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Comments and Testimonials

What our advertisers and readers have to say ...

Comments - What Our Readers Have To Say

If you read our magazine and would love to give us a comment, please feel free to do so! We would love to hear from you! E-MAIL your comments to us and we may post them right here on the website!

�I just finished reading my Mosaic (the most recent issue and the online ezine/newsletter) and I am inspired to write and give thanks.

I am by no means an expert of anything. I consider myself a life-long learner who tries to learn from every experience, person, feeling and state of being. But every time I read Mosaic I am enlightened a little more with different information, viewpoints and knowledge.

I am a dedicated reader of this publication. I've had personal conversations with several of the contributors as well as the owner. In all these conversations I have always felt heard, and better yet, felt. It�s such a nurturing feeling to have that kind of conversation / connection - where minds meet and where hearts meet too. It's a brilliant connection, of mind, body and spirit, that makes me feel whole, fulfilled, and joyous.

I've gone to the book clubs and met so many beautiful women at these gatherings. I enjoyed good food too. And I have to admit that I loved that reading the book was never a prerequisite to joining in those fun affairs. I am sad to see the book club has ended and yet so happy that there is now a mystic group meeting. How wonderful is that! It is so in line with what this publication is about, for me anyways.

The knowledge and information shared in Mosaic, as well as the personal nature of the writing, is so comforting. Thank you to all the contributors of this fabulously mystic publication and to the owner for making it into something profound, human, and real. I just love this magazine.

I thank you each for the writing, for the reading and for keeping the demand alive. Thank you for your hearts in this world. I thank you from the bottom of mine.

Stacy, Edmonton

I have been an avid reader for many years, and it seems as though every magazine has something within it that is necessary or perfect for me to read/hear at the time! It�s amazing and so reassuring. I love it!
Nicole Lepp, Edmonton

�Hi Connie,

Well girl, you did it again. I can not tell you how much I look forward to receiving the Mosaic Magazine ezine/newsletter every month. It is by far the �BEST READ�. The past 3 issues have come to me at a time when I have needed the information contained in it so much, it blows my mind.

Thank you and very best wishes for 2015.

Margaret Larkin

�Good Day Connie,

Today while I was at a local grocery store, I spotted �Mosaic Magazine�. As I walked past, I grabbed it as the bright and colourful cover caught my eye.

I returned to work and started to browse through it. Then "WOW" - love, love, love it.

Coincidence? I think not. I am retiring soon from my 30 year employment. I was browsing the web for a retreat or something enlightening to do after my retirement date - perhaps a weekend retreat of some sort. Without anything sparking my interest, I set the idea aside.

Then voila, I find Mosaic. Reading every page, from top to bottom, I found lots of like-minded ideas and places to go and people to see.

Thank you for creating such a wonderful and inspiring read!

Tamara Almond, Edmonton

Dear Connie,

I have written before, but I had to tell you again how much I love your Mosaic Magazine and the monthly ezine. Each issue I just cannot wait for it to see the cover art on my screen and then to find it out in the stands. It is always so exciting � I even distribute several copies for you to family and friends at work (copies of the ezine and the magazine go to Toronto, Montreal, Abbotsford and Fort St. John, BC) . I read it front to back and back to front, and absolutely love all the artwork you include. I learn many things about people and myself from each issue and marvel at the wonderful services all of your people provide.

Thank you so much from my heart to yours.


Yesterday, I picked up the latest edition of Mosaic Magazine at the health food store in Vermilion, but did not have a chance to open it. Today I wanted to read for a few minutes and decided to open Mosaic to your story on crying. I was amazed. You see, I too, was raised Catholic, in a family that did not appreciate emotion. Big girls didn�t cry. Anger was a no-no. So I learned to repress my feelings.

When I started doing my inner work, almost 40 years ago, I became a closet �sobber�. Until, to my embarrassment, it would break out at the most awkward times during workshops! Well, at the age of 70, I still cry great heaving sobs when I am moved. It provides such blessed release! But I have never thought of my �crier� as a close and caring friend! Thank you so much for such a beautiful insight. I shall now cherish her always. And it is wonderful to know that there is someone else who values tears and lets go fully into them! Thanks for your courageous sharing.

Connie, thanks so much for your loving spirit that you share so generously on every page of your magazine. I always look forward to each new magazine. Many blessings and may you journey on with tears and laughter into never ending joy.

Sharyn Dew
Mannville, AB

Hello Connie,

After having missed the past two issues of Mosaic Magazine (I know unforgiveable), I was wowed with your Winter edition and it is well-timed and many wonderful life messages.

First I so resonated with both your articles Connie and also have felt that a book club dinner would be amazing in my community of Lloydminster, after reading about Delaney and her Red Deer book club dinner connection (beautiful synchronicity). I unfortunately still have been unable to make an Edmonton book club dinner to experience the energy of this exciting group of people as I would love to have this opportunity before I embark on this venture here in my home town.

What a beautiful picture and story about Julia Lucich and her "Wild Party" of horses. This article and picture truly resonates with many of us, me for sure.

Seeing the polar bear on your cover, which took me a few moments to absorb, has been a very powerful sign for me and has helped me to "see" more clearly what I need to do.

