Astrology This Week

by Elaine Jessica

What’s happening in astrology this week? 

Together in Aquarius

Aquarius season arrives this week! Government, and the structures we live under, remain in tumultuous times as January’s promise was to continue to shake things up.

As such, Pluto aspects are continuing to nudge eruptions and transformations. There’s an air of urgency to get through this rough patch and we all can help by doing our part.  That means having gratitude even when it feels hard to find it, acting in kindness and letting go of old expectations.  Our test is to find our flow.  The energy of this month brings ups and downs in an effort to provide foresight and collective responsibility to do our part.

Monday, JANUARY 18, the Moon is briefly in a semi-sextile (exactly one sign away) with Mars (the planet of action) and Uranus (the planet of change).  Energetically it’s a big week.  When planets are sitting 30 degrees in orbit of each other (semi-sextile), their dynamic is considered semi stressed – decisions are needed.  There’s a “soft” assistance in things working out positively especially where other aspects are involved as the Universe conspires these arrangements for our benefit.

By Thursday, JANUARY 21, the Moon will cross over Mars and Uranus as they sit together in the skies. Emotions may run high where reactivity is a possibility by some.  Reports of expected civil terrorism this week in the United States is creating quite a stir and we are left wondering if these acts will playout or be quelled.  We also know the pandemic is wreaking havoc globally, loss is on the rise and we are all affected by it. The Universe is sending us signals; the question is are we willing to tap into the Universal flow for the collective?

There are tension lines between the trio of planets (Jupiter, Saturn and the Sun) in early degrees of Aquarius and the pair of chaos commentators  (Mars, Uranus) in the sign of Taurus.  Taurus and the house it represents is about values, practicality, priorities, spirituality and security.  There is a method to what seems madness in the Cosmos.  This week’s chaos is part of what that leads us into calmer waters, if humanity is willing…

aquarius girl with ibisThe Sun moves into Aquarius on, Tuesday, JANUARY 19/20 where we find change and fingers crossed – we move toward healing.  Aquarius is supportive and brings forward what needs to be said and does what needs to be done.  Aquarius is the water-bearer and is able to carry the emotions of the planet via humanitarian efforts to oversee the collective.  Aquarius lifts us! Timing couldn’t be more perfect for what we need.

Thursday, JANUARY 21, Jupiter (the planet of expansion) and Mars (the warrior planet) are in dialogue. The directive for this is to make plans based on strategy and forethought while leaving behind that which tempts “acting out.” As mother says, “patience is a virtue.”  While we experience everything Aquarius (technology, innovation, humanity), there’s an awareness to the tension these two planets create.  And so, let’s go!  Plan, creative, invent.  Turn anxiety into creative flow!

On the weekend there is inspired creativity and yearning for all things beautiful in the air!  Venus (the planet of love) sweet talks Neptune (the planet of dreams and desires).  A sweet combo for being “sweet” on someone.  Time to add some color into life via décor, clothes, art, fun and sensuality! Enrich your weekend life with the “who” and “what” that’s important to you.  Use your imagination to take you places your physical body can’t yet travel to.

Feeling pressure to stand up and be counted? In the back of the mind, ego may be ruminating over what’s gone wrong in relationships or daily routines.  There could be indications of where we need to address discipline, in attending our obligations and responsibilities.  With the Suns taking a ride on Saturn for a day or two, we are reminded (or actually shown) where our paths are on target and where we could improve our senses and organization.  This weekends energy may be just the push to show us what and where to put our focus for planning the year ahead.

On Sunday, JANUARY 24, there’s a lot going on in Air signs (four planets in Aquarius and the Moon in Gemini) and there’s also four planets in Earth signs.  This is a combo for planning and organizing how to expand within these current times.  Where there’s momentum the energy goes, meaning… take it all in and use this practical mental energy to focus on how you want YOUR world to be. Cultivate your inner fire through physical exercise.  This is the chance to garner who you want to be, to focus on what you want, and to leave behind what you don’t want.

Ask Yourself This Week:


“How can I embrace the qualities of the Aquarius energy moving forward into 2021?”

We have the ability to turn the chaos into real change and Aquarius energy is here to help.  The symbol of Aquarius is the water bearer, by which the collective can move vibrationally toward healing.

Our breath is extremely powerful and it is through our human connection, our resilience and innovative expressions.  Calming the mind and the body, while reminding ourselves of truly who we are, we embody understanding and compassion for the collective.

In these times where we feel separate, consider finding an online mediation group, or use technology to gather friends to meditate together.  Group meditation offers increased cohesiveness helping raise the vibration of the world around us. There are emotional, physical and psychic benefits to meditation that go beyond our limited consciousness and into the realms of dreams, ideas and revelations.

A welcome addition to meditation is to have a meaningful stone next to you or on an alter you can create with some of the things you love.  One stone I recommend is garnet.  It’s known to enhance creative energies, it has a grounding essence for working on the physical plane settling unease and it’s known to not only act as a stone of protection, but as one that helps with moving stagnant energy and raising one’s vibration.

I look forward to sharing more about the cosmos with you again next week…




Elaine Jessica

Elaine Jessica is a Spiritual Teacher, Master Medium and Astrologer. Her life’s vision is to collaborate with individuals and groups in support of connection, healing and love. She specializes in helping people explore and release limiting beliefs in support of creating one’s best life. Contact her at or    Read more about Elaine and her areas of expertise.