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Calling All Artists

Mosaic Magazine promotes local artists by featuring their artwork amongst the articles in the magazine. Email mosaicmagazine@shaw.ca for more detailed information on how to submit your artwork. Your artwork will be copyrighted to your name, along with the artwork title, on the side of your published artwork.

Contact The Artists

If you are interested in contacting any artist whose artwork is published in Mosaic Mind, Body and Spirit Magazine, please view our artist list below.

Alphabetical Artist Listings

An alphabetical list of many artists that have been featured on the cover and within the pages of Mosaic Magazine.


Phil Alain

Artist: Mosaic Cover Artist Winter 2011
Phil Alain is an Edmonton based artist whose colorful "music influenced" paintings have garnered international attention for their ability to capture the mood of a concert or jazz club through the use of bright colors and a well placed spotlight. His paintings have graced many record label CD covers and homes around the world.


Crystal (Danard) Babcook

Artist: In The Pages of Mosaic
My paintings are from my soul, who always sees the beauty in a very chaotic world that is often too busy to remember the little blessings we are surrounded by everyday. I hope they will help you do the same.

Christopher Bailey

Artist: In The Pages of Mosaic
As digital creation and printing technology changed to the point were true fine-art quality could be created entirely digitally, my woodcut tools, pencils, brushes and traditional paints were replaced to experiment & create in this new exciting field of artwork.

Lucie Bause

Artist: In The Pages of Mosaic
Lucie Bause is a visual artist who is inspired by nature, travel and outdoor adventure. She loves to explore different natural environments and represent her observations through her artwork. She has most recently traveled and painted in Fogo Island, Newfoundland, Greenland and Baffin Island, and is heading to The Sacred Valley of the Incas, Peru this November. www.luciebause.com

Faye Boychuk

Artist: In The Pages of Mosaic
My artistic destiny was foreshadowed by a childhood of drawing at the kitchen table or during horseback riding breaks. I started watercolour lessons in 2006 with Willie Wong. My zeal for the Latin culture has compelled me to name my paintings in Spanish.
Visit Faye's Facebook Page

Carol Breen

Cover Artist: Winter 2004 � Winter 2005

Heather Brewster

Cover Artist: Spring 2015
Heather's artwork involves many different styles and mediums, which reflects her desire to experiment. Her curiosity drives her creativity. As an artist, her intention is to communicate a positive and healing message or feeling.


Doris Charest

Artist: In The Pages of Mosaic
Mixed media is Doris� favorite mode of painting. She loves exploring with textures, shapes, and a more contemporary look. Nature inspires her. Her artwork has been featured in Sommerset Magazine, a U.S. magazine (Summer,2007) and Leisure Painter, a British magazine (Fall, 2007). She has exhibited in the United States and all across Canada.
Doris Charest Studio www.dorischarest.com

Larisa Sembaliuk Cheladyn

Cover Artist: Autumn 2009

Mireille Cloutier

Cover Artist: Autumn 2017

For the last 10 years, Mireille has developed an interest in an ancient art: encaustic. From colored beeswax, she creates artwork representing different subjects inspired by her environment in Southern Alberta. She loves the versatility of this medium and keeps exploring its potential to create magic to any artwork.

Carol Collin

Cover Artist: Spring 2016
I'm a twin, an artist, a stay at home Mom and a gypsy at heart. Art is my therapy. I love to create inspiring colourful, happy art. Coming soon in 2016 you'll also be able to step into my gypsy world and take part in my online workshops. www.facebook.com/gypsyart.me  or at www.gypsyart.me

Ausilia J. Corso

Artist: In The Pages of Mosaic
�For me ART is interpreting the environment, both the seen and unseen.� Combinations of light and shadows create the sometime mysterious feelings that surround my works. My work portrays the delicate and sometimes strange balance between humans and nature.


Samantha Da Silva

Artist: In The Pages of Mosaic
For this young Brazilian artist, painting is the medium through which her emotions take form. Described as fluid, intuitive, and spontaneous her work is part of private collections across Canada, the US and Brazil.

Monika Dery

Artist: In The Pages of Mosaic
An eclectic website with unique styles of painting including watercolour, batik, encaustic on paper, canvas, styrofoam, plexiglass and wood. Commissions welcome.

Leah Dorion

Mosaic Cover Artist: Fall 2014
Leah Dorion is an interdisciplinary artist and educator who is committed to sharing historical and contemporary knowledge regarding Metis culture. Her First Nations and Metis cultural background are the primary source of inspiration for her artwork. Aboriginal women�s knowledge/teachings and connection to this land are the foundations for her artistic practice.

