be done yet with government restrictions.  

Jupiter and Uranus are also at play, and are contributing to that feeling of opportunity and change being just out of reach (for now).   Consider this good news (tension creates action) and, as in Capricorn fashion, planning and strategy really are our friend.  Heed the warning that risk and erratic behavior will not work right now so hold the line!

Thursday, JANUARY 14, Uranus stations direct after being in retrograde for what seems a long (August 2020) time!  As it goes direct, it is sitting pretty close to Mars while being in dynamic dialogue with the Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn who are all hanging out in Aquarius.  I know I’m repeating myself but be aware of the tug of war between what would be inspired assertion/planning and aggressive chaos. 

Good news on Thursday, JANUARY 14, is that Uranus is in favorable dialogue with Venus (planet of what we love).  Venus rules Taurus (where Uranus currently is) and the second house.   Could there be a sweet spot on romance, unexpected romantic encounter or a windfall of money?  Well doesn’t this reduce the level of angst in the air!  Wonder where this sits in your personal chart?    

Thursday, JANUARY 14, and Friday, JANUARY 15, the Sun (ego identity) is in a fortuitous bubble with Pluto, forging insight for the purpose of diving into the waters of transformation.  We may feel an intensity with gaining insights and issues that have held us back and, as with everything, perspective creates the dynamics of how things play out.  This aspect favors soul growth.   In Capricorn fashion, look before you leap… in fact don’t leap – walk confidently.

Through the weekend and in almost exact degree by Sunday, JANUARY 17, Jupiter (expansive energy) and Uranus (change) are in a dynamic aspect to each other. Expect the unexpected in terms of sudden change or insights.  The key to an aspect like this is to observe and to not react, since impulse can have undesirable outcomes.   We may see rebellious behavior by some and personal insights by others that awaken a new perspective on what life is bringing forward. 

Ask Yourself This Week: 


“How do I support myself in keeping up with my goals and desires in a time where motivation feels stymied?”

We are tired of using the term “pandemic fatigue.”  All around me I hear people say they are tired and motivation is lacking.  This time is foreign to us; we are uncomfortable and it’s getting long. 

So, let’s get creative and inspired!   Journal!  Pick something new to write about every day – your dreams and desires, practical plans, positive relationships.  Become introspective. 

Set a daily routine and stick to it.  Plan.  Decide.  Choose to be positive.   Treat yourself kindly, like you would someone you love who is asking you:  “How do I get motivated?” 

I look forward to sharing more about the Cosmos with you again next week…

Can you identify with a habit or behavior that isn’t aligned with your current values and if so, can you choose to remove that habit from your life?

I look forward to sharing more about the Cosmos with you again next week…


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