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Flowing Pisces & Changing Tides

by Elaine Jessica ~

I vote for staying on the Valentine Day’s “chocolate high” for a few more days!  The Moon is cooperating on Monday as it pleasantly aspects Jupiter, Venus and Mercury, highlighting the emotions of what/who we love, our inner dialogue and how we “sit with” or communicate it. 

The first few days of this week the Moon is in Aries; it is the only planet in the element of fire, so take advantage of it.  Feed your creativity and express yourself! 

On the other side of things, let’s talk about the tension in the air… literally!  We still find ourselves in lockdown and with an economy in strife, people are suffering and are overextended in all ways. I’m a glass-half-full kind of person and as such, Astrology always includes silver linings and opportunities.

The cosmic kite currently in the sky provides an element of availability.  The planets involved (Neptune, Mars and Pluto) and their placements (earth and water) bring together opportunity for supported manifestation.   The presence of free will is the determinant in the balance of what is waiting to be tapped into.  As conscious beings we have opportunity to create experiences within our willingness to move our energy beyond the elements of strife and suffering.

As everything, consciousness is experiential and
the perspective with which we look at any situation
determines the direction of the momentum (Law of Attraction). 

It never ceases to amaze me how supported we are by the Universe.  With the understanding that our own willingness (to trust life and all aspects of abundance) speaks volumes in terms of the power within to co-create our highest and best life.

Mars in Taurus (fixed sign:  determined, follow through, and yes, stubborn) is still in continuous tension with the Sun (ego), while Jupiter (wanting more… fun… more everything) and Venus (love)… are almost an exact square by mid week.  Clearly the frustrations of what we are feeling with the lockdowns is exacerbated and we are living it daily, including plans being stalled, uncertainty and restrictions from the activities we love.  That’s a lot of pent-up energy!

On Wednesday, FEBRUARY 17, Saturn (with its wisdom and discipline and its intimate relationship to restrictions and boundaries) is in an exact square alignment with Uranus (the freedom seeking rebellion of which creates great ideas, and also chaos).  This happens about every 14 years or so. It results in creating challenges when trying to manifest plans and it can bring about unexpected change, throwing “irons in the fire” complicating things and/or stalling them. 

The key to this is FLEXIBILITY as well as resilience.  Remaining open minded, having a willingness to look at all sides of things, and flow with the conditions presented, will move the challenge into a solution oriented paradigm.  Another part of this aspect is that it will bring some clarity of what is no longer working “for” you, showing you what has become a consistent drag on your energy.  What needs to change?

Thursday/Friday, FEBRUARY 18/19, the Sun moves into the sign of Pisces, shifting into the last season in the cycle.  The calming waters of Pisces will bring forward a sensitive, intuitive energy into our awareness and, as spring in the Northern Hemisphere is coming, reflection and connection to all that is nature will also become highlighted. As such, we become dreamers of the equinox ahead and all that the change in seasons brings. 

On Friday, FEBRUARY 19, and through the weekend, Venus and Mars create some tension that may manifest in a few different ways.  This transit is associated with impulsivity and a propensity toward anger where relationships are already strained.  When issues come to light, they require a self-reflective look at how to effectively communicate openly without the charge of intensity. Physical exercise and release are an effective way to initially deal with the pent up energies associated with any build up of negative emotions.  Conversely, in healthy relationships, there may be an uptake in intensity of sexual drive where the “love guru” kind of energy is present.  

Saturday, FEBRUARY 20, is the day Mercury stations direct and we can all stop freaking out over our computers glitching!  Well, not quite.  The shadow period of the retrograde lingers until the first half of March. But it eases, it eases!  Know that turning within is still the best source to receive messages and intuitive signals (within the contemplative arena of your inner being).  It is something that can always be relied upon, but in retrograde times it’s about heeding the call to slow down just a little more.

Ask Yourself This Week: 

“In the context of emotions, do you have awareness about your emotional triggers?  Do you know what your Moon sign has to do with your emotions?”

Our personal Moon sign, and the placement of it in our natal moon, is key in understanding ourselves.  It rules our emotions and our subconscious.  It’s how we express our emotions; it tells of what we need to feel safe. It rules the female principle, moods, receptivity, habits and more.   

Understanding our Moon sign is essentially a main factor in learning to navigate and control emotional triggers and reactions.  It deepens our compassion for ourself as well as for others. 

Imagine if you understood your own Moon sign, as well as your partner’s Moon sign, and how working within that energy can bring more peace, understanding and support in your relationship.

I look forward to sharing more about the cosmos next week….


Elaine Jessica Astrology

Elaine Jessica is a Spiritual Teacher, Master Medium and Astrologer. Her life’s vision is to collaborate with individuals and groups in support of connection, healing and love. She specializes in helping people explore and release limiting beliefs in support of creating one’s best life. Read more about Elaine and her areas of expertise. Contact: elaine@elainejessica.com or www.elainejessica.com