I don't know if you are familiar with Judy Satori and her light language activations on her site, www.thesoundoflight. Judy wrote a book that she has channeled and her book is called Sunshine Before the Dawn. This is about early Earth (Tara) and the beings of light that have brought the DNA to the hu-man. It is so informative and enlightening about the shift to 5th dimension that we will be going through. It is an easy read, strongly recommended for all those interested in what and who we are about. To others it could be a good "science fiction" story. I strongly urge you to include this in your book club selection. It is easy to obtain through the Judy Satori site.

Again, thank you, and thanks to your wonderful staff for all the work you put into this beautiful creation called Mosaic.

In light,
Loretta, Lloydminster

Hi Connie,

Your article "Following my own voice" really resonated with me, and am sure with many other readers as well. For me in particular your last two paragraphs drive home the value in writing (journaling, poetry, etc.) in helping us all get to a place of honest clarity and equanimity with respect to who we really are. I see tremendous therapeutic value in this and if in that process we create writing that can be shared, all the better.

Thank you for the fabulous job you do with Mosaic.

Kind regards,
Henri Ferguson, Canmore


Not only do I LOVE MOSAIC MAGAZINE... but I also love you. Another awesome issue (Summer 2012) and the article about you and your daughter... really touched me. Thanks for sharing it with all of us.�

K.K., Edmonton

"I saw the most recent copy of Mosaic Magazine and found the article on the breast cancer survivor very good. It gave me a lot of hope and ideas that I need at this time. Your magazine has helped me tremendously and I follow what it says. Thanks for everything that you do to produce Mosaic Magazine. I enjoy reading it every time."

D.R., Red Deer

�I just had to write to tell you how much I love your publication. It is one of the most uplifting, inspiring magazines I�ve ever read. Please, keep up the great work!�

Kirsten Kelly, Edmonton

Hello Connie,

I was particularly touched by your story of the owl in your editorial in the latest Mosaic Magazine.

When my husband's father had a heart attack while on vacation in Kelowna, we drove all night to go see him. In the middle of the night while driving on the highway, a huge owl swooped down on our car, not once, but twice. It really freaked us out, and it was so big - we were amazed at its wingspan. When we got to Kelowna in the early morning, Mark's Dad has passed away in the night.

After we got back to Edmonton, we told the story to a friend and she was in awe� She said in Native American mythology, the owl brings news of death to the family.

Carleen, Edmonton

Dear Connie,

I was just reading your monthly Mosaic ezine/newsletter email and I realized (as I was scanning down my e-mails, skipping over all the latest ones from all those �success� guru types, and deleting the junk ones), that I was excited to click on the Mosaic newsletter and see what you had to say. And I enjoyed the newsletter.

I've made a personal note to myself to unregister for all those �wealth, happiness, etc., experts� because I am finding them tiresome, and repetitive, and always promoting or trying to sell their book or course. Originally, I found that even from the free stuff I could get something useful, but I guess I have evolved past all that and am instead listening more to my inner counsel and following my own way to enlightenment, healing, etc.

Just thought I would tell you that in my opinion Mosaic Magazine is a refreshing relief from that other stuff. Thanks for offering us quality stuff.

Evone, Ponoka

Testimonials - What Our Advertisers Have To Say

Why Mosaic Magazine?

�I have to say of the various advertising I�ve used, I�ve had the best results with Mosaic. After a card reading I always ask the client how they heard of me. I can almost always count on the answer being Mosaic Magazine. I also see a boost to website visits each time the magazine distributes, so I know continuing to advertise in the magazine really helps.�

Cartomancer Craig

Why Mosaic Magazine?

I've spent money marketing on many avenues and I can quite honestly say your magazine has been the best. I will definitely be interested next year in writing a few more articles.

Dr. Amr Abou-zeid
Nebula Dental Clinic

Why Mosaic Magazine?

We�ve advertised in many different ways (in Southern California and elsewhere) always hoping that the money spent brings in the new clients, interest in classes and more. Of course, one never knows if the �investment� will pay off and when. We�ve had annual contracts with other publications, which were quite expensive with the return being literally almost nil.

Our experience with Mosaic and working with Connie over the last four years is that we ALWAYS get a great response from anything we do in your magazine. Whatever you�ve done to create this beautiful, colourful and tasteful magazine that people connect with, read and respond to is phenomenal!

We�re getting many calls about our recent Akashic Records article in the last issue of Mosaic. We always ask each person how they found out about us so we can track what is working and what is not. The Akashic Records class in Calgary (April) outgrew the space we had rented so we had to find a new venue that would accommodate the growing numbers! Isn't that a GREAT problem to have? Our upcoming class in Edmonton in June is quickly filling up as well.

We know, without a doubt, that any article and ad that we place in your magazine gets the attention of the right clients for us when we come up from Southern California! So, we wish to say THANK YOU for all you do, what you have done and what you continue to do! We deeply appreciate it and YOU!

Holly & Paul Marwood

Why Mosaic Magazine?

Mosaic Magazine is certainly at the top of its class when it comes to mind, body, spirit, health, wisdom. But what I really love about Mosaic Magazine is that it values the idea of connecting with Spirit and using spiritual concepts as a way to solve problems.

Mosaic Magazine is in alignment with my values and the way I approach my business. For instance, when I work with women I don�t tell them what to do or what to believe, but I help them explore options so they can discover what feels right for them. Mosaic Magazine also does this. It provides a gold mine of diverse options so the readers can explore and test out what feels right for them. Every page offers a new possibility.

