Astrology: November 2021

Scorpio & Transformation by Gagan Mann ~ On OCTOBER 22 the sun shifted into the constellation of Scorpio, a receptive fixed water sign. This intense sign is all about transformation, destruction and regeneration. November is full of intensity and opportunities to shed light on secrets and shadows. Be mindful of your words and take the…

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Astrology: October 2021

Harmony and Boundaries by Gagan Mann ~ The cooler air and the falling leaves are showing us to once again let go of what doesn’t serve us. One evening my daughter and I were walking, and it was cold and windy. As we walked, I said: “The winds help the trees shed their leaves.” Later…

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eastern women

Astrology: September 2021

Welcoming the Equinox & Libra by Gagan Mann ~ The outcomes and possibilities in any event are immense and therefore astrology can come as a gift or a shadow. Gift, because it shows us how we can work with different planetary energies and how to unkink patterns that have walked for generations. Shadow, because using…

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Mosaic is on Holidays!

Mosaic is on Holidays! by Connie Brisson ~ There’s no travel article this week because we’re on holidays doing dedicated research about more exciting places to tell you about! Mosaic Magazine will be on holidays from August 16 – September 3, 2021 and no articles will posted during this time. Our format will then be…

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flowery thoughts

How to Choose Joy

How to Choose Joy by Connie Brisson ~ Joy is a choice. Years ago at my friend’s garage sale in Bonnyville, I ran into a woman who I had grown up with (as a child) on a nearby farm.  We talked a bit about our lives and she told me she had twin boys.  I…

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dragonfly moon

Astrology: August-16-2021

An Especially Fortunate Full Moon by Elaine Jessica ~ The planet Uranus will be going retrograde later this week adding to the potency of all that it means to revisit and recapitulate the recent past.  Think of it as the Universe wanting us to check and double check what we value… like our planet for…

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Dealing With Grief

Dealing With Grief by Connie Brisson ~ Good grief…  Is there such a thing? Many of us have experienced loss (of varying natures) during these last few years due to the pandemic, or maybe more accurately, our losses were amplified by the pandemic.  All of our lives were changed in both big and small ways…

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the star card

Astrology: August-9-2021

A Yod in the Cosmos by Elaine Jessica ~ If on Monday, AUGUST 9, your day brings a sense of creative explosion, get to work utilizing the gifts and talents you’re adorned with and expect some amazing creative results.  However, if awakened to confusion in areas of life involving love, money and trust, steer clear…

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