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An Especially Fortunate Full Moon

by Elaine Jessica ~

The planet Uranus will be going retrograde later this week adding to the potency of all that it means to revisit and recapitulate the recent past.  Think of it as the Universe wanting us to check and double check what we value… like our planet for example.  We are in a planetary crisis and no matter how we look at it, it is being pointed out to us and the offering is for us to take care of it and our fellow beings.   

Our personal planets (the smaller ones) continue making alignments with the very still (retrograding) outer planets (which affect us globally and generationally). All planetary movements create personal dynamics within our own charts over and above the alignments written about in the general scheme of things.  It’s why we all feel different things at different times.  We are on our own unique path in addition to the experiences of a global level.   

Monday, AUGUST 16, we have a Yod in the Cosmos that remains in place through Tuesday, AUGUST 17,representing something we want, but there’s resistance that we must overcome in order to achieve it.  Which is… perseverance and rising above the “perception of limitation” in finding our way into the Spirit of our will.  In this case Pluto and Neptune are creating opportunity to transform, to regroup, to get underneath “the self” and bring it to the light. 

At the apex of the Yod is the Sun, representing the “will to be” and the Spirit of life.  The question begs, what are we collectively willing to be? Where are we putting our energy and can we collectively overcome our willful egos to reach our highest expression?  So how do we collectively transform from our old ways, while staying positive and true to the ideals we hope for without slipping into the feelings of doom?  I hope we begin by choosing kindness, consideration and flexibility as the pathway to getting along as we learn to live with Covid and take care of our planet.

Wednesday, AUGUST 18, and Thursday, AUGUST 19, we have a unique grand trine in Earth.  This trine has four planets involved with Mars (assertion and passion) sitting in the same seat as Mercury (thoughts and communication) adding passion, quick thinking and the possibility of either too many words slipping off the tongue or unbecoming behavior during a passionate conversation.   With all this earth energy it’s a great time to get things done and take care of business, however, play nice and connect with nature in a real way if feeling agitated by the mind.  Connecting with nature in any way is good for the soul.

On Friday, AUGUST 20, expansive energy can propel anything inflationary into a full blossom.  With the Sun in opposition to Jupiter,  luck is in the air.  Just use a bit of discernment over the next couple of days.  What may seem too good to be true or overshooting one’s ambitions can play havoc with reality.  There is fun to be had with the extravagance of this energy, just watch for over indulgence.

The evening of Thursday, AUGUST 19, Uranus goes retrograde making it the 5th planet in the Cosmos (we deal with astrologically) now in retrograde.  Uranus won’t go direct until January of 2022.  This gives us the opportunity to make the internal changes that the external world has brought to us. 

Uranus is the planet referred to as the awakener.  This is a good thing as we are provided the energy required to mentally/emotionally catch up to accepting changes within our own perspectives and adaptability.  With the initial retrograde position, Uranus makes a nice trine to Mercury and Mars, who are currently sitting tightly together creating an energetic opening for new ideas and thoughts, helping us to adopt a flexible vantage point.  We may feel more outgoing while sending out feelers to friends, colleagues and potential collaborators.  With freedom, which the Uranian energy is always in search of, flexibility is a requirement.  Don’t be surprised if we have to continue with technology as a networking meeting place for a while or we are asked to find ways to meet while mutually distancing.  More elbow and fist bumps to come.  Out with the handshake!

Saturday, AUGUST 21, Mercury moves on, but Mars is in exact alignment with Uranus.  Today we may feel brave and robust when it comes to taking ideas to the next level. Might you be the next pioneer in your field?  It’s not a routine kind of Saturday, so be inspired and go where you’re called today; adventure is calling. The high road of Mars is passion and assertion; the low road of Mars is aggression.  If feeling frustration or overly critical today, get outside and physically work it off.  This too shall pass.

Sunday, AUGUST 22, at around 6:00 a.m. in Edmonton we have a Full Moon in Aquarius. Jupiter is holding hands with the Moon bringing its lucky charm with it. The Moon is fully lit up with the Sun shining all things in 5th house Leo!  Love, physical intimacy and commitment.  It brings focus on to the personality and emotional body.  Full Moons are a build up of energy and a time of releasing.  My wish for everyone is that this week has brought insight, inspiration and light into your life and that this weekend brings acts of love and expressions of personal fulfillment.  This is an especially fortunate Full Moon. Set the intention and it will be so!

It’s been a pleasure to bring what’s happening in the cosmos to you every week.  Blessings…


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