I had invested in a number of different ways to promote my practice before and wasn�t sure if Mosaic would be much better than what I had already tried. However, almost immediately after my first article was published, my telephone started ringing! I was finally reaching the people I was meant to connect with and help. Today my coaching practice is nearly full and I know that Mosaic Magazine had a significant role in making it happen. Thank you Mosaic!

Carmen Jubinville
Spiritual Life Coach

Why Mosaic Magazine

Mosaic has a long standing history and credibility in Alberta, reaching to the far corners of the province. It�s an excellent resource for those looking to explore and connect with their spiritual nature, which is exactly how I have found new students for my programs and clients in my practice. Mosaic has the ability to bring the right people together.

Five years ago I had a dream where I saw an article in Mosaic (written by me) about my journey of healing and reconciliation regarding my Mother�s death. Shortly after that, through synchronistic events, Connie contacted me and printed my story. Thus began my love affair with Mosaic. Last year I started advertising in each issue. What I love about it is that people feel comfortable with me before they even call. They have read my articles and followed my information over time and so they have an increased trust in what I do and are ready to commit to their healing process. It is a win/win situation.

Every business needs a strong foundation to manifest their desired dream. Mosaic is the element Earth, rooting one�s practice in firm soil by sharing information with the right people so both shall flourish.

Sarah Salter-Kelly
Spiritual Healer, Shaman

Why Mosaic Magazine?

Over the years I have tried different methods of advertising, usually mainstream, but generally saw no results so I gave up on advertising. Because Mosaic Magazine is a �go to� resource for me, when I wanted to see my business grow and really connect with more people, I decided to give Mosaic Magazine a try.

It�s been over a year since I began advertising in Mosaic Magazine and I can honestly say that it�s the best thing I ever did to promote Golden Lady Wholistics. When people see my picture and read my words, something resonates � there�s a connection and they phone. The way people deeply connect with my articles tells me that I am reaching them, touching them in a way that mainstream advertising couldn�t.

I�ve definitely received an increase in business and interest in what I offer at Golden Lady Wholistics since being in Mosaic. Shortly after the newest issue comes out, I�ll start getting calls and emails about my services. Also, people recognize me all the time from Mosaic - even in Jasper I�ve been approached about my business! That is pretty amazing! Even when I�m on vacation, Mosaic is �working� for me.

Jackie Pearce
Wholistic Practitioner, Golden Lady Wholistics

Why Mosaic Magazine?

Really the question is: �Why not Mosaic Magazine?� Mosaic gives me everything that I want� the opportunity to share information with a huge number of like-minded folks AND the joy of creatively expressing myself by writing articles. It�s a great way to attract the right people to a practice like Heilkunst, because if they�re open to reading the magazine, they�re open to an alternative system of medicine.

The fact that every article generates hundreds of phone calls to my clinic is proof that this little gem of a magazine gets noticed and read by so many people. I can easily say that 80% of my clients have come from Mosaic Magazine! It�s like Mosaic does the �cold calls� for me and I just get to do what I love� write and help people re-claim their health and wholeness.

Sometimes it�s difficult to invest in advertising up front and trust that it will all work out... but with Mosaic it always does. I�ve said it before and I stand by it - Mosaic definitely works!

Tammie Quick
Doctor of Homeopathy & Heilkunst, Quick Health Clinic

Why I Love Mosaic Magazine ...

In shamanic terms, we can be Hunters or Warriors. Hunters keep their families alive doing the same thing, day-in and day-out. Warriors want to go further, opening new territory, running risks in pursuit of the dream, making it real.

I see Mosaic as a Warrior, constantly associating beauty with the transpersonal dimension, running risks by talking about themes that cover the other side of health and healing (the mind, spirit and soul of the individual), constantly going to the next level, reminding us that an individual is not just a body, but a fantastic creation worth keeping alive and thriving.

Since the publication of my article in the spring edition, I�ve met many new clients that share my belief that Mosaic is a Warrior, attracting people who are themselves warriors � whether it�s a person struggling with an illness or issue, or the practitioner who provides alternative solutions to healing and wholeness. Mosaic brings us all together.

Dr. Francisco Valenzuela, MA, DCH, PhD.
Valenzuela Psychological Consulting Inc.

Why Mosaic Magazine?

Mosaic Magazine is a trusted �go to� place for individuals seeking alternative health care options. It�s a credible resource for those who understand the intrinsic value of natural healing and the inter-relationship between our physical health and our emotional, mental, spiritual and sexual well- being.

The articles we�ve published in Mosaic have given us the opportunity to introduce and really explain the healing benefits of the unique healing modalities we offer and we�ve definitely noticed an increase in clients following each article. The gift to us is not only increased business, but in attracting a quality of client who appreciates our unique training and differences.

The article and ad I had in Mosaic paid for itself within the first 3 weeks it was out. I also think the exposure in Mosaic has generated more traffic to our website, which has resulted in increased bookings for all of our practitioners! We love Mosaic AND we love Mosaic readers!

Sheryl Watson
RMT & Owner, Sacred Diva Healing Centre

Why I Love Mosaic Magazine ...

With our busy lives, finding excellent articles to improve our health and well-being in ONE magazine can sure make a difference. With its many informative articles, Mosaic Magazine is a wonderful way to reach the public, especially for businesses who have something to offer to improve your health and wellness.