Crystal Driedger

Mosaic Cover Artist: Spring 2008
Crystal Driedger is a professional illustrator and artist who works primarily traditionally in a whimsical style from her Edmonton studio since 2003. Her work has been Mosaic Cover Artist: children�s books, editorials, greeting cards, stationary products, educational and promotional material internationally.


Thomas Francois

Artist: In The Pages of Mosaic
As a child my mother, in mystical bard like sing song rhythm, enthralled me with the magical properties of misty multi-colored rainbows. A short incantation holding life long inspiration, not in search of the pot of gold but the magic of color.


Karen Goodfellow

Mosaic Cover Artist: Winter 2014
Born to a First Nations mother and Austrian father (with gypsy lineage), Karen has developed an award-winning contemporary aboriginal style. Her art started seriously in her 40�s when she lived in the American Southwest which heavily influences her work. She has a multitude of two and three dimensional pieces including paintings, native torsos, assemblages, drums, gourds, and tambourines.

Val�ry Goulet

Mosaic Cover Artist: Winter 2008
�Valerydesignwrks� is a creative business focusing on illustration run by Val�ry Goulet. From a simple commissioned piece to a sophisticated interior office decor, Val�ry has all the tools and ideas to bring all your thoughts to life and a smile on everyone�s face.


Angie Hall

Mosaic Cover Artist: Autumn 2010
As a Prophetic Artist, each of my pieces is stylistically unique because it�s the Spirit World doing the artwork and I �m just an extension of the paintbrush. When I�m painting a vision for an individual, it�s that person�s soul working through me. The same is true for the Aboriginal Master Spirits that use me to do Universal artwork.


Fern Jordan

Mosaic Cover Artist: Winter 2007


Iryna Karpenko

Mosaic Cover Artist: Autumn 2007 / Summer 2013
Iryna�s art work is based on impressions from a mixture of different stories, songs and legends which surround our real and imagined, natural and cultural, historic and prehistoric lives. Her favorite art mediums are watercolor, acrylic, gouache, printmaking and art on glass.
click to view website

Irene Klar

Mosaic Cover Artist: Spring 2007

Lisa Kubik

Mosaic Cover Artist: Summer 2017
I create colorful, spirited paintings through my intuition to convey messages of love, hope and inspiration. My intention is that these paintings can be used as a tool for healing the soul, as it is from my soul that I visualize, perceive energies, and then create art from that space.


Denise Lefebvre

Mosaic Cover Artist: Spring 2017, Summer 2009
Denise�s passion for painting and illustration goes back to her childhood as early as she can remember. She stays busy with commercial mural work and painting new collections, and she�s grateful everyday to make a living doing what she loves.

Rumour Lescure

Rumour's an enthusiastic 8 year old, who's passionate to create ever changing whimsical, bright, colourful art. Influenced by angels, fairies, butterflies and mermaids. Her artwork's been published in local magazines, a book and she's had pieces accepted by many, including Stevie Nicks. rumoursangels@xplornet.ca


Catherine Marchand

Artist: Mosaic Cover Artist February 2012

Catherine Marchand's studio is located in Spruce Grove where she paints full time. Her client base keeps growing as people see her ability to capture not only someone�s likeness, but their personality as well.

Jenny McConnell

Mosaic Cover Artist: Summer 2018
Jenny grew up in Australia. She has three boys, runs a preschool and paints in her free time. She is a lover of Jesus because she discovered how worthy, valued and adored she is by Him. She delights in sharing this good news with others.

Bernadette McCormack

Mosaic Cover Artist: Spring and Autumn Issues 2006

Cathy McMillan

Mosaic Cover Artist: Winter Issue 2010
Cathy McMillan loves using mixed media to capture what she believes, thinks and feels in visual form.

Kathy Meaney

Mosaic Cover Artist: Summer 2008
Featuring �Ladies of the Lake� series which celebrates the joy of female friendships and life.  Using body language as the narrative, allows the viewer to make or reminisce their own personal memories. Available in artcards, prints and giclees.

Alexandra Lee Mitchell

Mosaic Cover Artist: Fall 2018
Alex is a local Edmontonian who has a passion for all things creative. She spends her time painting and making epic gemstone jewelry pieces which can be found at effulgentfriends.com. This particular piece �all creation sings� was inspired by her own Metis heritage and a particular spirit guide who has sent her on quite the journey! To find out more her Instagram handle is effulgentfriends.

Hanne Murray

Artist: In The Pages of Mosaic
I love painting with acrylic, watercolor and oil. I paint flowers, landscapes, seascapes and abstract. Then, of course, cats end up in my paintings too. Greeting cards and paintings available.


