Taurus XII Zodiac Stars by Olafoolart (Olaf Yen) - 2000

Scorpio Moon Offers Healing

by Elaine Jessica ~

Taurus known for practicality, reliability, steadiness and a large serving of thoughtful presence is upon us. Taurus, with Venus as its ruling planet, holds high value for all that is love.

The Sun leaves fiery Aries on Monday, APRIL 19, where it joins Mercury, having also just entered earthy Taurus.  With four planets here (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Uranus), the essence of it favors growth from the foundational start-up of the projects that had been birthed during Aries season.  With Uranus (in Taurus), there’s an extra dose of excitement and unpredictability just to keep us on our toes. Historically, there have been inventions and great unexpected discoveries when Uranus transits through Taurus. 

Added to this climate is a subtle element worthy of pointing out.  Paying attention to opportunities (that may otherwise slip past us) for growth and understanding in some aspect of life may be present. Without going into extravagant detail, there’s an aspect that can create a shift in energetic intention where impatient spontaneity cools its jets and leans into planning and investigation. 

Mid week Venus shares a seat with Uranus for a day or so, creating potential for the unexpected in relationships.  Feelings could change or a sense of restlessness brings about sparks of romance.  This is a transit of love and money, both of which easily surrender to the ego so be aware of your intentions and stay away from rebellious action. So, unless it’s a loving gesture, let’s not act in haste with this one.  And if you are feeling the urge to fulfill a thrill of a shopping spree, have fun, but know money can come and go with this aspect so play accordingly!

Taurus XII Zodiac Stars by Olafoolart (Olaf Yen)
Taurus ©Olafoolart, www.behance.net

Mars enters Cancer at the end of the week which can exacerbate emotions. There is an overlay of impulsivity with this but “sensitivity and irritability” are the house guests right now.  Mars isn’t at it’s best in Cancer; it can “dig” up those wounds that have not totally healed.   This is where self compassion and nurturing are important.  Drop everything! Journal, craft, dance, meditate, whatever helps to change the channel. Surrender to feeling it and work toward healing within. Surrender isn’t giving something up, by the way.  It’s freedom from the ties that bind us in order to let our guard down.  

One of our superpowers is our ability to be in conscious awareness to what’s in front of us.

Saturday, APRIL 24, is a day where personal intentions are paramount, as well as having real presence in our willingness to tend to projects/goals.  There is tension in the air that can create a self sabotaging mental game.  The energetics of this aspect will pass but the “knowing” of this energy is the key to maintaining personal power.   We are being asked to take a good look at our resolve and to pick up on the clues that tell us where we have work to do around self criticism or fear.  Saturn (the School of Life Principal) is telling us to stay the course, do the work and all will be well.

Sunday, APRIL 25, the planet of love (Venus) in dialogue with (Saturn) is having you look at the structure around relationships in a way that can cause a little stress. This aspect can highlight our own inner fears and criticisms within relationship and (where we may feel the instinct to pull back) it’s actually more helpful to find the balance in giving and receiving.  Looking at what we need and how we like to receive it (as well as that of our loved one), is a healthy, balanced approach to what can be a challenge to relationships.   With that said, Saturn is also highlighting communication today and wants us to know it’s best to speak less if the “feelings” are negative.   Take on the attributes of the Taurus “high road” energy and choose wisely and thoughtfully that day.

Sunday, APRIL 25, is a powerfully, energetic day with Saturn’s implications in squaring Venus, Mercury and Uranus.  With these three planets sitting together in Taurus we can expect an internal day where we may just find ourselves processing things that feel up and down. 

Remember full moons are about releasing and as we approach Monday, APRIL 26, we are at the top of the mountain emotionally.  This upcoming  full moon in Scorpio provides the properties for cleansing, releasing and reinstating our emotional balance.   In company with the Full Moon is Uranus, activated and sitting next to the Sun, contributing to the energies of the moon’s illumination.  We can count on a little extra surge (possibly unforeseeable events) where collectively we may receive sudden news or changes.

This is the first of three Super Moons this year where the moon’s approach to the Earth is closer than usual giving us a bigger, brighter view.   The Full Moon in Scorpio (ruled by Pluto – the underworld) brings to surface what may be hidden deep within our sub-conscious. When we remind ourselves that what is “dark” is simply that which is waiting for the light to be shone upon it, we understand that the asking is to “look, feel and heal” our inner fear and that which holds us back. The high road is being awakened to the availability of healing.  It’s also creating intention for healing which offers opportunity to release and let go what doesn’t serve us in support abundance, love and joy.

Ask Yourself This Week: 

“Am I willing to embrace the Full Moon in Scorpio on Monday?”

spotted agate

Equipped with the astrology of the week at hand, we are gifted the knowledge of what’s coming to us energetically.  Further, when we take the perspective that what’s in front of us IS FOR US, we then open ourselves to addressing our own emotional needs.  During this transformative time, each of us are dealing with the events and emotions of our individual lives and experiences.  The energy of full moons provide the opportunity to release what doesn’t serve while embracing the lighter energy of this “healing light” so we can navigate our world in a more creative way.  Vedic wisdom tells us to embrace the quality of “lightness of being.”  Let’s lighten up.

I hope you participate in a Full Moon meditation on Sunday, APRIL 25, or simply plan a personal ritual where you sit in quiet, listen to the breath, and in asking, speak out to the Universe all that you want released from your emotional body and your life.  You will be heard!

A beautiful stone I like to have with me during Full Moon in Scorpio is a Spotted Agate.  It is grounding and correlates to the root chakra.  It also concentration as well as helps to overcome negative emotions. 

I look forward to sharing more about the Cosmos with you again next week…  


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