I chose to tell my story in Mosaic Magazine in hopes that it would help others understand that the air we breathe can make a huge difference in our health. When you survive something as big as cancer, you want to help others and Mosaic was the perfect way to get my story out there, to raise awareness and educate the public.

Our business has definitely increased as Mosaic�s readers have started to realize how important it is to protect their health with clean air. After the first article I wrote, our office phone rang off the hook. With each person we help, I feel like I�m doing something that really makes a difference.

Jeff MacArthur
Owner, Pure Air Experts

Why I love Mosaic Magazine �

Mosaic Magazine is an attractive, polished magazine educating readers on the vast opportunities for health, wellness and healing available to those who seek another way. It gives practitioners of complimentary and alternative healing a way to connect with those who want it.

The original art, the well written articles and the variety in Mosaic means it is read from cover to cover. It is free of charge and in the very places that people frequent. The magazines are beautiful enough to have on a coffee table in an office.

Each article I�ve written in Mosaic has allowed me to educate the public about Reconnective Healing� and the Reconnection�, allowing me to help people who would never have found me any other way. More clients than I can count now have said: �I found you through Mosaic!� My business has grown and the number of individuals who have benefitted from Reconnective Healing� and the Reconnection� has grown. Advertising in Mosaic is an investment in the future for not only my business but for the innate wellness I seek to see manifested in every soul.

Kimberlay Kiernan
RN, Reconnective Healing� Practitioner, CHP, Life Coach
Quantum Bridge Transformation Company

Incredible magazine�

Dear Connie,

Today is the first day after the May 2011 magazine came out and I have already received a call from a new client who can't wait to have a personal Reconnection� session! This young woman would NEVER have found me if not for my article in this issue.

I have found since my first article in Mosaic, that as I am growing professionally and spiritually, so is my business, thanks in no small way to continuing to have a presence in Mosaic Magazine. I have also found that Reconnective Healing� has become more well known in the Edmonton area and environs because of the articles that other Reconnective Healing� practitioners and I have written over the past 2 years.

Now that I am also providing other related services, I will continue to let prospective and current clients know about my transformation, and that of my businesss, through the wonderful media that Mosaic Magazine is. Thank you SO much for this incredible magazine.

Kimberlay Kiernan
Quantum Bridge Transformation Company, Leduc, AB

�Connecting with like minded individuals�

I advertise in Mosaic Magazine to connect with like minded individuals who understand a need to look after our earth, that we are all connected, and all things are affected by our actions. Thank you Connie. It is an honor to know you and I am grateful for the wonderful insights and messages you so beautifully express in your articles. Your creativity and talent has blossomed Mosaic into the most beautiful magazine ever that generates a collective consciousness of healing and love. You truly are an earth angel.

Love and Hugs,

Karen Urusky
Global Wealth and Wellness Group

Why we love Mosaic Magazine�

We love Mosaic Magazine for its open and positive forum, inspiring contributions from a broad spectrum of knowledgeable authors.

The first Mosaic Magazine came to our house in the grocery bag from the local organic food store. The artsy cover caught our eye and we were intrigued by its �mind, body and spirit� focus. That it was free just made it too good to be true. When we saw all the information inside - the articles, local practitioners and services, courses and more, we knew it was an invaluable local resource and we started to watch for each new issue.

As we originally didn�t intend for Casa de Luz to be a full time endeavour, we didn�t advertize or even list a contact in the phone book, satisfied by �word of mouth� referrals. But as demand for our services grew, we expanded to include additional practitioners and needed to �get the word out�. However we wanted to reach progressive thinking individuals and what better forum than Mosaic Magazine.

Since our articles in Autumn and Winter 2010, there has been a continual flow of new faces at our seminars, in Laurena�s Kitchen and in our holistic dental practice.

Thank you Mosaic Magazine for your professional presentation and consistent pursuit of excellence.

Dr. Terry Clark & Dr. Laurena Clark
Owner and Operators, Casa de Luz Holistic Health Centre

�Why I love Mosaic Magazine!�

I love Mosaic Magazine because it is a great resource for helping people learn about who and what is available to them in the complimentary healing fields. I love its professional look and high caliber of content.

Having been part of Mosaic�s birth in 1995, I really appreciate that it continues to provide a service to local, complimentary health care professionals as well as offer information for people looking to feed their body, mind and soul.

I know Mosaic is effective as I often get positive feedback and interest from people who�ve read an article I�ve written or seen an advertisement for an upcoming class. One of my favorite comments came from a cashier at a grocery store as she loudly proclaimed: �Hey you�re the person who writes for that weird magazine I love.� I just smiled, answered some of her questions and once again thought: �Advertising in Mosaic works.

While I write articles and advertise in Mosaic because it helps my business, I also feel it�s important to support Mosaic so it can continue providing a much needed service for our community. If we want to have things like this here, we need to support them.

Catherine Potter
Director & Teacher at the Northern Star College of Mystical Studies

�Why I love Mosaic Magazine!�

I love Mosaic Magazine because it�s the best way to find services for healing the body mind and soul. I learn about new services and people every issue and my patients and I agree this magazine just keeps getting better and better!

