Astrology This Week

by Elaine Jessica

What’s happening in astrology this week? 

Changing Signs, Changing Times

I wonder how many people are simply frustrated and how many are willing to use this time for reflection?

Here’s hoping you’re not tired of hearing about retrogrades, as they offer us opportunity to slow down and “re-alize” our ways.  It’s time to slow down, sit down and ask ourselves what really matters.

The energy shifts between Libra and Scorpio this month provide us with the air (Libra) to communicate or miscommunicate as retrograde would have it, and the flow (Scorpio) to intuit and dive deeply into the base of what’s important in our lives. Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio is a time to turn quiet; it adds a layer of intuitiveness.  Listen.  In the third and final week of the retrograde, Mercury makes its way into Libra energy, so notice if someone from the past comes back into your life or are past events/relationships coming forward for closure?

scorpioOn Monday, OCTOBER 19, beneficial energy aligns!  Friendly alignments between Venus and Neptune, Venus and Jupiter, and Neptune and Jupiter support us with ideas and feelings toward diplomacy and dreams (and acceptance and solution based thinking).  Many will feel the resolve in their positions and decisions.  Our exercise is to look at life from the perspective of the witness – to stand back as an observer of our thoughts and habits.

Mars continues its square off with Pluto and Jupiter. Mars in retrograde can feel like things are being stalled and plans are thwarted, but the tapestry of the cosmos is woven so we realize the options and opportunities that are in our peripheral.  Free will, the gift to the human condition, allows us to change a negative narrative into an opportunity to plan, to come together, to practice what is “diplomacy.”  Let’s do it!

The planet Venus is an influencing highlight this week (all things earth), meaning its alignments are helping us with matters involving how we govern ourselves and provide service in practical matters. She favorably aspects Pluto starting Tuesday, OCTOBER 20, bringing our attention to relationships, things we are passionate about and love.  And as the weekend carries on, she aspects Saturn bringing a calm and a deeper undertone of thought, decisiveness and understanding of what’s necessary in carrying forward.

The Sun moves out of Libra and into Scorpio on OCTOBER 23.  There is much re-birthing to celebrate. In the northern hemisphere we’ve shed our leaves and the darker days have begun.  Scorpio is a sign that teaches us about birth, death and looking to Spirit (and other depth seeking occurrences).  We become more aware of the higher plane of existence during Scorpio season. Highlighting these energies gives us opportunity in reassessing our relationship with ourselves, with others and with our personal power. Scorpio wants control.

So, as we are being guided to understand the bigger picture during this tense time, feeling stuck without a control lever, remember we do have control over our perspectives, our personal emotional balance and our choices.

Sunday, NOVEMBER 1, the Sun holds hands with Mercury in Scorpio.  When the life force (Sun) is in the sign of life and death, and the other side, inheritance, others money and Spirit, is holding hands with the planet of communication, you know we are being shown the deeper aspects of life and our thoughts around all that is personal, pandemic related and election related.  We may be talking about our biases and personal situations in relation to all that’s going on around us globally and regionally.

Ask Yourself This Week:

“What tools do I have in my back pocket that will help me re-direct a negative situation or thought pattern that I can use in an instant to re-create a better dynamic?” 

Elaine-Jessica-Astrology-Mosaic-MagazineWe all find ourselves in a mood once in a while, or our day “appears” to be at the mercy of another, but mostly when our mental/emotional state is out of balance we need a re-direct.  Here’s one I use when I find myself reactive and I notice the negative chatter in my head.

I use the acronym STOP.

S – Literally say “STOP” in your head – loudly to shock your negativity out.

T – Take a few deep long breaths to bring your awareness to your interior consciousness and ask:  “What am I feeling?”

O – Observe your feelings and reactions, as well as the situation – open your heart to lighten up.

P – Proceed with self compassion making a new, more supportive choice.  I always hear the lyrics from “The Land Before Time” movie that my kids loved growing up (originally a Diana Ross and the Supremes song).  “Stop, in the name of love, before you break my heart.”    It speaks volumes.

I’m looking forward to sharing more about the cosmos with you again next week…




Elaine Jessica

Elaine Jessica is a Spiritual Teacher, Master Medium and Astrologer. Her life’s vision is to collaborate with individuals and groups in support of connection, healing and love. She specializes in helping people explore and release limiting beliefs in support of creating one’s best life. Contact her at or    Read more about Elaine and her areas of expertise.