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What’s Your Symptom?

What’s Your Symptom? by  Louise Grenier ~ If you break your leg, your doctor will immobilize it with a cast to make sure the bone is aligned. But healing the break is up to you. Your body is designed to repair itself continuously. When you have a fever, it is your own immune system that…

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scorpio journey

Astrology: Nov-09-2020

School of Life and The Pluto Effect by Elaine Jessica ~ Pluto is the modern astrological ruler of Scorpio.  Being the ruler of the Underworld,  it all sounds very ominous, but its not!   As a Scorpio sun sign, this topic is near and dear to my heart. Our souls have come here to evolve.  Within…

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gratitude turns what we have into enough - 2000

The Energy of Gratitude

by Holly Hawkins Marwood ~ “Being grateful is an empowered, high vibrational act of choice. As you experience the circumstances of your life you have the choice in how to feel and respond to every moment. Being grateful is just one of your possible responses to whatever comes your way. Ultimately, gratitude is a field…

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law of synchronicity

Law of Synchronicity

by Lara Solara, Dana DaPonte & Marlene Chapman ~ The LAW of SYNCHRONICITY states that the Universe is an invisible operating power working behind the scenes as one great whole. All events are interconnected and, as such, that which seems coincidental is in fact meaningfully related.  The Universe is incessantly working for you and when…

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Astrology: Nov-02-2020

Rise Up, Rise Up by Elaine Jessica ~ November can feel like a powerhouse month or a powerless month depending on your perspective. We are alive in this unique time because our souls knew we could navigate this transformation. We are here to rise to the occasion. The cosmos has aligned to provide the energies…

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spiritual abundance cropped

Solution Energy 101

by Holly Hawkins Marwood ~ “Greetings Great Beings of Light. My name is Ishtara. Let’s get basic, simple and expansive all at the same time! You exist in a field of “Solution Energy.  In your human form you are experiencing all that 3rd/4th dimension (3D/4D) has to offer!  Yes, you are in a field of…

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law of love

Law of Love

by Lara Solara, Dana DaPonte & Marlene Chapman ~ The LAW of LOVE states that the formless substance, or essence, from which all things are created is permeated with the quality of universal love. Universal love is an inherent quality of the life force that animates all things and is thus within every atom and…

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girl looking at moon

Astrology: Oct-26-2020

Scorpio’s Deep Dive by Elaine Jessica ~ Are you feeling the energetic shift into Scorpio season?  This season helps us recognize the depths of emotion (water) and where control (or sense of control) plays a part in our lives.  We may feel our inner resolve and stamina coming to light, helping to carry us through…

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