Mosaic is the perfect way for me to introduce Network Care to Edmonton. While people are familiar with normal chiropractic techniques, Network Care is an entirely unique and different wellness model. So when I decided to open my own office here, I needed a professional and effective way to let people know exactly what Network Care is and the different ways it can change their health and lives.

Mosaic has been pivotal in creating awareness about what I do. It�s expanded my practice to people who just wouldn�t have found me any other way. Every article I�ve written has brought in new clients and the momentum builds with each issue as more and more readers become interested in Network Care after reading how it can help them. I want to focus my time and energy on my patients and let Mosaic do what it�s so great at � educating and informing people about the wonderful therapies and services available right here in Edmonton.

Dr. Robin Browne
Doctor of Chiropractic

�Mosaic offered me solutions!�

Long before going back to school and changing careers, I dreamed about authoring an article in Mosaic because I wanted to be able to reach people, the way other authors were reaching me. It never failed, if I had a problem, Mosaic offered me solutions! So once I graduated, I knew Mosaic was the place to offer the Heilkunst solution to the greatest number of like-minded people.

And what a blessing it has proven to be! That first article single-handedly built my business! I was sure that Mosaic would be the perfect tool for helping me build my alternative healthcare practice, but it has exceeded my expectations! Each week I get calls from people who read one of my articles. That�s the other thing� Mosaic never gets thrown away, but passed along from person to person. I still get calls from the first ad that I ran several editions ago. No doubt about it, Mosaic definitely works!

Tammie Quick
Doctor of Homeopathy & Heilkunst, Quick Health Clinic

�The classified word ads really make a difference!�

I�ve had my Reiki ad in Marketplace and various workshops ads in the Calendar of Events and have gotten a really good response to them. Also, I really found much more interest in the ads the second time I ran them. Thank you so much Connie.

Myles Corbett
Reiki Master Teacher

I�ve always felt it was my purpose to help change the world.

I started off studying nursing but when my grandfather became ill, I needed to understand addictions and that led me to study NLP. And I�ve never looked back, having studied many different healing modalities since then.

When I found Theta Healing, I knew I had found something amazing. I�ve traveled the globe teaching this technique and the more I taught, the more I learned. Other teachers and healing methods serendipitously popped up along the way and I absorbed them all.

And now, many years later, I�ve incorporated ALL of the different theories and techniques to create IFT (Intention Focused Therapy). It�s my sincere intention to help as many people as quickly as I can. I want to make a difference.

That�s where Mosaic Magazine has been so AMAZING! It�s been my #1 source for reaching people interested in healing themselves. Almost 90% of my clients in western Canada have come from Mosaic Magazine!

THIS MAGAZINE CHANGES LIVES. It�s the ideal place for me to reach my �perfect client� because Mosaic is already attracting people who want to improve their lives. Mosaic readers are already on the path or searching for it.

What I love about Mosaic is that you can choose to write articles where you have enough room to really explain the intricacies of your therapy and that is extremely important in this kind of alternative healing work that is so ground-breaking and advanced. Even if you aren�t the greatest writer, Connie�s editorial skills and insightful suggestions help you write the best article possible, every issue.

Honestly, I can think of no better place to advertise than Mosaic! I have been advertising and writing articles for four years and from the very first issue, the calls have never stopped. I knew this was the magazine for me and I recommend it to everyone I can.

Loretta Mohl
IFT Therapy Founder

�I Love Mosaic Magazine!�

�I�m a practical person.

I like simple, solid and reliable choices that produce positive results. Mosaic Magazine is precisely that!

I left my life as an insurance adjuster to become a colon hydrotherapist after overcoming serious health issues thanks to colon hydrotherapy. When I saw the huge difference I felt in my energy and overall health, I knew I wanted to help other people change their lives too.

I�m passionate about health but I really don�t want to spend my time coming up with different ways to constantly let people know about me and what I do. Instead, I want to concentrate on what I do best � helping people cleanse, detox, reduce stress and regain control of their health and lives.

Mosaic Magazine is honestly the BEST PRINT ADVERTISING I have ever done. It brings new clients in constantly and continuously. The first two page color article I did increased my client base by at least 65%! I�ve never had results like that before and I�ve tried a lot of different advertising options.

And when you consider the amount of new clients the articles attract (people I would NEVER have reached otherwise), it�s so affordable. All advertising is an investment but, with Mosaic, the results are immediate and tangible. It easily pays for itself each issue with clients eager to make changes immediately, while it also attracts new clients who say they�ve been reading my articles for months and are now reading to come see me.

Whenever another therapist asks me how to promote what they do, I always recommend Mosaic without doubt or reservation. The clients Mosaic Magazine brings are looking for us already or just on the edge of this �alternative� path and there�s no other magazine in Edmonton that does that.

Thank you Mosaic!�

Norma Hope
Life Synergy Inc.

�I LOVE Mosaic Magazine!�

�Mosaic Magazine is the BEST thing � actually the ONLY thing � that�s concretely helped me achieve my goal of growing a business where I can truly help others.

I�m a Life Coach. I help people change their lives from what doesn�t work TO WHAT WORKS.

So when someone asks my advice on how they can reach more people, attract new clients and grow their business, the first thing I always say is �Mosaic Magazine� and that�s because it gets you RESULTS right way.

