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Clearings Are in View as We Go Deeper

by Elaine Jessica ~

Mercury in Aquarius is advancing, analytical and innovative.  So, having five planets in Aquarius this month is a lot of futuristic energy!   

February, the shortest month of the year, is typically thought of as progressive.  But this year it ushers in Mercury Retrograde, from JANUARY 30 until FEBRUARY 20, slowing things down. This can create a muddled quality to our myriad of thoughts as we process past unhealed issues and relationships, showing up in purpose and in healing.

Our job in this is the knowing of what’s coming… again, thank you Astrology… to avoid the trap of running in circles and feeling caught in a loop of limitations. There is a balance to be found.  By paying attention to your recurring thoughts, and understanding their messages as themes come to light, they offer an opportunity to process and heal relationships of all sorts.  The other side of that balance is to recognize the triggers that take us off balance and to recognize that “old energy” is purposeful in helping us see “what was.” 

Be patient where you sit in the dark, the dawn is coming,” Rumi

Mercury Retrograde showed up on JANUARY 30 to help us clear old wounds and face the things that catch up on us.  It’s a time to have another look at that which we’ve ignored.  In this first Retrograde of 2021, it presents opportunity for us to re-evaluate and to grasp things stirred up or things revealed.  Uranus and Venus (the great awakener and what/how we love) are playing a major part in this energy this week. 

There’s an ongoing conversation between Mars (assertion) and Uranus (originality and change).  Sitting together they represent a powerhouse of forward action… This could be a great thing in innovation or it could be disastrous and impulsive on another level – free will reigns.  The storyline is something like this:  these two, hand holding, assertive planets are in a standoff with five planets in Aquarius’ Air sign.  They are looking for compromise on all that is bursting at the seams in ideas, ego, love and innovation, with order and planning in tow, and then throw in unexpected events.  So many tangents!

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The Universe, in its wisdom, creates these dynamics to bring us through chaos, giving us opportunity to create something great on both global and personal levels. The question is are we are willing to see the bigger picture in either case?  We can always inquire:  Is the ego ruling the soul’s evolution or is the soul’s evolution ruling the ego?  And as history tells us… there is no calm without first there being chaos.  I hope we learn.

Monday, FEBRUARY 1, the Sun is in exact alignment with Mars; conflict may come our way.  Someone may assert their power and egoic aggression, leading nowhere good.  Ego conflicts, adding to an already heightened sense of impatience, is best dealt with a smile and a nod, acting in self control and self preservation. The Moon (favorably aspecting planets in Aquarius) helps with our ability to mentally practice shrewd conservatism.  Monday, FEBRUARY 1, through midweek is a great time to work out any emotional disruptions using a treadmill, punching bag or a dance-off, followed by a feel good movie… Patience is the best way to rise above negative power, like provocations.

On Wednesday, FEBRUARY 3, and Thursday, FEBRUARY 4, there are three squares in the heavens all involving the Moon.  With no planets in the fire element right now, this means we have to cultivate our own sense of fun and color!  The message here is to take your anxiety, your frustrations (where foundational change is held back) and the feelings it all stirs up and then use the astrological release point of FIRE to change frustration into fun!  Here are some ideas:  re-stage your house with things you already have:  move furniture around, change the location of accessories. Paint, dance, YouTube an aerobic class – anything that inspires creativity.  Think in terms of fire energy and spontaneity!  

Late week and on the weekend there may be a test of relationships.  It plays out showing us where our relationship is healthy and where it or “we” need work.  There may be an inability to connect on an emotional/intimate level, and in fact you may be willing to sacrifice emotional connection to focus on personal ambition or work.  There is a tendency toward solitary energy and time alone is a required reprieve.  Relational stability and the balance of freedom are themes to be aware of.   In healthy relationships, this is a “ships passing in the night” period which will recover, so giving space will be appreciated.  Finances could be tight at this time, or looking at the financial picture becomes front and center (which may involve budgeting and changing other ways to secure a better future).

Sunday, FEBRUARY 7, may awaken a realization that moving onto something new and innovative may be required and to look at changing dynamics within a relationship.  Neptune is at the apex of transformations creating a willingness to being “open” to change.  Even with the nudges, it’s prudent during this period to be in “observer” mode for a while.  Observation allows our intuition and connection to guide us, relieving us of our “Mercury monkey mind” this month.

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Ask Yourself This Week: 

“Do I recognize the Aquarius energy within me?”

Whether or not we have any planets in the sign of Aquarius, we all carry some of this energy.  Aquarius energy is unconventional and inventive.  They don’t follow; they make their own path (once they accept their unique gifts).  Their points of view may be “far out” and visionary. 

Ask yourself if you accept your eccentricities or unusual ways of going about things?  This friendly intellectual energy beats to its own drum. 

Falling in love with the unusual quirks or traits is an act of acceptance of our own “inner genius” and there’s no better way to contribute to the world than that!

I look forward to sharing more about the Cosmos with you again next week…


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