The Tortoise and The Hare - Kathy Meaney

October’s Astrology

What’s in October’s skies? by Chris McRae  ~ SOUND BITE:  Carelessness can bring events but caution brings results. With Aries and Libra highlighted this month through the New and Full Moons, it is timely to be aware of the effect we have on others. Keywords:  Harmony, Balance, Responsibility to Self, Awareness of Others. There are…

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Astrology: Sept. 28/20

by Elaine Jessica ~ Ametrine is a mixture of Amethyst and Citrine.  The vibration of this crystal is amplified by the combination of these two quartz varieties.  It has wonderful healing properties.   It also helps with connecting to the higher energies of the crown.  It helps with focus and balances the feminine and masculine energies…

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Law of Perpetual Transformation

Perpetual Transformation

by Lara Solara, Dana DaPonte & Marlene Chapman ~ This law states that everything in the Universe is in a constant state of perpetual transformation. Change is natural and is part of the perfectly ordered Universe.  Generally, perpetual transformation occurs slowly and follows natural stages of development.  Slowly, over time, seeds turn into trees, gasses…

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trust yourself guidance

Your Highest Potential

by Holly Hawkins Marwood ~ Holly is an International Akashic Records Instructor & Reader as well as a Conscious Channel for many Multi-Dimensional Guides. She is the co-founder of the Universal Sphere® as well as several Soul Activations brought through from these guides. She teaches and offers sessions internationally, online and locally in Northern California.…

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Endless Innocents Karen Goodfellow

Family Secrets

Family Secrets by Jonathan Hooton ~ “I am beginning to believe that we know everything, that all history, including the history of each family, is part of us, such that, when we hear any secret revealed, a secret about a grandfather, or uncle… our lives are made suddenly clearer to us, as the unnatural heaviness…

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Fairies 2 - Crystal Driedger

Make a Wish List

Make a Wish List by Connie Brisson ~ I was in my early 20’s when I had my first big “spiritual” self-awareness teaching. When a boyfriend explained to me how “we created our own realities,” I instantly knew it was a spiritual truth. I had already noticed that when I consistently thought or daydreamed about…

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Embroidered Memories - Larisa Sembaliuk-Cheladyn

Soul-Sole Sisters

Soul-Sole Sisters by Connie Brisson ~ “You’re an old soul.” A woman in Medicine Hat told me that when I was about 25 years old, after I tried on a pair of her shoes and they fit me perfectly. Intrigued, I asked her why she said that. She told me that a guru told her…

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Sun Beams Bear - Shelby Willis

Bear as a Spirit Guide

Bear Spirit Animal by Michele Keehn  ~ Bear, as a spirit animal, is a powerful teacher of self-mastery, rooted in its personal presence and embodying physical stamina.  The gifts of Bear medicine include maternal nurturing, strength, confidence, the ability to stand up to adversity and the healing power of solitude. Bear’s characteristics include being focused,…

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