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New Moon, New Awareness

by Elaine Jessica ~

April typically feels like a fast month.   And before we know it it’s mid May where we’re all rushing out to get our flowers for planting season.

The first half of the month is on fire with an added sense of motivation thanks to the Stellium in the sign of Aries (four planets).   The added tension we may be feeling is between Neptune and Mars, as well as Saturn and Uranus.  This “tension” in the cosmic alignment is what, in my opinion (when used right), inspires us to make decisions.  So use this motivating, creative, heightened sense of energy, I say!

On Monday, APRIL 5, and Tuesday, APRIL 6, Venus positively aspects Mars (planet of passion and assertion), supporting socializing and helping us to successfully initiate creative projects. This blend of playful, inspired confidence in the air supports self promotion and alignment for healthful, lofty gains. And who knows, this may be the perfect mixture for a new relationship as well!

Wednesday, APRIL 5, Mars is a major player as he makes cooperative connections to Venus and the Sun.  Though a wider orb, there is also ease and dialogue between Mars,  Jupiter, Saturn and the Moon.  This dynamic provides fortitude, creativity and motivation driving us toward inspired action.  

Slow moving Saturn remains in tension with Uranus.  It can fuel a sense of “holding back,” but when discerned with optimism and proper planning as Saturn demands, it can protect us from making rash decisions.  The infinite open field of possibilities lends a “knowing” that the Universe brings us what is in our highest and best… we just have to tune into it and trust that what’s in front of us is for us.  It’s about finding balance.  Saturn wants us to plan and proceed cautiously, while Uranus is electrical, excitable, spontaneous energy that lives in the “freedom now” arena.

On Friday, APRIL 9, we may feel some uncertainty in our position regarding something, with Mars (assertion) activating Neptune (confusion). There’s an energy of discouragement as the emotional body is scrimmaging to understand why we may be feeling “all over the map.” But hold on, let’s turn this around! Let’s change the color of the lens we’re looking at this through. 

This aspect can actually help us think with a higher level of creativity if we choose to.  Slow down and breath through this energy to avoid emotions of separation and distastefulness that can accompany this transit. Instead turn inward, focus on projects, read a good book or do whatever keeps the mind moving in the direction of enjoyment and creation.  Keep all options open.   

Saturday, APRIL 10, things simply clear up!  Our communications (inner thoughts included)  move toward intention and action.  Today is a good day to get our ducks in a row, clear up any unfinished business (taxes – just saying).  There may be a surprise when having a discussion about what’s profoundly important to you. Our inner desires may surface and the serious nature within (which we address meaningful topics) can come up. 

The planet of what we love, Venus, is expansive today which is a good, even great, “good luck” indicator!   The open air is calling for the next couple of days.  Exploration and “get outside of the box” information may show up.  I wonder what we will hear on the forefront in the news?  Expect a fiery response! 

Sunday, APRIL 11, we have a dark sky with a New Moon in Aries.   With so much Fire right now (four planets plus Chiron in Aries) there’s a lot of chi. Adding tension to this New Moon recipe is Pluto in Capricorn (earth and transformation) squaring Venus and the New Moon.

New Moons represent new wishes and beginnings.  This beautiful cycle helps us set intentions, as well as assists us in manifestation.  The dynamic between Pluto and Venus supports our inner strength to attract and claim what we genuinely want.  Let’s use it wisely. 

New Moons can also indicate where change is necessary.  Pluto is a catalyst in this process right now.  It’s showing us where relationships may be stifling or unhealthy, uncovering those dynamics.  Healthy relationships may also feel a shift in the air bringing important conversations.   In light of the energies abound, let’s become aware of behavior that isn’t at its best, whether it’s by us or our partner.  Try to understand what’s underneath it – is it fear and insecurity?  Awareness is the beginning in discerning healthy choices.

Ask Yourself This Week: 

“Am I ready to manifest into reality what my wishes and desires?”

visualize the life you want

It feels appropriate to highlight the Law of Divine Oneness with Aries being the first sign in the zodiac aligned with the Equinox and new beginnings.  It states that: “we are all connected to all life everywhere. Everything we think, do and say has an effect on us and on all of us collectively, the world and the Universe around us.”

May we use this New Moon to lift our lives individually, as collectively it affects the whole of us.  In setting intentions for this New Moon in Aries, visualize what life would look like if you “acted” on what is in your heart’s desires.  Visualize what having more fun in life looks like and what life would bring if “courageous action” became your mantra. 

Hold these visions for a good 90 seconds to complete the cycle of imagination and visualization as it percolates in your consciousness.  Affirm to yourself:  “This New Moon marks the start of the rest of my life.”

I look forward to sharing more about the Cosmos with you next week…


Elaine Jessica Astrology

Elaine Jessica is a Spiritual Teacher, Master Medium and Astrologer. Her life’s vision is to collaborate with individuals and groups in support of connection, healing and love. She specializes in helping people explore and release limiting beliefs in support of creating one’s best life. Read more about Elaine and her areas of expertise. Contact: elaine@elainejessica.com or www.elainejessica.com