Before I found Mosaic, I carelessly spent thousands of dollars trying different marketing, sales and other advertising options. BUT it wasn�t until I began writing articles and advertising in Mosaic that I started to attract an abundance of new clients and do what I love as a CAREER.

Every time I ask a client where they heard about me, they ALWAYS say Mosaic Magazine. It brings me the best clients from all walks of life. I really love that about this magazine. It reaches EVERYONE � people I would have never reached on my own.

AND Mosaic is so much more reasonably priced than ALL the things I�ve tried before. I wish I would have known about Mosaic FIRST. It would have saved me so much money! The return on my investment is always immediate. It PAYS FOR ITSELF quickly.

I wouldn�t promote something I didn�t believe in. I coach people and guide them to be true to themselves, so I have to be true to myself too. If I�m promoting something, it has to be something that I really believe in .


Youmashni Naidoo
Life Coach, Divinity Within

�I am so glad ! choose Mosaic�

�Wow! I cannot begin to tell you the response I have received and am STILL RECEIVING from my first article in the Mosaic Magazine.

With a new career and business, I needed exposure and I am so glad I chose Mosaic! Connie is great at making sure that the reader connects with the writer and without her constant questions and support regarding my objective, the article wouldn�t have been the same.

My callers have been excited about my coaching services and workshops and literally say to me: �I cannot wait to attend.�

Mosaic Magazine has helped INCREASE MY BUSINESS and I know I will be writing more articles. Thank you so much Connie!�

Zaheen Nanji
Trainer and Coach, Law of Attraction

�Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.�

�Thank you Mosaic! This magazine truly has participated in my SPIRITUAL GROWTH, both in writing a few articles for it and also just reading it.

Being able to freely express my passion for what I do, but mostly to be able to assist others in their own spiritual growth and healing, is truly a humbling experience. It is very clear to me that the awareness and truth of all our journeys are interconnected and we all demonstrate this through all of the various modalities out there, as beautifully illustrated in this magazine.

Besides my most important role or purpose as a Reiki Master/Teacher, I have also been in Marketing for the last 19 years, working on various promotional projects in my community. Of all the places that I have placed my ad or marketed myself, this magazine has truly inspired me to continue to pursue my dreams and passion as a healer/teacher with my business, Art of Healing in Fort Saskatchewan.

I just truly love how the universe works with us. Just a few days earlier I was going over my advertising budget and knew I had to cut back just a bit. Then as I was pulling up my driveway the same day, I got a phone call from a gentleman who told me he saw my ad in Mosaic Magazine. We had a wonderful conversation and then when I went into the house and checked my emails, there was one from Connie, asking if I wanted to say anything in the �Testimonials� part of Mosaic�s website. If that isn�t universal alignment! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.�

Donna Reilly
Reiki Master/Teacher Art of Healing

�The article I did INCREASED my client base by at least 65%!�

�Mosaic Magazine continues to be the BEST PRINT ADVERTISING I have ever done. It brings NEW CLIENTS in constantly and continuously.

I first signed up for the Silver Sage Divine Plan article/ad package which includes a 2 page article with � page ad in one issue and a � page ad in the next 3 issues.

Just that first 2 page color article I did INCREASED my client base by at least 65%! I�ve never had results like that before and I�ve tried a bunch of different advertising options.

It is priced affordably too. That package worked out to only $200 a month over the year, which was paid for immediately after only 3 client therapy sessions were booked.

After the success of the first article, I knew I had found the best profit/payback for my advertising dollars. I continue to do the articles and advertising as it continues to bring in NEW CLIENTS, as well as reminds my present clientele to come back as cleansing is not a one time thing.

The clients Mosaic Magazine brings are looking for us already or just on the edge of this �alternative� path which no other magazine gives us in Edmonton. Thank you Mosaic!�

Norma Hope
Life Synergy Inc.

�Many new doors have opened for me.�

�Since writing �My Aha Moment� in Mosaic (November 2008), MANY NEW DOORS have opened for me. Regular clients and new ones have voiced many kudos for this article and reinforced that they appreciate my good work and deeds. I�ve also heard from past clients who have lost contact and wanted to reconnect.

As the dust settles from all the calls, inquiries, etc., it has pushed me to teach and offer more classes!! Thank you to all and especially Connie for her expert editorial talents. I encourage others to put pen in hand and try it. You won�t be disappointed.

Mosaic Magazine is AMAZING and MAGICAL, with excellent resources for the whole community. It keeps everyone in the loop and I�m loving every contact I receive because of it. Thank you and best wishes to all for prosperity and health and happiness in the year of the Ox!�

Linda Woznica
Tarot Readings & Kirlian Photography at A Sense of Serenity

�I am sold on Mosaic.�

�Having articles and my ads in the Mosaic Magazine has been, by far, one of the BEST INVESTMENTS I�ve ever made in marketing my business.

My first article about gemstones and how they influenced my journey in creating my store, A Sense of Serenity, (Spring 2007), attracted so much attention that even AFTER TWO YEARS, I still have people come into the store and ask me about the �prosperity combo� of gemstones that I talked about in the article!

The results from the other articles have been the same. Sometimes people who have never come into the store before BUT who have read the articles or seen my ad will say: �Hey, aren�t you the girl that was in Mosaic Magazine?� Yes! Who could ask for better exposure than that!

So you can easily see why I am sold on Mosaic. Advertising in Mosaic is one of the BEST WAYS I know of getting your business�s name out there.

