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The Unexpected and Awakenings

by Elaine Jessica ~

Monday night, APRIL 26, is the Full Moon in Scorpio at 7 degrees. Opposite the Moon is Uranus holding hands with the Sun, bringing impulsivity and maybe some rebellion. 

I wrote about this Full Moon last week to encourage you to take the opportunity in the days leading up, to be introspective “with awareness of the energies coming.”  Awareness affords us the power to choose wisely and commitment to doing the work offers great healing and releasing so we can begin a new cycle with new perspective.  We generally feel the Full Moon’s energy three days before and three days after it’s occurrence.

This Full Moon reflects themes from six months ago.  To gain insight look at what was occurring in November 2020 both personally and collectively.  I can connect immediately to what was happening in my life at that time, giving me the understanding of what I need to heal and release around this. During this Full Moon, Uranus (planet of disruption and rebellion) is in close proximity to the Sun, Mercury and Venus.  With these dynamics we can expect protests, secrets exposed, news in technology and generally a “fight back” kind of energy. 

Added to the mix is Saturn (limitations and constriction) in tension with four personal planets (Sun, Moon, Venus and Mercury) creating a T-square.  These combinations involved with Uranus and Saturn make for a particularly challenging Full Moon, so expect to see the lid blown off of the proverbial pressure cooker where there’s a lack of insight/understanding in how to make healthy choices of release and creating resiliency for oneself.   All T-squares have what’s known as a release point.  In this event, the release involves Fire energy!  So, to help move the energies, do something physical and fun like dance, run, completely excavate your house, re-decorate… just get creative, indulge in a new outfit or  tap into creative fun! 

It’s not all bad, there’s some support in the Cosmos with a favorable aspect between the Moon, Mars and Jupiter.   Between this and Mercury hugging Venus during this Full Moon, there may be some reprieve.

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Tuesday, APRIL 27, Pluto goes retrograde in Capricorn until October.  We’ve been without any planets in retrograde for a while… the spell is now broken; it’s time to get reflective.  The energy of an outer planet like Pluto in retrograde is subtle, but it is a time of reflection with regard to power or control issues in our lives.  This is good time to realize the spell of control you’ve been under by others and release yourself from their lives. Conversely if you’ve been the one controlling, it’s time to let go. 

If there have been any issues around addictive behavior or obsessions, this may be the turnaround.  Ridding yourself of things that have had control over you will improve your personal power and spiritual evolution.

We’ve had our eye on Uranus squaring Saturn this year as being a major theme in 2021.  However, Uranus is also playing in other fields, stirring the pot and bringing the unexpected as well as awakenings.  Friday, APRIL 30, Uranus is sitting with the Sun creating a sense of restlessness on an individual basis.  As well, being in Taurus it may trigger the waves of nature and bring about unexpected events globally. 

Take care of any nervous tension around this time by staying physically active.  Moving your body moves the energy and avails your awareness to better responding with grace to whatever this brings.  This transit can manifest disruptions on one end of things and connections to higher vibrations on the other, increasing psychic perceptions and/or pleasant, unexpected surprises. This is a wildcard energy! Awareness allows for practicing flexibility and open mindedness. 

On the weekend, while there is some tension in the cosmos (helpful I’d say), it brings some alluring energies between the planets influencing earth and water signs.  The Sun (Taurus) and Moon (Capricorn) are both in earth signs on MAY 1 and MAY 2, with Uranus holding hands with the Sun in Taurus.  This is less of a social weekend and more of a planning, negotiating and spending time with self nurturing and/or partner nurturing weekend.  Take advantage of having these energies and talk, influence and apply the mental strategies that will bring about cooperative bargaining and relational discussions. 

Sunday, MAY 2, may also present desires for a sensual encounter with a partner as well as heightened connection in terms of genuinely “getting in touch” with the heart and soul of matters in your love relationship.

Ask Yourself This Week: 

“Can you imagine a more creative and fulfilling life where you release limiting beliefs and the societal codes that have perpetuated those beliefs?” 

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This week’s Full Moon, as well as the disruptive awakening energies of Uranus and Pluto taking us into reflection, all offer an opportunity to release ourselves from the “old ways” and to develop our inner authenticity. 

It may appear we are being brought chaos and rebellion and I’m sure some of those who are not “awake” will behave in just that manner, but the truth of the Cosmos is that it’s benevolent, not fear based. 

To those who are seeking to evolve and explore their true selves in petition for a more joy filled existence, dedicating our mental body to becoming a disciple of “conscious awareness” means being willing to do the work to translate intention (we are always saying what we want, but do we actually embody doing the work to get there?) into healthy choices. 

May we take the time to be self aware to notice our patterns so that we can make a commitment to change the channel of our thought patterns in knowing each of us deserve abundance of everything in this life. 

I look forward to sharing more about the Cosmos with you again next week…  


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Elaine Jessica is a Spiritual Teacher, Master Medium and Astrologer. Her life’s vision is to collaborate with individuals and groups in support of connection, healing and love. She specializes in helping people explore and release limiting beliefs in support of creating one’s best life. Read more about Elaine and her areas of expertise. Contact: elaine@elainejessica.com or www.elainejessica.com