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Here Comes Love & Aquarius

by Elaine Jessica ~

Aquarius is in the air!  With the New Moon arriving on, Thursday, FEBRUARY 11, there will be SIX planets in the sign of Aquarius!  Holy stellium Batman! 

A stellium is where three or more planets are in one sign or house, amplifying the energies of that sign/house.  Their combined energies speak to the Aquarian themes we know are on the way and what a kick start that will be in our new reality. 

Spiritually speaking, the Universe sets a course (that we may not understand) for the evolution of humanity in support of “us seeking” what is our future.  The Great Omnipresent Divinity (GOD) lays out the path, provides the gift of “free will” opportuning us to take “right” action in support of our highest and best, as it speaks to the sustainability of our planet.  That’s why (as you will see) taking pause prior to action is so important as Astrology shows us what is the best course of action.  With that said, we are a full week+ into Mercury Retrograde, where it too is in support of healing old wounds, settling relationships and stepping back when “new information” is brought to surface.

Let’s talk about the week!  There’s focus on relationships… and here comes Valentines Day.  On Monday FEBRUARY 8, Venus is still in square with Uranus (chaos and the unexpected), a continuation of its exact square from Sunday’s energies. This may feel a little testy around relationships, but know we are being asked to hold the line with whatever is going on, because Venus is also holding hands with Jupiter, making for social aspects and talking things out while seeing the potential and beauty in things. 

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On Monday, FEBRUARY 8, the Sun is hanging out with Mercury, and whatever our subconscious is telling us can bring up triggers.  If negatively triggered,  avoid decisions or inadvertently changing the lens through which relationships are viewed. Take time to focus on inner priorities and true “meaning” that any “new” information brings (remembering Mercury is in retrograde – it’s asking us to slow down and revisit).  

Long story short, as in retrograde fashion, take a pause on big decisions; consider the big picture allowing for clarity to come, as true heart’s desires will appear in view.  

Another reason to slow it down is because Neptune (dreams and illusions) is also playing with the Sun (ego), so give clarity some time.

On Friday, FEBRUARY 12, the Lunar New Year begins.  This is the year of the Ox in Chinese Astrology.  What’s beautiful is that it represents a stabilizing, steady type of energy.  It’s a breeze of fresh air, like stepping onto the open grassland of new opportunity.  It brings reminders of what simplicity in progress can look like – that it’s okay to surrender to leaving old ways of being behind.  This lunar year is a time to put energy into the practical ways that bring about nurturing nature and what’s profoundly important, while focusing on the sustainability of our planet and the relationships that are important to us. 

On the weekend, FEBRUARY 13 & 14, we may be thinking of creative ways to tell the one’s we love how much we love them.  With Mercury (communication) holding hands with love (Venus), it creates the mental processes – a revisiting of how we express our loving feelings.  There’s no making this stuff up!  Its Valentine’s weekend and the planets are oozing love!  There may be an upswing in sensory romance, with the planet of dreams (Neptune) coalescing with the energy of passion (Mars), increasing our sensual attention to a new level. Look out!  This aspect can also highlight a spiritual connection, increasing one’s inner knowing/understanding around beliefs, creativity and anything spiritual.

On Valentines Day, FEBRUARY 14, Jupiter brings an expansive construct in our thoughts.  The high road of this energy brings optimism and broad-mindedness in planning various areas of life with positive thinking; the low road would point to the exacerbation of things in life that have gone wrong.  Doing the work to stay positive and expand on the ideas that the future will bring is paramount within this energy.  Jupiter sitting with Mercury on this day speaks to our thoughts and the direction they take.    

Ask Yourself This Week: 

“With the New Moon approaching this week, do I feel the enthusiasm of all the Aquarian energy.  Am I allowing my focus to be on new initiatives?  Am I embracing the changing landscape the world is bringing to me?”

The energy fields are supercharged with six planets in Aquarius at the New Moon (Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn) and we are being asked to create anew the ideas of community, what we understand in modern times to be equality and initiative in the realm of humanity, all while seeking out how we personally want to be in the world. 

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It’s exciting and it also requires some self nurturing.  We are in the thick of things in terms of transformation, as the planetary alignments that affect each of us can bring about a sense of confusion or overwhelm.  So, this is the time to use our “heart-brains” to calm our mental chatter to where we can really listen. 

Our subconscious programming has us believe in scarcity, but it is a program of the Darwinian times and the patriarchal days which are waning, if not over. It is the past as we are transforming within the balance of feminine and masculine energies.  The Law of Abundance secures prosperity which is always flowing to you when you sit in the knowing that there is always enough.  

On this New Moon (Thursday, FEBRUARY 11) set intentions of “how” you want to be in the world and begin the process of being the co-creator of your own destiny, with heart centered actions. Expand on the expansive energies available to you.

I look forward to sharing more about the Cosmos with you again next week…


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Elaine Jessica is a Spiritual Teacher, Master Medium and Astrologer. Her life’s vision is to collaborate with individuals and groups in support of connection, healing and love. She specializes in helping people explore and release limiting beliefs in support of creating one’s best life. Read more about Elaine and her areas of expertise. Contact: elaine@elainejessica.com or www.elainejessica.com