Astrology This Week

by Elaine Jessica

What’s happening in astrology this week? 

Expect Good Luck Mid-Week

by Elaine Jessica

The Sun and the Moon have been together in Aries over the past few days and in close contact with Mercury, so I imagine there have been some really interesting “from the heart” conversations over the weekend.

When we have seven of 10 planets in Fire and Air elements, we can expect there to be heightened mind/body expressions of all sorts.  I’m sure we all recognize that the energies brought to us in April so far have presented with increased levels of motivation and inspiration for us to act upon.  Feel the push to get on the fast track?

On Tuesday, APRIL 13, the Sun is in exact degree alignment with Mars giving us the oomph to take on that which may be deemed a challenging task. (Aka… the ability to face something unwanted.)  There’s an air of confidence and an air of added charm in our interpersonal skills making way for decisions and taking action.  This also may be a romantic day for some as personalities shine through, stirring up connections and attraction.  Look out world!

What a week so far.  Luck and positive thinking prevail on Thursday, APRIL 15!  With a seemingly resistance free “get out of Dodge” card in our favor, this expansive energy bestows a generosity of spirit and an increased measure of good will.  We may find people more amenable in business dealings and people in authority positions may be a little more discretionary today.  This is a significant day to make connections, to invite new action into our lives and even to make some travel plans… set the future in motion!

Also on Thursday, APRIL 15, Venus ingresses into Taurus.  Venus comes home, where comfort and slowing the pace down to timely structured methods is welcomed.  Venus (the planet of love, what we love and of relationships) in Taurus likes slow and steady.  Hence, plans can be executed well and easily.  A little downtime over the next while during this period is good for the heart, mind and soul. April has been fiery.   Restful awareness allows for the beauty of the imagination to percolate into manifestation; this calls for introspection where we discern our heart’s desires from our ego needs.

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Friday, APRIL 16, Pluto brings intensity. With the good luck of the mid week just behind us, we can use this energy to stay out of our ego so that we can create conscious connections.  Watch for emotional triggers as they will deter from taking healthy ideas into action steps. Try to stay away from conflict where there’s insight of intensity or negative interactions with any persons.  Pluto can trigger deep feelings of lack of control and fear.  Awareness to this allows us to tap into our intuitive guidance and inner source of strength to overcome it.

The weekend highlights some powerful aspects that bring a great deal of energy to the idea of inspired action. Mars energy aligns with Jupiter providing an increased propensity for success in our endeavors and remember positive intention creates the advantage in improving one’s goals and situations.  We may receive downloads and ideas with this energetic mix that help us to work through decisions and plans.  There’s a cooperative element here where diplomacy and tact umbrella our engagements – so much that friendships may be born out of our interactions, or current friendships may be tightened or rekindled.

The energies of curiosity and encouragement in the Cosmos are definitely a catalyst right now in our desires to design our future plans.  Some people may surprise themselves by actually considering going back to school or taking on something totally new.

Mercury is a major player this weekend bringing initiative to take on more of what life has to offer.  With Mercury (aspecting numerous planets this weekend) it brings a lively inner dialogue requiring us to pay attention to the “Soul Self,” to be the observer in “witnessing” awareness, if we are to avoid confusion in knowing what it is we really want.  It is in stillness we find our true selves.  Stillness and observation are what helps us discern what would be “judgement” versus what would be our truth.  Rather than listening to the opinion of others, it’s optimal to listen to our own spiritual counsel/team of Guides in the Cosmos for what is for our highest best.

Sunday, APRIL 18, our focus will definitely be on communicating, talking through and making plans.  This is a culmination of the past couple days of what we’d call our “Mercury mind” – it’s been busy.  And with that busy mind we may find ourselves mingling with neighbors and friends outdoors, sharing thoughts and good will with this highly social energy.

Ask Yourself This Week:

“With all the Fire and Air energy in the Cosmos lately, and the additional depth of Pluto’s intensity, am I listening with my true self or am I responding to the energies of the ego?”

once a weekSome questions with yes/no answers in evaluating our centeredness are:

  • Am I present in every situation in my life?
  • Do I feel grounded? In other words, do I feel safe and connected to my body and Mother Earth?
  • Do I trust that my needs will be met?
  • Do I forgive myself and others with ease?
  • Do I make decisions with clarity?

These very personal questions are to help us go deep into our consciousness to look at whether our Soul is in charge of our life’s desires, or has “conditioning” trained the “Self” out of our Soul.  Remember to not judge your answers, but rather to respond in compassion so that healing can begin.

Consider this practice.  Sit in quiet for a few moments every morning and then repeat these four “Soul Intentions” in your mind to set yourself up for a healthful day:

  1. Loving Compassionate Heart
  2. Joyful Energetic Body
  3. Alert Reflective Mind
  4. Lightness of Being

Repeat them a few times and then let them go.  The Universe feels you and supports your intentions. ♥

I look forward to sharing more about the Cosmos with you again next week





Elaine Jessica

Elaine Jessica is a Spiritual Teacher, Master Medium and Astrologer. Her life’s vision is to collaborate with individuals and groups in support of connection, healing and love. She specializes in helping people explore and release limiting beliefs in support of creating one’s best life. Contact her at or    Read more about Elaine and her areas of expertise.