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Aquarian Themes in Capricorn Times

by Elaine Jessica ~

Canada recently received its first vaccines for Covid-19.  Let’s speak to the energy of that.  They arrived under the Capricorn sun sign (government, corporations) while themes of the Aquarian times are beginning to take hold.   

Aquarian’s energy is about technology, innovation and humanity amongst other attributes.  The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn at 0 degrees in Aquarius in late December set us on a path that will play out in a lot of themes in 2021.  The expediency of the creation and delivery of this vaccine is a symbol of how everyone benefits when altruistic efforts are made on behalf of community… a sign of Aquarian times ahead.  The energy has a differing calling than the “material gains” of individual ambition we’ve been conditioned to… up until now.

Monday, JANUARY 4, may feel a little intense.  We are being nudged to do some inner work, a deep dive into uncovering what’s hidden or needs to come out into the light.  We have a tension square – a headache of sorts, indicating healthy communication is the prescription.  Consider this on both the levels of inner dialogue and interactions with others.   There is an air of persuasiveness in the first couple of days this week (awareness to deceptive persuasion by others) so contemplate, step back and resolve whatever is going on with a higher perspective of lightness.

On JANUARY 6, we have a 3rd quarter moon. Our New Moon wishes (from December 14, 2020) are in the completion phase of their journey and since the Full Moon of December 30, the moon is losing light with waning energies.  It’s time to let the Universe take it from here while we reflect and inquire on what it is that we can release in terms of habits or patterns that will continue to nurture our goals.  This is the resting period crucial for creating space for new intentions to form at the next upcoming New Moon.

capricorn girl young

On Friday, JANUARY 8,our ego feels direct inspiration stemming from our emotional/psychic tendencies.  We may notice our ability to assess situations and people at a deeper level, leading us to possible empathic overload or, a better scenario would be participating in compassionate service helping someone who could use a hand up.  Awareness to feeling attuned to sensitivities is a God given insight of “looking in the mirror of your spiritual self.”

Adding to matters, two personal planets (Mercury and Mars… air and fire) face off on Friday, JANUARY 8,and into the weekend, playing out in our thoughts and communication style relating to our inner feelings.  This plays out differently in each of our charts depending on what house and sign these planets are located in our birth chart.

Awareness is everything, well, besides intention of course.

So, with awareness we can check in to reflect on what part in life we are feeling tension in and then inquire whether we are practicing impulsivity or making rash conclusions.  As mothers advise often, keeping our mouths shut in times of tension is the best advice (with the knowledge that personal relations and interactions can be adversely affected).  This weekend look towards self soothing activities and/or physical sport or exercise to move any lower energies out of your system. 

On Saturday, JANUARY 9, within the idea of self soothing activities, Venus (what we love) is well aspected with Mars, offering us opportunities to be creative and to place our attention on things that embellish our ideas of beauty: decorating, painting, crafting for example.  We definitely want to keep our mental processes as positive as possible this day.  

Astrology offers us a peek into how transiting planets dynamically relate to each other to bring us experiences, offering the ability to reflect on our life’s events and choices.  It gives us a unique optic of our relationships to everything.

This week we have three planets changing signs, changing the flavor of how they interact within the tapestry of the Cosmos.   Mars moved into Taurus on the JANUARY 7, giving it a more grounded energy.  Mercury, who follows the Sun pretty closely, enters an air sign on JANUARY 9 and Venus moves into Capricorn the same day.   I love how the Cosmos dances us into the shifts that take us forward and into new energy.

Ask Yourself This Week: 


“Can I give myself the freedom to grow into my authentic self?”

Being authentic is not synonymous with perfection; it isn’t demanded of us. 

All it requires is embracing our uniqueness, our uncertainties and contradictions.  When we are okay with that we allow ourselves to be vulnerable to seek out the misalignment. 

We are conditioned beings who follow the lead or protocol of the many authority figures in our lives.  We can miss out being and doing what we’ve truly come for.  The age of Aquarius is a time where we get to stand out, and apart if necessary, from the herd in order to find our truth.  The Cosmos shifts “for” us. 

God (Great Omnipresent Divinity) has our backs.  We just have to do the work to align with that energy. 

Can you identify with a habit or behavior that isn’t aligned with your current values and if so, can you choose to remove that habit from your life?

I look forward to sharing more about the Cosmos with you again next week…


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Elaine Jessica is a Spiritual Teacher, Master Medium and Astrologer. Her life’s vision is to collaborate with individuals and groups in support of connection, healing and love. She specializes in helping people explore and release limiting beliefs in support of creating one’s best life. Read more about Elaine and her areas of expertise. Contact: or