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Advertise With Us - Information

Answering your most frequently asked questions ...

Why Advertise in Mosaic Magazine?

How Does Advertising Work?

How Can You Advertise in Mosaic Magazine?

Does Advertising in Mosaic Magazine Really Work?

Publication & Deadline Dates - When Do We Publish?

Distribution - Where Do We Distribute?

General Information


Why Advertise in Mosaic Magazine?
There are thousands of people searching for ways to improve their lives and awakening to the benefits of personal and spiritual development. They’re looking for new ideas and solutions to issues/challenges they are facing in their lives.

Mosaic Magazine provides exposure to the many types of therapies, products and practitioners available in cities and towns throughout Alberta that can help these people advance on their personal journeys.

Mosaic Mind, Body and Spirit Magazine can help you:

• Attract new people to your services and products

• Increase your sales and clients.

• Position you as an expert in your field.

• Create credibility for you and your business.

• Heighten your company’s exposure so readers think of you first (top of mind awareness).

• Open up new opportunities and alliances for you.

• Promote awareness of your therapy or profession.

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How Does Advertising Work?
It is through repetition that advertising works.

People see your face, card, ad, logo or product over and over and what you are really building over time is trust and a relationship. Readers start to believe in you because you are withstanding the test of time and this in itself tells them that you are reliable and good at what you do. If they see you once or twice, you are just interesting. If they stop seeing you then they assume that your business didn’t make it (which then makes you assume that advertising doesn’t work).

Remember, people buy from those that they trust. This is not the place to be a one hit wonder. (I’ve got many happy advertisers that will back me up on this.)

Advertising is like exercise – the longer you do it, the better the results!

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How Can You Advertise In Mosaic Magazine?
In order for your business to grow more people need to see your name. To help make that happen, Mosaic Magazine has a variety of advertising choices to help you to promote yourself and your business.

Here are 3 fabulous ways to get your business out there in front of our 100,000+ readers! There is something perfect for everyone and every budget.

1. DIVINE PLANS (Article/Ad Combos)
Be seen as an expert in your field by being featured in an article that also features your ad.

Full page, ½ page, ¼ page and business card size ads in color.

For $39 you can advertise your product/service under Marketplace or Calendar of Events.

For more information on advertising in our magazine, please see our RATES page.

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Does Advertising In Mosaic Magazine Really Work?

Well, let my advertisers share their stories ...

Our advertisers are thrilled with the results and say Mosaic Magazine is the best advertising money they’ve ever spent. Be sure to see our Comments & Testimonials page to see what our advertisers have to say!

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Our Publication and Deadline Dates

- Quarterly on the 1st of February, May, August and November.

AD DEADLINES - 1 month prior to publication dates (1st of January, April, July and October).

DIVINE PLAN DEADLINES - 1 month prior to publication dates (1st of January, April, July and October) but an earlier submission is to your advantage (so we have more time to perfect your article).

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Distribution - Where Do We Distribute?
Mosaic Magazine is the ideal place to advertise in order to attract Edmonton, Calgary and other people from cities and towns throughout Alberta. We recognize that residents of outlying cities and towns from across Alberta will travel to Edmonton and Calgary (actually anywhere in Alberta!) for the courses, workshops and treatments that they want, so we continue to increase circulation so Mosaic Magazine can be found in about over 300 locations throughout Alberta.

You'll find us almost EVERYWHERE in Alberta and we are now reaching 100,000+ readers! Recent surveys show an average of 2 - 3 readers per copy and many of our readers share their copies with up to 5 - 6 other friends!

To view a list of our distribution locations, please click here.

OR … if you would like a copy conveniently mailed to your home, subscribe now.

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General Information
We reserve the right to refuse advertisements, articles or art. Publication of any article, advertisement or art in Mosaic Mind Body and Spirit Magazine does not constitute the publisher’s endorsement of (or assumption for) liability for any claims made in the advertisements/advertising information or for the information, views and opinions of the individual article writers. The responsibility/liability for the accuracy of all their claims, statements and information rests entirely with the advertisers and the article contributors themselves.

Mosaic Mind Body and Spirit Magazine reserves the right to edit articles for clarity, content or length at the editor’s discretion. No part of this magazine (articles) may be reproduced in any manner without the permission of the publisher. No external flyer inserts allowed.

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The contents of Mosaic Mind Body and Spirit Magazine should not be used/taken as medical advice but is meant to provide information only. Consult your doctor/health professionals in regards to your health issues. Always research information and service providers mentioned in Mosaic Mind Body and Spirit Magazine for yourself. Be responsible and safe.

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