aquarius woman

Think Like an Aquarian

by Gagan Mann ~

Happy Birthday Aquarians!

The fixed air sign of Aquarius brings in the imagination, the inventions, the unpredictable, and themes of individuality and breaking free from what we were taught. Traditionally ruled by Saturn and then Uranus, Aquarius seeks individuality and will not conform to peer pressure and social approval.

As we each seek our ultimate truth and individuality, we find ourselves bombarded with so much information and the unjust in the world. We are all in the process of learning to navigate and sift through the muck to get to our true self. But what is the true self?

I read something the other day (by Adrianne Tamar Arachne) and it really resonated. I will share the short version. “If my healing only keeps looping back to myself and doesn’t ultimately lead to reassociation with the Earth and my work to be part of it, then I am just a casualty of healing-themed consumerism.”  

So, what have we learned? We must do things differently just like an Aquarius. We must think outside the box to create new ways to feel autonomy. Let the unlearning begin and open your way to new findings.

Granted there is so much to be done still, especially regarding global warming, but we are moving slowly but surely. What is the pandemic teaching us? Are we still consuming off the Earth in the same manner? Are we conscious of our actions? Are the riots/petitions worth fighting or is there another way to create union. Self-healing is important but the most import part of the whole puzzle is union and connectedness to all aspects of life. The planets are showing us where and how to proceed.

Themes of freedom and autonomy are obviously on the rise. Masses are gathering to break free and fight for personal rights. Most of January we were looking at relationships, self-worth and how we measure up.

February is about setting the seeds for freedom and unleashing the unconventional, provided we have set good foundations.


New Moon in Aquarius on February 1 – New Moon energy can be very helpful when you know your natal chart; the placement and aspects of planets helps to focus in knowing what areas of your life are being affected.

This New Moon is a good time to look at some of the following themes and set some intentions for change.

  • Do my friends and associations align with my values?
  • How do I feel true freedom?
  • What and where do I conform to?
  • Is my personal self-anchored in something?
  • Am I able to express my individuality?
  • Do my dreams and aspirations feel true still?


Venus themes are still lingering into February. We have been working hard at setting foundations, figuring out what success feels like and how to navigate forward in the world at large. This month has more flow in terms of getting things done and unleashing the inner genius that may have been in hiding. New projects are being set in motion; take time to stay grounded. All the hard work might pay off and set forth new ambitions.

  • Venus moves direct January 29 and will move into Aquarius for February.
  • Venus conjuncts Mars all February.
  • Venus trines Uranus until February 24.
  • Venus conjuncts Mars all February.
  • Venus sextiles Jupiter until February 12.


Sun squares Uranus until February 11.  These few days may be full of disruptions in routines. Expect the unexpected and know how to unleash a new aspect of self. This energy can be very ungrounding so make sure to connect and get outside for fresh air.

Sun conjuncts Saturn until February 15.  Here are two good weeks to get organization and foundation type of work done. Since this is Aquarian energy, it may be looking at responsibilities which may be weighing you down. Politics may highlight things where our leaders haven’t been performing their duties as expected.

Sun enters Pisces on February 18.  The solar energy shifts from fixed air to mutable waters.


Mercury will go direct on February 4.

Mercury conjuncts Pluto until February 21.  The mind is piercing and probing, wanting control, and initiating shifts in perspectives. It’s time to get down to the truth and understand events at a deeper level. There will be shifts in thoughts and opinions might offer new truths.

Mercury in Aquarius conjuncts Saturn in Aquarius from February 22 March 9.  The mind might feel bombarded and restricted. Communications can feel limiting and negative mind chatter is something to be cautious of.


Mars in Capricorn sextiles Jupiter in Pisces until February 14.  This earth and water compatibility offers opportunities to expand and grow. This is two weeks of flowing time that can be used to ask for what you want and receive.


Full Moon in Leo on February 16.  You are at the halfway point from when you set your original intention on February 1.  Check in with yourself to see if it still is aligned with your true self. Does it bring light to you?


Pluto in Capricorn trines the North Node in Taurus all February – The earthy energy of Capricorn and Taurus brings ease of moving forward while stripping away what doesn’t serve and looking at what is left behind. New learning is on the horizon and only after letting go of what doesn’t serve can we make space for newness. It may be difficult to hold space for some vulnerability as we strip away layers of falsehood, so take the time to create good boundaries around self-care.

Important to note the North Node in Taurus will be conjuncting Uranus in Taurus soon and all of 2022. This year is full of awakenings and sudden shifts in perspectives. If you are not anchored, then be prepared for unpredictability and be uprooted, but rest assured you will be planted. Themes around self-autonomy versus full surrender will be at the forefront of most events.

Remember we have all come into a story; this story has been evolving and now it’s up to you to write how it will end.


February 17 – Day of a Grand Earth Trine between the Moon, Uranus, Venus and Mars. This is an excellent day for some manifestation. Today is an extremely good day to kick off things into action.

February 18 to March 5 – Venus, Mars and Pluto, all planets in Capricorn, are forming a stellium and this means very concentrated earth energy. Strong foundations are being put in place. Power struggles may take place as we move through endings and new beginnings. Our sheer will and desire to create will get an opportunity to perform.

If you want more clarity around what’s happening in the cosmos and how it’s affecting you personally, please seek me out. You’ll just need your time, date and place of birth.  If you are interested in gaining more insight into yourself and your life, just email me at; I’d love to help you ♥.


Gagan Mann was born in Punjab, India where she spent her early childhood before moving to Canada at the age of 12.  She has a Counselling Diploma from Counselling Training Institute of BC and in the last 10 years she studied Astrology, Plant Medicine and Hypnotherapy and graduated from the Northern Star College of Mystical Studies four years ago. She loves her rich East Indian roots (the niche for astrology and all things mystical) but it was not until she studied Embodied Astrology that she fully embraced and fell in love with the mysteries of life. Her philosophy for life and with clients is to raise consciousness to break unhealthy patterns that walk with all of us. She loves delving deep into the unconsciousness through hypnotherapy and guiding people with astrology to create potentials and possibilities.