New Mosaic is SO Beautiful!

by Connie Brisson  ~ I’m giddy with glee to announce our new, beautiful Mosaic Magazine website! I can’t wait for you to see it… Over a year and a half later, three different websites and even more web-designers, I finally have the website that I first envisioned!  And I can’t thank its web-designer, the lovely…

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Lessons From The Spanish Flu

Lessons From The Spanish Flu by Anny Slegten  ~ As we are confronted with the COVID-19 pandemic, I was asked to tell a true story about what happened in Belgium at the end of WW1 in 1918. My husband’s paternal grandfather was a multimillionaire and used to help the city where he was residing. Toward…

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The Sparkle of Meghan Markle

by Elaine Jessica  ~ Meghan Markle can’t help but sparkle – it’s in her stars. Astrologically speaking, having a stellium in Leo consisting of her Sun (the planet of identity), Mercury (the planet of communication) and her North Node (the indicator of moving forward in life) all in her first house of self is literally…

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Hatch Your Intuitive Eggs

by Skye MacLachlan ~ Are you looking for a fun way to access your intuition or get guidance? Are you open to eating a little chocolate while you do it? Then the Kinder Surprise egg is the right oracle for you! Kinder Surprise eggs (Kinder Eggs) are those chocolate treats that you put in your…

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Learning to Dance

by Connie Brisson ~ It was supposed to be fun.  Or that’s what I always thought it would be like. I remember being very envious of my cousin, Valerie, for being able to go to ballet dance classes when we were just kids.  She was perfect in her little pink dance tights, tutu and ballet…

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Gemstones for Protection

by Skye MacLachlan ~ Pink Tourmaline has the ability to reinforce a protective shield around us that repels negative energy approaching from outside of one’s self.  It also shields us from electromagnetic radiation. Mother-of-Pearl is derived from the lustrous, opalescent interior of the sea mollusk shell.  Just as a shell protects the tender creature that lives within…

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Find Your Soul Purpose

by Skye MacLachlan ~ This is a fun tarot exercise that offers guidance about the energy you need more of in your life (good medicine) and what you need less of (bad medicine). As you do this exercise, you will quite naturally come into alignment with your soul path and purpose. You’ll need a tarot…

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Cancer and Your Mind-Body

by Dr. Francisco Valenzuela, MA, DCH, PhD ~r ~ Psychoneuroimmunology, which is the study of how mental, neurological and hormonal factors affect the functioning of the immune system, has interested me for several years. It’s a subject I’ve devoted part of my life to learning, while practicing as a Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapist and a…

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