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Inside Mosaic Magazine - In This Issue

What you will find in this issue ...

inside mosaic magazine

inside mosaic magazine


• In This Mosaic… (Editorial)
by Connie Brisson

• The Heilkunst weight solution
by Tammie Quick

• When the threat lies within
by Cinnamon Cranston

• Which tarot deck is for me?
by Skye MacLachlan

• Find calmness through personal rituals
by Rev. Dr. Karen Arends

• A revelation for humanity
by Todd Lorentz

• Listening to the inner voice
by Catherine Potter

• Energizing your crystals
by by Skye MacLachlan

• Healing is a journey
by Norma Hope

• Mosaic's Directory of Services

• Painting for God
by Jenny McConnell

• Mosaic's Marketplace & Calendar of Events

•Things I Love

• Was that good or bad luck?
by Connie Brisson


LATEST INTERVIEW with Gregg Braden

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Artist: Alexandra Lee Mitchell

Title: All Creation Sings

Contact: www.effulgentfriends.com

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Issue Information

Next Issue: November 1, 2018

Deadline:October 5, 2018 (ads accepted until October 15 if there is room)

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