Moreover, the Editor�s knowledge and her natural skills of knowing what is going to work and what is not going to work (personal attention), ensure that your article or ad will be a WINNER. I have been advertising with Mosaic for approximately SIX years and I plan on sticking to this winner!�

Ausha Shakti
A Sense of Serenity

�I love Mosaic for its courage, integrity and valuable information contained in its pages. Reading Mosaic and the networking it provides are precious indeed!"

So many people come to �Namaste� to pick up a copy, chat, take a copy with them in the sauna, or read while relaxing in the wellness centre during treatments or services. I love to watch them read and learn, experience and ask questions about what they have read. Mosaic is truly a communication tool that affects people�s lives in such a positive empowering way!

After writing the article about �Namaste� being part of my life purpose (in the last issue of Mosaic), I met many people who resonated with my experience in their own lives and who told me it helped them to see new healing/positive experiences for themselves.

Many people say to me: �I saw you in Mosaic and wanted to check �Namaste� out!�� Now that just makes my heart sing!

Thank-you Connie! Thank-you for your heart, your dedication, your authenticity� Blessings in abundance always!�

Pamela Junck
Namaste Soul Spa & Wellness Centre

�Like a gentle meandering river, Mosaic Magazine attracts a steady flow of both old and new clients to me. It�s an easy way to manifest business success.�

Skye MacLachlan
Feng Shui Consultant

�Writing the article for Mosaic has been a gift in many ways. It has not only bought me many clients but it has also connected me with fellow light workers that have become dear friends.�

Marlene Christian
Mystic, Author, Angel Worker

I have been advertising in Mosaic Magazine for five years. It is my #1 choice for reaching the people most interested in the products and services offered at Crimson Quill Gifts. I meet new customers from every issue.

I enjoy Mosaic�s inspiring articles and rely on the magazine to keep me up to date with the people and latest happenings in the mind, body, and spirit community.

Deb McGee
Crimson Quill Gifts

�Connie, I just wanted to let you know that I�ve had a very BIG RESPONSE to my last article. What I see is that people are truly fed up with �traditional� methods and are really searching. I am really enjoying my private clients.

Thank you for Mosaic Magazine. It is a vehicle many people need to learn grow and prosper within � a really positive source of information that is affecting many lives.

Summer Bozohora
Quantum Healing Arts

�It was worth every penny! I�m deeply appreciative.�

�In October I moved to Edmonton and opened my Healing Arts College. As a result of my article and ads in Mosaic Magazine, my classes are always full and my clientele has grown at an amazing rate. It has been an extremely abundant endeavor. In fact, Mosaic is so successful for me that I can�t keep up with answering all the phone calls from people responding to my article and ads. It was worth every penny! I�m deeply appreciative.�

Loretta Mohl
Canadian College of Healing Arts

�I am getting at least 2 to 3 new clients a week.�

�Since the magazine came out, I am getting such an awesome response. I am getting at least 2 to 3 new clients a week. The first thing I usually hear is �I could totally resonate with you� because of what they read in the article. My first client was a doctor� Great healing for me! I am getting business from Calgary, all the way to Cold Lake. Another client that shocked me was an old native man from the reserve. Wow, I was honored. I feel like I am living my purpose to the fullest. Thank-you Connie for honoring your purpose by publishing Mosaic. Together we are creating huge amounts of love everyday.�

Lynn Ressler
Mindfully Awake�>

�Mosaic Magazine has brought more calls and clients to our Wellness Centre than I ever imagined possible.�

�Finally! A magazine that is both informational and inspirational. Advertising in Mosaic Magazine has brought more calls and clients to our Wellness Centre than I ever imagined possible. I love having a place to share my passion for Wellness with others. Thank you Mosaic for sharing this passion with me.�

Caroline Stewart
From Within Wellness Centre

�This ad has brought new people into our store��

�We have had an ad in Mosaic for over a year now and I know for a fact that this ad has brought new people into our store. Every time someone says to me: �Wow, I never knew you were here until I saw your ad in that magazine,� I always ask: �Which magazine was that?� and the person invariably says: �Mosaic Magazine.� Keep up the good work and know that we�re really glad to be in this magazine!�

Chris Hepburn
Where Faeries Live

�I am STILL getting calls from my Spring article and my client base is STEADILY growing.�

I am a small business owner, just new to the Edmonton area. Recently I was looking for a way to increase my exposure and get a big bang for my advertising buck. I also was interested in ensuring that my exposure covered a good percentage of my target audience. Since Mosaic Magazine is a publication that I look for each time it comes out, I decided to begin there. I placed my business card ad in each issue for a year, and then wrote and article telling a bit about myself and my services. I have never looked back.

My intuition was bang on when I decided to invest in Mosaic Magazine. I am STILL getting calls from my Spring article and my client base is STEADILY growing. Thank you Connie and Mosaic � for the articles that I enjoy reading each issue and for the exposure and expansion of my small business through advertising with you. I definitely want to continue being in your magazine!

Sherry Botti-Froehlich
Trinity Health Consulting

�I�ve got 10 new clients in just two weeks since this issue came out!�

�The response to my latest article has been amazing. I�ve got 10 new clients in just two weeks since this issue came out! I can hardly keep up but I�m not complaining! Being in Mosaic is the best thing I ever did for my business! Thanks so much Connie!�

Sherry Botti-Froehlich
Trinity Health Consulting

�I wish I would have known about Mosaic FIRST.�

�Mosaic Magazine is the BEST THING that�s ever happened to my business. It consistently brings me clients from the old and new articles I�ve written in it.

