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Latest Article

The power of the sand mandala

Winter, 2018 -
by Connie Brisson

�It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.� It�s been an intense year of changes and awakenings for us all.

Looking back, because I grew up Catholic I guess it was in my blood to believe (from a young child) that my God was a punishing one. Whenever something went wrong in my life, I would pray to God earnestly� and if a prayer wasn�t answered, I thought it was because of some inadequacy of mine, something I did wrong. I felt forsaken.

Then when I was about 27, I was visiting with a born-again Christian cousin and I must have said something about God, because she turned to me and curiously said: �What a punishing God you have. I don�t think of God that way. God is love.� She surprised me because I hadn�t been consciously aware of that belief before.

As I reflected, I realized how angry I was at God and the spirit world for all of the unanswered prayers and the times when I had felt unsupported and broken.

As I�ve matured and grown spiritually, I now realize how much a part of the drama of my life is of my own creation, and so my anger or desperation over unanswered prayers seems more foolish to me now. But we each grow by exactly these kinds of things.

As time goes by I see that those unanswered prayers were actually God/Universe�s way of protecting me. In fact, I�m so grateful now that all those prayers weren�t answered because I would not have the life I have. Now I�m seeing that everything is going exactly the way it was meant to go. The struggles and challenges we have are the exact things that teach us how to become more loving and evolved. It�s how we grow spiritually.

And when we look at something differently, it does become different.

Last night I watched an episode of Netflick�s House of Cards (Season 3, Episode 7). It had a profound impact on me. On that episode, Tibetan monks created an amazing sand mandala in the President�s residence at the White House. A sand mandala is colored sand laid onto a blueprint that includes geometric figures and several Buddhist spiritual symbols. The sand granules are applied using small tubes, funnels and scrapers called chak-pur. Sand mandalas traditionally take several weeks to build only to be destroyed in a highly ceremonial way in the end. The sand is collected in a jar, wrapped in silk and transported to a river (or any place with moving water) where it is released back into nature. This symbolizes the impermanence of life and the world.

As the monks created the sand mandala, the main characters� lives (Frank and Claire Underwood) unfolded in extremely challenging and difficult ways and as complexly as the different parts of the mandala. Then, as the mandala neared completion, so did Frank and Claire�s dilemmas resolve, but ending with a higher level of love and respect for each other.

My first thought when the episode ended was: �Wouldn�t it be wonderful to have a group of monks creating a sand mandala for me to help me through every big crisis I had?� And my second thought was: �OMG, I have.� Maybe not monks but certainly my spirit team on the Other Side. I saw how, in my times of crisis, they weren�t ignoring me. They were busy holding space for me at a higher vibration so I could get the spiritual lesson I needed to learn (that the crisis made me face). They were my silent partners but still there. And then I cried.

One of the things about believing that God has forsaken you in your times of crisis and prayer, is that you don�t often take the big-sky-view about how your life has unfolded in BETTER ways because a prayer wasn�t answered. Sometimes, although it is not easy or comfortable, we need to go through certain experiences in order to grow. And once we are on the other side of that difficult experience, it is only then that we see that this new version of us (and our lives) is so much better than what we were fighting so hard to keep.

Whenever I get to the other side of a big crisis in my life, when I see how much better my life is after, I am always so thankful for the experience, even though I thought it would break me at the time.

And now when my next tropical storm hits, I�m going to purposely imagine a group of monks and other spirit helpers, all working together to create the perfect mandala for me. I will see them holding a vigil for me, creating my mandala blueprint, applying the salts, all the while chanting as they create a mandala of learning and beauty for me in whatever situation I�m going through here � all for my highest good.

I invite you to watch that episode so you can have a visual of it too and then to remember that we signed up for this � to learn, to grow, to become more � to create our own mandalas with our lives.