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Changes are coming!

Mosaic Mind, Body and Spirit Magazine is currently evolving into an online magazine (after 24 years in print in Alberta, Canada).


In this new world, Mosaic’s articles will come to you via email (when you subscribe for free) with the article’s theme and author’s name in the email’s subject line (so you can easily see if it’s something that interests you or not).

When the new website is ready, the emails will contain a link that will take you directly to the website to read the article. However, until then, the complete article will be in each email you receive.

Choose Frequency...

Also, when the new website is ready, you will have a choice on how often you want to receive article notifications from us. If you don’t want to receive all of the emails (as the articles come out sporadically) you will be able to choose a “weekly” or “monthly” review option that will list the different articles/authors and links to the website.

Thank you for your patience. No one is more excited than I am to see my new creation and I can’t wait to share it with you.


"I just love Mosaic. It's my favorite mind, body and spirit magazine."

No matter how often I hear that from my many advertisers and readers, I LOVE IT because I know how powerful new information is. One sentence can change you forever. One new idea can transform your whole life. And that's why I publish this magazine!

Every issue is jam packed with people and businesses that specialize in extraordinary ways to HELP YOU. There isn't another magazine like it anywhere else! And although it's an Alberta mind, body and spirit magazine, its messages and content are universal.

inside mosaic magazine

inside mosaic magazine

So what is Mosaic Mind, Body and Spirit Magazine?

• Alberta's finest holistic and healthy living magazine.

• Featuring information on alternative health, personal development, spiritual growth and much more!

• Resource of Alberta businesses and practitioners specializing in inner and outer health.

• Published quarterly (1st of February, May, August and November).

• We're now reaching 100,000+ readers and distributed at over 300 places throughout Alberta!

• In publication since 1995.

• Feature Alberta artists and their artwork by showcasing it throughout the magazine.

• FREE for our readers!

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About Us

Mosaic Magazine is all about the connection between the MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT. To meet the increasing interest for holistic healthcare and spiritual awareness, each issue is jam packed with well written informational articles on topics such as:

"acupuncture, angels, aromatherapy, art, astrology, all types of bodywork, books, clairvoyants, cleansing and detoxifying, coaching and counseling, crystals, doulas, dreamwork, education, energy work, feng shui, gemstones, goddesses, healing, hypnotherapy, intuition, journaling and writing, massage, meditation, mediums, music, naturopaths, numerology, nutrition, power animals, prosperity, psychic development, psychics, reflexology, reiki, retreats, shamanism, spas, speakers, spiritual groups, spiritual growth, tarot, travel, walking, workshops, yoga and SO MUCH MORE."

Whether you're an inquisitive soul looking for unusual, inspiring and meaningful information or a motivated practitioner/service provider looking to expand your dreams and business, Mosaic Magazine is absolutely for you!

For even more information about our magazine including advertising and publication dates, please see our Advertising Information page.

About the Publisher & Editor

Connie Brisson

Since Grade 3, I was sure it was my destiny to be a writer. And despite the fact that I graduated from Grant MacEwan's Journalism Program in 1985 with some of the top marks in my class, I wasn't sure if being a reporter was 'right' for me. Then after working at two different weekly newspapers, I knew it wasn't. Disheartened that my educational choice had not turned into what I'd hoped, but still wanting to be a writer, I often wished that I could work for a magazine that I loved and really believed in.
I went on to work at different administrative positions, never quite giving up on my dream of being a writer. When I lived in Saudi Arabia with my husband, I dabbled in journalism again by creating, writing and producing a professional magazine/newsletter for a large engineering firm there. Back in Canada I worked as an Executive Assistant at TELUS (in the Office of the President) before leaving to have my daughter in 2000. My whole life changed dramatically that year and I began a new life path, taking different personal and spiritual development courses, including many levels in John Upledger's CranioSacral Therapy, Doreen Virtue's Angel Therapy Practitioner Course and more.

When the unexpected opportunity to take over Mosaic Magazine came in January 2004, I felt like my secret wishes and dreams had come true! I quickly merged my journalism knowledge and my love for personal and spiritual development into the magazine. We've come a long way since then! The little black and white newsprint magazine, with some sporadic color, has turned in to a beautiful full color, gloss magazine.

From the beginning, my intention was to have Mosaic Magazine be unique. There are a lot of magazines available already where you can get general information or read articles from writers from 'somewhere else' so I didn't want to spend my time and energy duplicating what's already being done well. Instead I wanted to provide something different ' the kind of information that I wished I could find about what's available here for me. I wanted Mosaic to focus on articles that were informative and helpful - written by gifted, knowledgeable, local people who are available here in Alberta, available to help our readers.

My vision for Mosaic is clear. I want it to be an invaluable community resource to both our readers and to the many professional holistic health service providers who live here in this province. I want it to be a respectable and professional publication that educates our readers about the wide variety of personal development, holistic alternative health and healing therapies/services available here.

I want the information in Mosaic to be a catalyst, a stepping stone to change whatever is not working in your life or to explore new parts of who you are. I want you to see what's available right here (in Edmonton or Calgary or all the other amazing places in Alberta) and then go and experience it for yourself. Why? Because experiencing something can change your life in a way that reading words can't. When we personally experience something, it has the potential to be truly life changing.

You can gain insights and knowledge from reading what Martha Beck thinks (in Oprah`s magazine) but if you need help with your own situation, then I want you to be able to talk to someone real ' right here ' in Alberta. Martha is not going to take your call, but there are Life Coaches here who will.

The same is true about so many other things. You can read all Feng Shui articles and books you want, but it can never compare to having a Feng Shui consultant go through your home and tell you to 'move that mirror' to create more abundance or 'change that picture' to improve your relationships. You can read all the astrological horoscopes you want but it will never compare to the insights you will get from having a personal reading based on your place, date and time of birth. You can read about Reiki or other energy bodywork, but anyone who has ever been changed or healed by it knows that experiencing it is powerful.

The other wonderful thing Mosaic Magazine does is feature marvellous, local art on our article pages providing local artists a unique place to showcase their work. We have so many talented artists in our community and now our readers get to see their artwork each issue.

Mosaic is always evolving and changing ' always reaching for more. Our circulation increases every issue and I'm proud to say that we are now available throughout Alberta, reaching 100,000+ readers.

It takes a lot of love, from everyone involved, to create a great magazine that can educate, motivate and help thousands of people and Mosaic Magazine does this! And that's why I love Mosaic Magazine.