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A Yod in the Cosmos

by Elaine Jessica ~

If on Monday, AUGUST 9, your day brings a sense of creative explosion, get to work utilizing the gifts and talents you’re adorned with and expect some amazing creative results.  However, if awakened to confusion in areas of life involving love, money and trust, steer clear of making commitments for a bit.  Idealism may cloud what should be looked at with a practical viewpoint, so slow down and take pause because sometimes our rose colored lenses can influence less than ideal decisions. With Venus and Neptune in opposition today, there is a propensity to sacrifice too much of self, giving way to regret where ideals aren’t realized.  Time today is better spent on appreciation of art, design and imaginative escapes.

If Monday’s idealism/confusion wasn’t enough, then midweek Mercury (thoughts) and Jupiter (expansion) in opposition may have you digging your heels in conversation about certain decisions.  Both Mercury and Jupiter are in fixed signs lending an unwillingness (stubbornness) to looking at the details surrounding a situation. Its helpful to self inquire asking if we just need to be right or if we can see the other side of things. Balance is the signature this opposition needs where ideas can meet action and identity in the best way possible.  Consider, this could become the breakthrough of a genius idea that is ready for action!

Wednesday, AUGUST 11, offers expansive energy and ideas. Depending on one’s personal chart and level of consciousness it can be positive or create negative dialogue (Jupiter in Aquarius, opposite Mercury in Leo). There’s an invisible push to look at the deeper side of life in deciding “what” we value. There’s possibly a change on the horizon that’s up for consideration.  

Also later in the day on Wednesday, AUGUST 11, Mercury (thoughts and communication) ingresses into Virgo (service, perfection and daily organization).  Over the past couple of days, the Moon has moved through Virgo (ruled by Mercury thoughts) and now ingresses into Libra, a cardinal (starter, initiator) air sign.  Mercury (our thoughts) and Venus (what we love and value) are playing out in the Cosmos bringing our attention to those aspects of our lives.

The Star

Thursday, AUGUST 12, there’s five planets in earth signs adding a sense of pronounced practicality.  Of those three planets are in Virgo (the sign of health, service and organization).  We may feel compelled to get things done over the next couple of days as all this earth energy is nudging us to take advantage of the practical grounded energy.  Ideas may come streaming through as we work away at whatever our focus is on with all the air energy abound today as well.

Back in early July, Mars and Saturn were in opposition; it was considered a difficult aspect having assertive Mars (hot planet Mars in fiery Leo triggering confidence in action steps) in opposition to Saturn (requires planning and disciplined boundaries).  Any actions and decisions were challenged in finding resolution. Roadblocks and timing prevented smooth transitions and there we have it… frustration!    So, on Friday, AUGUST 13, Mars and Saturn are inconjunct which means they are 150 degrees apart; not an opposition but a challenging alignment never the less.   Where ideas are budding within and impulse to take (Mars) action, there may be a sense of frustration as there could be roadblocks or delays slowing things down.  Patience is a virtue; this too shall pass.  This is especially poignant if you have any personal planets in your natal chart aligning to this transit. 

Over the weekend we have a Yod in the cosmos.  A Yod is a “wanting to do or achieve something – a calling” that requires one to overcome the resistance or challenge that is part of this configuration.  People often say they’ve always felt called to do or be something but didn’t know why, and then discover through an astrology session they have a Yod in their birth chart.  It’s said a Yod is the finger of God pointing at you.  On a chart a Yod looks like an elongated triangle where two planets a short distance from each other are in discussions – in this case Pluto (realm of the subconscious) and Neptune (ruler of the astral plane) talking all things transformative and ideal.  At the apex of the triangle is the Sun creating the tension or the resistance to what the other two planets are discussing.  So this weekend, watch your thoughts, notice if (on the balance sheet) they are more positive and progressive or are you in resistance of self acceptance, self motivation… Are you holding yourself back from your dreams and desires? 

Ask Yourself This Week: 

“Am I aware when I am in resistance to change or in resistance to acceptance?”


The beauty in astrology shows us what’s happening in the Cosmos creating a guide for looking within with understanding and compassion.  There is a direct correlation between what is happening “out there” and what goes on internally. 

The outcome of our life’s events is always determined by our free will.  We are a combination of our environment, our perceptions and our Soul’s design for this lifetime.   The storyline of events occurring on a collective basis nudges all of us universally, but also on an individual basis, and for some more than others as determined by the personal chart.

Taking opportunity to acknowledge our triggers and the willingness to “rearrange” our perspective is growth at its best. Take time this week to notice events and conversations that create triggers in your emotional body. Notice when you feel yourself “contract” away from things you don’t seemingly favor.  And begin to ask yourself if and why you are in resistance to these experiences, or in resistance to what is…

I look forward to sharing more about the Cosmos with you again next week…


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Elaine Jessica is a Spiritual Teacher, Master Medium, Astrologer and Chopra Certified Meditation Teacher. Her life’s vision is to collaborate with individuals and groups in support of connection, healing and love. She specializes in helping people explore and release limiting beliefs in support of creating one’s best life. Read more about Elaine and her areas of expertise.

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