law of allowing

Law of Allowing

by Lara Solara, Dana DaPonte & Marlene Chapman ~ The LAW OF ALLOWING states that the Universe and all life within it, is expanding in perfect order and the acceptance of this perfection creates harmonious conditions for the individual. As life unfolds and expands, it reaches certain transformation points.  These points of transition, where the…

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the angels are near 2000

What’s Long Distance Healing?

What’s Distance Healing? by Norma Hope  ~ Is it possible to heal others at a distance – to send healing energy across time and space? The one thing that the Corona-19 pandemic did was to allow us to question, then change, many of the beliefs and patterns that have controlled our lives, both unconsciously and…

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girl, moon and humpback whale - 2000

Astrology: Jan-11-2021

Capricorn Energy Moderates Reactivity by Elaine Jessica ~ New beginnings are available in every moment, in every choice we make and in every thought we have.     In 2021 we’re moving along the continuum of transformation that will garner change and reward as we shift toward collective concern for healthy innovation and inclusive community.     …

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girl hanging hearts 2000

How to Activate Hope

A Channeled Spirit message from the Akash: by Holly Hawkins Marwood ~ Hope is a powerful force. It is not just a “good idea” or a feeling to notice when you already feel hopeful. Therefore, it is important to learn how to activate Hope. Hope is an energetic force you can activate and expand to bring…

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law of least effort 2000

Law of Least Effort

by Lara Solara, Dana DaPonte & Marlene Chapman ~ The LAW OF LEAST EFFORT states that the Universe always moves along the path of least resistance. As an individual, you can follow the path of least resistance by concentrating your efforts on your internal world of thoughts and feelings until the conditions are right for…

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capricorn girl young

Astrology: Jan-04-2021

Aquarian Themes in Capricorn Times by Elaine Jessica ~ Canada recently received its first vaccines for Covid-19.  Let’s speak to the energy of that.  They arrived under the Capricorn sun sign (government, corporations) while themes of the Aquarian times are beginning to take hold.    Aquarian’s energy is about technology, innovation and humanity amongst other…

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inner light - 2000

How to Bring in the Light

A Channeled Spirit message from the High Council of Akash: by Holly Hawkins Marwood ~ “Each and every one of you has heard that you have your Soul’s energy, or the Light of Source, or the Divine, flowing through you.  It is an aspiration many have to truly connect with that Light and allow it…

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law of reciprocity 2000

Law of Reciprocity

by Lara Solara, Dana DaPonte & Marlene Chapman ~ The LAW OF RECIPROCITY states that the Universe is in a constant state of giving and receiving. Your thoughts, feeling and actions send an energy vibration out into the Universe.  The Universe returns to you what you sent you and does this through the inspirations, synchronicities,…

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