DECEMBER 4 (Tuesday)
7:00 – 9:30 p.m.

Skye MacLachlan
Teacher, Northern Star College

Healing Energies of Crystals

Lucina Centre
9505 – 163 Street, Edmonton, AB

Connie at

COST: $20 cash at door

Remember to bring a gift wrapped book (new or used) with a mind/body/spirit theme or message for the BOOK EXCHANGE.

(Please note that this meeting is located in the basement of Lucina Centre and there is no elevator. Therefore you must be able to climb downstairs.)

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Mosaic’s Mystics Meeting

Join us for a fun evening, once every three months (in September, December, March, June), where we will feature a different guest speaker on a variety of subjects. The speaker will offer you information from their area of expertise, information that can help you live a better life.

AND because I love and appreciate the insights that books offer us, let’s do something a little fun with them too.

So please bring a book you want to give away, wrap it (so it’s a beautiful present) and bring it that night. Ideally, when you choose the book (new or used), do it with the intention to pick the ‘perfect’ book for someone else who will be at our gathering. Please choose a book with a mind/body/spirit content or message.

Also, please be thoughtful and bring the kind of book that you would like to receive (not just something you’re trying to get rid of).
Then at the Mosaic Mystics Meeting we will mix all the books together and again, with great intention, we will ask to intuitively pick the precise book for us that has the message that we most need to hear right now.

After the speaker (about 1 - 1½ hours), we’ll choose our book and then visit with one another. It will be very informal.

Please PRE-REGISTER via email to, up to 1 day before the meeting.

The cost will be $20 (cash at the door) and the meetings will be held at Lucina Centre, 9505 – 163 Street, Edmonton, AB.

I will let you know, via my monthly ezine newsletter who the next guest speaker will be and more information about that night. (Some information is also on the left side of this page, under the Website Menu).

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If you plan to attend the next meeting, please email to pre-register and remember to bring a book! Hope to see you there.