Before I found Mosaic, I spent thousands of dollars trying different marketing and advertising venues. BUT it wasn�t until I began writing articles for Mosaic that I started to really build my business and get NEW CLIENTS.

AND Mosaic is so much more reasonably priced than ALL the things I�ve tried before. I wish I would have known about Mosaic FIRST. It would have saved me so much money! And the return on my investment is always immediate. It pays for itself so quickly.

Every time I ask a client where they heard about me, they ALWAYS say Mosaic Magazine. It brings me the right type of clients (always the BEST clients) from all walks of life � men, women, different ages, different thinking. I really love that about this magazine � it just reaches everyone. It reaches people that I would have never reached on my own.

Being that Mosaic Magazine is all about empowering people, it�s a perfect match for my business. I honestly can�t say enough good about what this magazine does for the community and what it does for the writers and advertisers in it. Thank you so much Connie!!�

Youmashni Naidoo
Divinity Within

�I received an increase of 25% more clients after that article��

�I�ve been reading Mosaic Magazine since I came to Alberta four years ago. I believe I still have all of the back issues as I consider it an excellent source. Later I came to find that many readers keep their Mosaic Magazines like I do!

When I started my own practice in energetic medicine, Mosaic Magazine was my first, most natural choice as advertising media. I was lucky to have an article on Quantum Biofeedback published in the 2006/2007 Winter issue. The response was awesome! I had people call about the article even before I saw the published version and six months later, they are still calling! I�ve even received calls from several people in other provinces who were sent that issue by their friends from Alberta, with a note stuck onto my article that read: �You�ve got to check this out�.

I can safely say I received an increase of 25% more clients after that article came out!!

I still use the article as a means of educating the public about Quantum Biofeedback and energetic medicine. The exposure received � thanks to the Mosaic � has boosted my practice, helped several people in their personal healing and (what I also consider a huge achievement) it played a role in raising the awareness about different healing modalities available to people in this province.

Thank you Mosaic!

Kasia Zamarska
Certified Quantum Biofeedback Specialist

�New clients started to call as soon as Mosaic hit the shelf!�

�People often say to me: �I saw you in Mosaic.�

This magazine is such a great advertising tool for me. The RESPONSE to my latest article has been AMAZING. New clients started to call as soon as Mosaic hit the shelf!

I love having a magazine that lets me share my knowledge and passion for well being, and exposure about the work I do. My clients love the valuable information, enjoy each issue and eagerly wait for the next issue.

Mosaic is more than a magazine, it�s a place to share, learn, and grow� Thanks Connie, for your true devotion and dedication to a very successful, informative magazine.�

Darlene Klassen
Full Circle Wholistic Therapy

�The first few months my article was out my business jumped.�

I have advertised in other Alberta mind, body and spirit magazines over the years and have NEVER had any results. Because of poor results I was reluctant to advertise in Mosaic Magazine a few years back but decided to give it a try.

I keep track of where every new client comes from and I was pleasantly surprised when they started telling me they saw my article and/or ad in Mosaic. I had good results the first year and so I have stayed with Mosaic Magazine. AND I continue to do well with it!

My greatest response from Mosaic was from my article. The first few months my article was out my business jumped! My constant business card ad keeps my name out there and I found that some people still call from my ad, remembering the article. For me personally, your magazine is a perfect fit and the only one I have had results with! Great job, Connie!

Irene Martina

�Representing your work through article exposure is superbly wise advertising strategy.�

�I was thrilled to discover Mosaic Magazine as a medium for making myself available to Alberta, especially northern Alberta. The advertising exposure itself is great; however, as I have found with most of my advertising it was when I was invited to present an article that interest in my work was exceptionally received. Representing your work through article exposure is superbly wise advertising strategy.�

Samantha Kane-Kennedy
Professional Astrologe

�Mosaic Magazine is my number one favorite place to put my advertising dollars � bar none!�

Over the many years I have advertised in Mosaic I have always had a steady number of clients who identify Mosaic as the referring agent. However, in the past couple of years, I have experienced a remarkable increase in the number of Mosaic readers who are seeking my services for the first time or for old times� sake. Many of them say that having read my articles as well as my word ads, they knew I could assist them. Some very enjoyable relationships � both client and friendships � have begun through the Mosaic introduction!

In the Spring 2007 issue, I was honored to receive more comments and compliments on my article than ever before � as well as MORE BOOKINGS! I brag to say I have even heard from an author of two prosperity books who was intrigued by some of my views.

I have been delighted to watch Mosaic�s growth and to be a part of this mutually beneficial association. Mosaic, your adventurous editor, Connie, is taking you into amazing new waters and I personally look forward to the journey. It will be great � for all of us. Thanks for the trip�

Michel Green
From Beyond the Veiled Moon

�I�m grateful to have access to attractive and affordable advertising.�

Thanks for all your hard work. I�m grateful to have access to attractive and affordable advertising.

Joann Johnstone

If you have had some great results advertising in our magazine, and you would like to share your story, please E-MAIL your comments to us and we may post them right here on the website!.