My Experiences with Jesus

My Experiences with Jesus by Connie Brisson ~ Jesus Christ. I say that a lot some days… and not always because I’m praying. Sometimes it’s because I’m frustrated or depressed, but always I know his name has great power.  The first time I remember experiencing Jesus was in a dream I had when I was…

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Dipinto acquerello donna e cosmo

Astrology: June-14-2021

Where’s Life Not Working? by Elaine Jessica ~ Monday, JUNE 14, the Sun (our life force representing the “will” and the desire to command our highest expression) is at a 90 degree angle with Neptune (the dreamy and other worldly dimension of sensitivities and intuition).  So those who are accustomed to exacting decisions may find…

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law of gratitude

Law of Gratitude

Universal Law of Gratitude by Lara Solara, Dana da Ponte & Marlene Chapman ~ The LAW of GRATITUDE states that the feeling of appreciation is a powerful vibration that attracts further good and generates more conditions in your life to feel grateful about. Gratitude puts you in harmony with what you want.  In order to…

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Grade 4 - Morinville cropped -

Goodbye Jack Madro

Goodbye Jack Madro by Connie Brisson ~ The first time I ever heard the name “Jack Madro” was at my daughter, Gabrielle’s 8th birthday party. The all girls party was held at the local gymnastics club and afterwards we went upstairs to have pizza and ice cream cake. As all the energetic girls crowded around…

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Beautiful attractive girl on a night beach with sand and stars hugs the moon, Artistic Photography

Astrology: June-07-2021

Show Up and Shine! by Elaine Jessica ~ The element of Fire is fun and spontaneous.  It has that good, old, let’s get things moving and done, kind of energy!  This week begins with not one single planet in Fire.   Are you feeling more like planning, or ruminating, than “doing” today?  There’s definitely tension in…

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Law of Gender - 2000

Law of Gender

Universal Law of Gender by Lara Solara, Dana da Ponte & Marlene Chapman ~ The LAW OF GENDER states that existence is comprised of masculine and feminine principles.  Here, gender refers to masculine and feminine energies rather than the physical or sexual attributes of male and female. Women have both feminine and masculine energies and…

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Woman reading in a chair, letting her imagination running lose.

Astrology: May-31-2021

Slow Down and Observe by Elaine Jessica ~ Have you felt a shift in your life since the Full Moon Eclipse last week?  Generally speaking, an eclipse is a deep dive into what we want to “eclipse” out of our lives.  If we are in awareness, this is an intentional release to let go of…

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razzi's_romance by Carol Breen - 2000

Make Truth Your Friend

Make Truth Your Friend by Connie Brisson ~ Remember me? It’s been a long time since I was inspired to write.  Over two years have passed since I printed the last issue of Mosaic Magazine. It broke my heart (after devoting 14 years of my life to Mosaic) to let the printed version go and…

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