law of rhythm

Law of Rhythm

by Lara Solara, Dana DaPonte & Marlene Chapman ~ The LAW OF RHYTHM states that all life moves in rhythmic cycles.  These rhythms are precise and predictable.  Examples of these natural rhythms are seasons, ocean tides, breath and the cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth. Rhythm swings between the opposite poles expressed by the…

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aquarius collage - 2000

Astrology: Jan-25-2021

Aquarius Meets Leo Full Moon by Elaine Jessica ~ Aquarius season brings all things “future oriented” into view, shining a light on our new way forward. Watching the United States inauguration of President Biden and Vice President Harris on January 20 was a liberating moment. My faith in humanity felt visceral and hopeful.  In her…

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choose joy with screaming kid - 2000

What Do You Notice First?

A Channeled Spirit message from the High Council of Orion: by Holly Hawkins Marwood ~ “Greetings, Dear Ones. We are the High Council of Orion. Look around you. See what you notice about life. See what you notice about the things that are particular to your life, what is happening with the people around you:…

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law of emotion - 2000

Law of Emotion

by Lara Solara, Dana DaPonte & Marlene Chapman ~ The LAW OF EMOTION states that emotion is energy in motion and your ability to feel and express emotion is also your ability to influence the movement of energy. Your emotions are a powerful force that you can use to experience individuality and to fuel your…

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Turtle - Cheer Up Turt

Turtle as a Spirit Guide

Turtle Spirit Animal by Michele Keehn  ~ (featuring Shelby Willis’ artwork)  ~ Turtle’s role and influences in my life as my spirit guide has been that of JUSTICE – to intentionally do myself and others justice: From a new healthier point of view and intention. By righting my wrongs through conscious course correction.   By…

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aquarius girl with ibis

Astrology: Jan-18-2021

Together in Aquarius by Elaine Jessica ~ Aquarius season arrives this week! Government, and the structures we live under, remain in tumultuous times as January’s promise was to continue to shake things up.   As such, Pluto aspects are continuing to nudge eruptions and transformations. There’s an air of urgency to get through this rough…

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i believe in myself flowers

Believe in Yourself!

A Channeled Spirit message from Ishtara: by Holly Hawkins Marwood ~ “Greetings, Great Beings of Light. My name is Ishtara. What a pleasure and a celebration to be with each and every one of you! Here is one of the biggest ways that you can transform your experience in 2021 and your future as well. …

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law of allowing

Law of Allowing

by Lara Solara, Dana DaPonte & Marlene Chapman ~ The LAW OF ALLOWING states that the Universe and all life within it, is expanding in perfect order and the acceptance of this perfection creates harmonious conditions for the individual. As life unfolds and expands, it reaches certain transformation points.  These points of transition, where the…

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