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Tell your story, your way!

BE THE STAR:  Be seen as a leader and teacher in your field of expertise by writing your own articles, and be recognized for all your education, knowledge and experience. Articles allow for enough space to offer very specific and concrete information, including interesting examples and personal stories that inspire readers to call you for your help. Articles (with details about how therapies, healing techniques, services or products have helped real people) are powerful magnets. One of the most effective ways to do this is through articles, as they attract 6-10 times more attention than regular ads. Sharing your knowledge in articles is an investment in yourself and in your business, but it’s also a gift to the world.

DETAILS: Have a “solo” email with only your article in it, sent directly to all Mosaic’s sublime subscribers and also have it posted on our website permanently so anyone (googling for information like yours) can find you months/years later or exactly when they serendipitously need to.

BONUS: Articles can have a link to your online Mosaic Profile (if you have one) and the articles will be listed/linked at the bottom of your Profile. If you have an event in our Events section, a link to that event can also be at the end of the article.

ADVANTAGE: It’s a larger investment of your time, money and expertise, but it’s also one that generates larger results. It’s a smart way to stand out amongst the rest because the more people who know about you and what you do, the more clients you will attract and the more time you’ll spend doing what you love.

SIZE: 500 pixels x 500 pixels for Mug Shot. RESOLUTION: 150 dpi resolution.

Display Ads


PLACEMENT: Randomly placed and constantly rotating display ads will be displayed through out the website in the Articles, Profiles, Marketplace, My Story and Testimonials tabs.

ADVANTAGE: Get the “maximum” ad exposure possible with our super size ads that will be super noticeable on the right sidebar and placed on multiple pages throughout the site. This is truly a case of where size does matter, so use that knowledge to really bring the most attention imaginable to your business.

SIZE: 275 pixels wide x 600 pixels tall. RESOLUTION: 150 dpi resolution.


PLACEMENT: Randomly placed and constantly rotating display ads will be displayed through out the website in the Articles, Profiles, Marketplace, My Storyt and Testimonials tabs.

ADVANTAGE: Get the “next best” possible ad exposure possible with our standard size ads that will be very noticeable on the right sidebar and placed on multiple pages throughout the site. It’s the next best option for having your business seen in as many parts of the website as possible.

SIZE: 275 pixels wide x 300 pixels tall.  RESOLUTION: 150 dpi resolution.


Be featured in precise categories!

INCLUDES: Have your business card ad (or image) showcased under specific categories that make it easy for clients to find you by your profession/expertise.  Then add in all the text you want in a pop-up box to explain more of who you are and what you’re all about!

PLACEMENT: Be listed under the specific category listing that best describes you.

ADVANTAGE: Easy and simple for readers who know the exact services they want and are looking for a variety of choices within that category. It’s quick, efficient and affordable .

SIZE: 500 pixels wide by 286 pixels tall.  RESOLUTION: 150 dpi


Tell the world about your event!

INCLUDES: Your photo/image and other details about your event that can easily be searched for, in a calendar format, that opens to your own page where you can add in all the text you want to promote your event.

ADVANTAGE: Easy and effective way for readers to go to one spot to look at all the different events and workshops available, anywhere. It’s direct and practical.

PHOTO/IMAGE SIZE: 1080 pixels x 1080 pixels.  RESOLUTION: 150 dpi.


Be featured in your own profile! 

INCLUDES: Your photos and substantial text that describe your areas of expertise, your education and training, your personal story, best advice, books you love and contact information. It’s all about you!

ADVANTAGE: Let people know all about you, your expertise, your story, your gifts in a more personal way through both text and personal photos. It creates trust.

PHOTO SIZES: 640 pixels wide x 480 pixels tall.  RESOLUTION: 150 dpi

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