Aynsley Nisbet

Mosaic Cover Artist: Spring 2010
�Her images aim to persuade individuals to �let go� of the material world, in both mind and body, and concentrate on the soul or spirit. She expresses, through vivid colour, the importance of just being.�


Maria Pace-Wynters

Mosaic Cover Artist: Spring 2011
Maria Pace-Wynters was born in Victoria B.C. She attended Victoria College of Art, Camosun College and The University of Victoria. She lives in Edmonton with her husband Chris Wynters and their two daughters. Her paintings and reproductions are collected worldwide. Maria�s art can be found in her online Etsy store and she will be participating in Artwalk and Make It this upcoming year.
Her blog, mariapacewynters.wordpress.com, has had over 100,000 visitors in the last three years.


Aaron Paquette

Mosaic Cover Artist: Autumn 2008

Igor Postash

Mosaic Cover Artist: Autumn 2013
If an artist does not put his soul into a painting, the work is dead, or in better cases, the artwork becomes just a decorative spot. Every image is alive to be talked to, to give advice, to be trusted, to tell your secrets and desires, and to hear theirs. Such pictures heal people, give them hope and spiritual and mental relaxation. Paintings need the spirit of the artist.



Sylvia Prochownik

Mosaic Cover Artist: Autumn 2012
Sylvia began painting commercial murals at age of 17 and has completed many murals and backdrops since. She also enjoys creating portraits and figurative works on the spot. Many of her paintings depict landscapes done au pl�nier around Alberta and British Columbia. She is inspired by nature.



Lily Ralston

Mosaic Cover Artist: Spring 2013
Lily Ralston is an artist working almost exclusively in paper mosaics made from recycled repurposed glossy stock magazine paper. Lily is a firm believer in the �Green� movement of recycling and finding new purposes for discarded things.

Angie Rees

Mosaic Cover Artist: Summer 2014
Whimsical, playful and eccentric come to mind in describing the painting style of Angie Rees. These imaginative works are extremely well crafted with rich surface textures and a vibrant, arresting palette. The wit and humor of her clever titles add another dimension to these �visual puns.�

Cindy Revell

Mosaic Cover Artist: Fall 2015 & Summer 2010
Cindy Revell is a Governor General nominated illustrator and oil painter whose work is widely published across North America and is in public, private, and corporate collections. For Cindy art is about connecting to the joy and beauty in life.

Chris Riley

Mosaic Cover Artist: Autumn 2011
Chris Riley is a chronic observer who is committed to exploring and creating images that push traditional boundaries and leave the viewer with a sense of discovery. New works, current exhibitions and galleries can be found at www.rileyart.com


Lorraine Shulba

Mosaic Cover Artist: Summer 2011
Painting has been a passion for me all my life. Professionally, I have been creating for over 12 years. I have worked on many projects such as children�s books, editorial illustrations and have had many art shows in various galleries.

Roxi Sim

Mosaic Cover Artist: Spring 2009
Roxi�s artwork is bright, colorful and full of detail. Roxi�s tarot series: �The Pearls of Wisdom Tarot� was published in 2007. You can order decks,  prints or giclees of the tarot images as well as a selection of  Roxi�s other colorful paintings on her website.

Janya Simpson

Mosaic Cover Artist: Winter 2016

Jayna is a lifelong self-taught artist whose inspiration comes from connecting to the spirit or life energy in the subjects she paints. She believes that all art echoes emotion. It is her wish that those who view her work are imbued with a sense of serenity, joy, passion, sensuality and comfort. Jayna's artistic abilities are extremely versatile with commissioned work in the range of portraits, figurative and abstract paintings to large scale murals. She runs her own mural painting business Painted Planet Art & Murals.



Shelby Willis

Mosaic Cover Artist: Winter 2015
Shelby Willis is an Edmonton based artist. Her artwork is inspired by nature and her background in Ecology. Each painting is created with the intent to inspire environmental awareness through positive and energetic renditions of wildlife, that can�t help but resonate with the soul.

Willy Wong

Mosaic Cover Artist: Winter 2013
Born in Malaysian Borneo, a tropical island of exotic flowers and birds, Willie Wong was influenced to study art under renowned Chinese artist. In 1979, Willie settled in Alberta, Canada where he continues to find inspiration in the natural beauty which surrounds him and now teaches others.


Oksana Zhelisko

Mosaic Cover Artist: Winter 2018, Fall 2016, Summer 2015 & Winter 2009
Oksana�s work revolves around the theme of woman in various stages, poses and emotions. In her view, a woman is neither crisp nor blank, but coloured and tinged; each being an image or an iconoclast that is warm or perhaps cold, but always strong, alluring, full of mystique, and of course, true inner beauty.